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  1. Just happy right now 

  2. Honestly, I don't even know what breed he is. I don't think he is pure breed (My first rabbit was a Netherland, but I think Coco's ears are a little too long and he is a little too big). It's true it changed a lot for rabbits these last years. Mine is totally free in the house like a dog or a cat, but they still told they must to have a hutch and make some walks when I was a child, and I didn't think they could live in the house like that. I always regretted to not knowing that for my first rabbit...
  3. i didn't introduce my dwarf rabbit Coco. He's 6 years old and is still pretty much mischievous and lively, but also affectionnate. He's contantly with me like a little dog, excepted when he's sleeping and generally loves to be on my bed, like you see. I always had animals since I'm 4. I had a cat, a dog who die at 16 years old last year, another rabbit, and now, Coco is the last one who's still alive. I think I can't live without them.
  4. It's really too bad. I hope there will be a DVD or at least the possibility to watch it legally in all the countries soon... This show deserves it and plus, it would be more money for Beirut...
  5. And there it is ! I don't know if it will work in another country, but for the french at least, we will have it for an entire month ! https://www.france.tv/france-2/unis-pour-le-liban/2000953-mika-i-love-beirut.html It's good to be french ! And we see it's entirely a part of the "Unis pour le Liban" evening.
  6. Me too, I want my next (and first) car to be electric if it's possible. (I live at the countryside, it's still difficult to drive in an electric car here but I hope it will change soon... when I will dare to drive without being so terrified of course😶). Well, I would love to see that in France too. The more I see Mika, the more I am happy ESPECIALLY since the song is "Tomorrow"
  7. Thank you all ! You were so quick ! How could I not see that ! It's so interesting ! 😃 P.S : It was just after Strasbourg's show. Ok, I know why I missed.
  8. @TinyLove_CJI felt the same thing. Even if I knew it would be amazing, I never thought I would have a feeling as strong... I'm even a little depressed, like after a real concert is finished ! After 13 years of being Mika's fan, I'm still surprised, still experiencing things I never knew about before... I never imagined how a virtual event could be so moving and alive ! Mika was definitely right hen he said the theater wasn't empty. We were obviously with him and Beyrouth, and he was with us and Beyrouth as well.
  9. He's just perfect for this ! If there's one artist on this earth who can be an artistic director, it's him.
  10. It was so great ! So moving and beautiful at the same time. I had goosebumps more than one time. All those interviews with Lebanese people ... Any Other World killed me... And this Promiseland... It was really a beautiful show. I was so pleased to see him live, even in a livestream, even in those circunstances. A wonderful event for a wonderful goal... The only problem is that I miss him so much now... It was so great. I'm so proud...
  11. Even if it's apparently more Danna's song, I really love this collaboration. The electronic chorus is the only thing I don't like that much, but I love Mika's lower voice, and their voices really fits together. It's the song who grew the more after the first listening. I really like the song itself, and I'm in love with the lyrics. Of course it's not the real sens of its, but as an autistic person, I can totally relate and these lyrics totally speaks to, and even FOR me. It's really something I often feel... I find this whole song comforting.
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