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  1. I keep hoping it would be posponed, in autumn for exemple... Since it's a Foire aux Vins, it would be possible, for the wine season, no ? 😅 But yes, keep safe, it's a lot more important ! If it's too dangerous, I would prefer it to be cancelled... I would be so bad if it happens something at my family because of me...
  2. Yeah, I keep hoping, but in the same time it will be difficult, and I think it will be the case for all this summer's festival as well... But in the same time, the most important thing is everybody is well and safe... It would be a non sense if we're all sick after it...
  3. I saw him 6 times in concert; but only one time in a M&G. All the other times… well, I explained it in the PMD topic : I 'm just totally unlucky with the M&G. Each time he's coming after a show, I can't wait for him for a reason or another (and it's often my family who want to go home early so I understand), and each time I'm waiting, he doesn't come. But I suppose it's better to laugh at it.
  4. Aw, I misunderstood. Sorry. So we are exactly in the same situation ! So, my message is rather for @Londonmikafan.
  5. The first (and only) time I met him, I just could say "Thank you for all", but it was perfect and then, he stared at me like if he waited something else, but I litterally blacked out. 😅 And I finished by say Something lie "Eh... well… yes… h'ppy birthday". 😆 You know, sometime, I'm jealous of you, who never had contact with him. Even if I meet him another time one day, my "first words" with him are over forever. His great smile, my first emotions when he looked at me… Now I saw him six times, and the emotions already not are the same. It's still great, even better in some aspects; but I will never re-live again the first times…
  6. I feel the same (now I'm better than yesterday). I'm 26, so I make what I want now, but I was paralyzed by some panic attacks for years. And I couldn't make it alone. So, when I found myself alone in the audience at Luxembourg, without my parents for helping me, and alone at Strasbourg, me, the autistic girl, who could'nt even go alone in the city some years ago, it was like a dream. I FINALLY can dream of a future where I will see Mika at least one time in a year, or two years, or where I will go alone at the concerts I want to, the signing sessions and all… not too away, but still… Without Mika, I never could have this courage. 😀 And even if, sometime, I'm a little jealous or sad after a show, I'm just happy more than anything else !
  7. It's exactly that ! In fact we're all jealous of each other in some way 😆 For exemple, I'm totally jealous of all people who can meet him regularly (basically, each time I'm waiting after one gig, he doesn't come and everytime he's coming and signing after a gig, I can't wait… and it's like that since the beginning ! I swear, it's a malediction. A little advice for you all : NEVER wait with me after a show 😅 ) But each time, I'm meeting somebody who is jealous of me for something (like my first shows in 2010, the fact I make more gigs than them, and especially, my unique but wonderful M&G in 2010...) But l aways remember the 14 years old I was in 2008, who would have make anything for just seeing him in concert one time, and I'm thinking : what do you think this teenager would think of a girl who will see him seven times in the front rows, have direct eyes-to eyes contacts with him and even meet him in the most wonderful way, telling what she wanted to say since the beginning and have the brighter smile in answer ? She would be just so jealous. But today it's my reality and all those feels, even the more sad, are the proof of all the beautiful memories my little personnal moments are giving me. It's why finally, the PMD is a treasure… OK, I'm becoming too emotionnal. It will be better tomorrow… Maybe…
  8. So, it was my return to Strasbourg's zenith, ten years after my first concert For me it was a better night that Luxembourg's. It was far more difficult to have a good spot this time, since the doors opening was a total mess -it was really a hard job for those who tried to organize it and it as essentially a big race with the numbers system totally destroyed so in this point of view, it was a lot more stressful. Plus, there was a lot more poeple since the early morning, so really, it wasn't easy and I felt just so stressed out as I hoped I could keep my place and all... But in the end, I managed to have some good second row spot, just where Mika is the more often, so it was a good ending. That said, all the rest was better for me : this time I wasn't alone and I talked with people, and laughed and all, so it was a lot more fun (anyway, before the mess). I felt better physically (not headache this time and not weakness). The show was the same as usual, but it was more intense, now I already knew how it was, and it was so good once time again. The audience was good, and, this time, people weren't screaming when he asked for silence. The songs and all, we already all know it, and my favorites didn't change : the silent ending of Underwater, the without-mic Happy Ending and Paloma and in the other hand Tomorrow, Love Today, Platform Ballerinas and Relax (I will never have enough of this singing audience), took me in another world again. I'm so happy also, and especially, because this time, I had some real contacts with Mika and that's priceless. It's not the firt time it's happening to me, but I must say it wasn't the case at Luxembourg and I was just so happy it was the case this time. We had eyes-to-eyes contacts, and one I couldn't even hold since it was so… I Don't know why exactly, but it makes me this each time. He really looks at us… I lived the better final in my life : Mika clearly aimed his big balloons on us ; me and the others who were there, I suppose we will be a lot to say that. It was so fun ! He also invited all his team to come at the end. It was a real emotionnal roller-coaster. When Mika talked, it was with some mentions of the end of the tour ( ), then some funny stuffs about St-Valentines and fairy tales… He also talked about his mum and finished with so adorable thanks... Really, it was intense and I felt all the possible emotions in less than two hours… I'm so hppy, and in the same time, the PMD is coming. My heart is hurting when I think I will have to wait until the summer… But it was so good… I'm so happy. Plus I shared my joy with my family, my little brothers and sister who were real little fans… It was just perfect…
  9. Yeah, it's getting close ! This time I will be there with all the family, and I just can't wait to see how my 5 y.o little sister will be since she's already singing when I'm watching live videos… I hope I will not be paralyzed by shyness this time. Anyway, I will see you there !
