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  1. Oh, you're right, maybe it's another hall... Plus, it's true we will not be the only ones. It will be stressful, like always We're really getting all excited, now. Even if we can only wait for now, and see...
  2. I made like you said, Mellody (I didn't go as far the last time I tried). I think I will see the 17 too, see what places are availables. I found out it seems we can choose a precise seat, like I had there : You clearly see the red availables seats, and you can choose for this concert... But we don't know how it will work for Mika's or even if we can also choose when general sale haven't started, so I think we simply have to wait... The good news is it seems the first rows aren't even the most wanted seats. It seems it's some balconies... well
  3. I just had to say it Go wild watching and seeing three new borns fawns with their mums in one day is just pure magic... :wub2:


  4. Don't worry. Like Anna said, it's simply too early.
  5. It's not booked. If you push the "hide sold out concerts", Mika doesn't disappear for this day. Plus, it's still written, under the "ticket resales", the sale will open the 17 for subscribers. So, I think we must not worry for that. Still, I don't know why there's this thing written. Maybe it's just a bug, maybe "friends" can't book this day... Do'nt know.
  6. You know what ? I just realised we were in May ! (weather doesn't help here  :wait:


    But so, it's also been 14 years I'm Mika's fan. And THAT is a happy occasion ! :)


  7. Hello everybody ! Hope you're all well ! It's finally December ! Where I am, this 1st day of winter is also the first snowy day. Good week to eveyone ! 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Presci1108


      I understand you. Snow is a lot more prettier to my opinion. Where I live, the mountain isn't away. So there's snow every year, even if it's only just a little. I'm used to it and I love it. 


      In fact, now, it's raining there and the snow is melting. But still, I am happy to have already seen snow this year. 

    3. Paoletta


      @Presci1108 Hello my friend... already snow...! here in Italy it is cloudy and there is light rain but also here for Friday snow is expected cabin fever cat GIF yes December he'se here... good week you too!! kiss ans stay safe...:penguin:Face Mask GIF by Kochstrasse™


    4. Presci1108
  8. Just happy right now 

  9. Queuing at thé Rockhal 😊

  10. Luxemburg gig is after tomorrow ! And maybe it will one of the most important for me


    It's my birthday present 

    At 26, it's my first gig, and even my first evening, without my parents, after years of fight against  panic attacks 

    It's my first since the one I could'nt  go because I was  sick in 2016

    AND obviously, my first since some years ! 


    My feels are out of control now… But I'm just so happy ! 


    Can't wait ! 


    1. silver


      Hope you have a wonderful time :thumb_yello:

    2. Mikasister


      Enjoy the gig, the music and of couse enjoy MIKA!! 😉

    3. sara09


      It's a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday AND your fight. I wish you, with all my heart, the most wonderful night! Enjoy every single second and all the happiness that comes with it  :hug:

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