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  1. I love this ! What a brilliant idea ! I hope there will be pictures of Paris streets with those colours back !
  2. I watched the concert on France 5 and of course, I just loved it so much It was just wonderful. I couldn't count how many time I had those little shivers along my body, those goose bumps... I nearly cry at least 5 times. It was just so magnificent. I just love the classic (and instrumental) music my favorite after our dear Mika's. So, of course, the fact he's mixing the two is always pretty excellent, to my opinion. Plus, I think his voice is even more enhanced with symphonic orchestra. It's so beautiful... How I love Mika's symphonics shows. It was just incredible, the way he
  3. I'm very sad to know that. My thoughts are for Mika and his family now. It's all I can say.
  4. I'm happy I can listening Mika and Danna's version of "It must have been love", because I really love it. Especially, I'm totally in love with his lower voice vibratos. I would love to hear some new music with this voice... And obviously, I will never be sa to see a live releasing. So, what a nice surprise for this New Year !
  5. Nice Christmas concert ! It was so nice with Beauregard ! And there will be a project with the gospel choir !
  6. Oh, I just wish I could understand... I will wait for subtitles...
  7. Ah, ah, I understand ! It's been 13 years( half of my life ! ) but since I can't travel so much and alone, I only saw him 6 times But each time there's a new tour where I can go to a show, each time he post something excitig (like this thing bout the show), each time there's something to wait, I'm so happy I'm melting from happiness. And the happiness is so strong it annihiles all the rest ! We're probably all the same ! Just for saying, it's difficult for me to express my emotions, but it seems I'm strangely open and expressive when it comes to Mika.. He's also the man who made me disco
  8. Aw... with a little more time, I would have tried, but I need some time of organisation for traveling and it's impossible for me to making it in one day. So this time, I will pass; Anyway, it's a nice attention he had for us and I appreciate it.
  9. So, if I understand well. Not only Mika will be there, but he also has written the music for the firework show... Wow ! Can't wait to see that ! It's the first time of my life I say that for Now Year's Eve I usually hate...
  10. What an interesting topic ! There's so much beautiful traditions I don't know about ! I will read that. I'm from the same region than carafon, so it's basically the same thing, excepted our own family's traditions. For us, Christmas is very important; and since they always had children, my parents made it very well since i'm born. It's beginning since the first of december and the beginning of our home's decoration. One week, it's the outside, one other, the tree and other interior's decorations. We reduced, but still have a lot of things. It was even more ten years
  11. Hello everybody ! Hope you're all well ! It's finally December ! Where I am, this 1st day of winter is also the first snowy day. Good week to eveyone ! 

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    2. Presci1108


      I understand you. Snow is a lot more prettier to my opinion. Where I live, the mountain isn't away. So there's snow every year, even if it's only just a little. I'm used to it and I love it. 


      In fact, now, it's raining there and the snow is melting. But still, I am happy to have already seen snow this year. 

    3. Paoletta


      @Presci1108 Hello my friend... already snow...! here in Italy it is cloudy and there is light rain but also here for Friday snow is expected cabin fever cat GIF yes December he'se here... good week you too!! kiss ans stay safe...:penguin:Face Mask GIF by Kochstrasse™


    4. Presci1108
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