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  1. It's shorter likely due to the editing out of his talking between songs and the reprise of Tiny Live and Stay High that was also performed at the end of the show
  2. In anticipation for his new Canadian dates here are a few shots from this concert ♡
  3. I was on right as soon as tickets became available too. What you can do is call Ticketmaster on Friday they can upgrade you to a better seat if there are any available. That way you don't gave to buy another ticket you just pay a 10.00 fee to upgrade to a better seat. I've done this many times.
  4. Scored a front row ticket!! Super excited! Was there for both nights in New York for the Tiny Love Tiny Tour and can't wait for this concert!!!
  5. Hey does anyone know if any of the shows following the Brooklyn one are being filmed as well?
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/B2Wqo_ogQtN/?igshid=11ik1egb22z6 Met Mika after the show! He was so kind. Gave everyone their moment. On his way to the car though a woman jumped him and grabbed him. He wasn't harmed but he looked scared and was obviously taken by surprise. I bet the security will be higher tonight because of it. 😕 I shamed the woman after he left. She totally ended his meeting with us fans on a sour note. He signed her sweater too before she went crazy, the stupid woman... SHAME ON HER! otherwise it was an incredible experience ♡
  7. Awesome! I'll be at both shows. I met Mika in 2013 after his concert in Minneapolis. He was so kind. Hoping we can create new memories by meeting him in New York
  8. Hey! I'm traveling from Winnipeg Canada! Anybody here going to try and meet Mika after the show? ♡
  9. Great meeting you two as well! I hope you made it back to Rogers OK, I think I might have had the directions out a bit wrong, sorry.

    I just posted my stuff and a link to my photos, enjoy...

  10. Was amazing meeting you and Paige! Without you being there I dont think I would've had the brains to wait to meet Mika. So thank you very much. Hope you had a safe trip home :)

  11. This show was amazing!!! Met him after the show signed my Origin of Love cd. Was super nice. Met some amazing people while waiting outside in the cold so that we could be right in the front lol. Such a wonderful experience, one I will never forget
  12. That would be awesome. Keep me posted as to what time you think you will be going. Would be nice to talk to other people that are big Mika fans.
  13. I'm travelling in from Winnipeg Canada. This is my first time seeing Mika. My god I hope we meet him!