  10. Ow, I see me on this pics… I hate that but it's the price to pay for the first row, I suppose… So, so… It's time to return at the normal life… and it's hard… 😢 But the happiness is still there and the possibility of remembering too. I think I will already make a review, since I don't want to think of anything else now. And I just LOVE writing reviews. Last night was my fifth Mika's gig, and the first since 2015. It was already important just for that. But for me, it was even more : it was the first time I was alone, without my parents for an evening, after years of weakness and panic attacks. Because of that, I could never make what I wanted to. But this night opens a new chapter and it's why I can't make this review without some personnal stuffs. I was there at 9 a.m, thanks to my father who drove me, and I had a very good number, so I was happy. But honestly, it was completely cold there. I just felt frozen all the day and I thought I was crazy at least 10 times. Well, that said, the Rockhal is probably one of the best spot for waiting before a show. Not only because we are protected from the rain (yes, because there was some rain) but also because there is different cafés and food and a big market center where we could go when the cold became a problem. And it was very good for my father too, since he could shop and even go at the cinema in the day (this day was obviously a big sacrifice for him since he wasn't at the show. My family is the best ❤️). They really thought about us fans. I waited alone. I think I saw some of you, but I'm not good in making acquaintance and I didn't dare talk to you or anybody else. I'm autistic, and it was always a problem for me, since I don't even really know HOW to make it. But I appreciated the hour I spent with some of you (very probably) just before the doors open. You were so nice and I had some regrets at this point. Maybe I will be more confident at Strasbourg… In any case, it was worthing the waiting. Like often, the doors opening was just a big rush with the numbers' organisation chaotically dispersed with some running people and some ticket's and security checks' problems. It was to the point I loose my wallet on the floor, but fortunately, someone noticed it and helped me. It was so nice because we were all running for the best possible place, and she stopped for help. I found this really nice and I'm very grateful because if I really loose my papers and cards, it would have been terrible. If you're there, THANK YOU ! I hope she/you had a great place despite of me... As for me, I had a great view of the scene. First row, before ths advancing scene (a little on the right). I perfectly saw practically all, and I was very happy with this spot. Then started the most difficult moment of the day for me : between the tiredness, the cold, all the people (whose I didn't know, at this time I loose even the other fans I was waiting with… ), my old demons and the weakness were coming again. At this moment, it was hard, and I was honestly afraid I could'nt make it. Plus I had an headache because of the cold. But I managed to calm down. I felt bad even for the Charlotte's gig (I found it good anyway, for what I could focus on) but at the second Mika appeared… I felt nothing bad anymore. Just happiness. Even my headache disappeard. Just like that ! When I say Mika is a médicine… 🤣 And now, the show itself… So, what can I say ? It was my first Revelation Tour's date and it was absolutely wonderful. For me who saw that for the first time… I never looked at any videos, only some photos, just for this day. It was pure magic. This show was amazing ! I'm in love with the live arrangements of the songs. Ice Cream, Dear Jealousy, Platform Ballerinas and Stay High are great in live. Tomorrow was amazing ! It's already one of my favorites on the album, but in live… It was so good ! I think it will be one of my favorites in live now. And Tiny Love and Paloma were just perfect. I really like very much those songs in live, especially Paloma with this flying piano. In general case, I love so much when Mika is playing piano, but this thing is just amazing. It's simple in one sense, but very poetic and beautiful. Like the color-themed songs. And it's probably what makes this show as magic : we're entering another world, where all seems possible. I really liked the new arrangements of Love Today, Relax and Happy Ending, too. This last particulary. This a capella part… Underwater is still one of my favorites in live. Not only I LOVE when Mika sings it, but this without-a-word final, just the music, where everybody follows him and sings is one of the best moments of this show for me. I was so happy to see Mika again... Especially since I was in the front row. Nothing is better than this communion, this little contact we can have with him there. I will never abandon it as soon I can survive all this. I love so much seeing him with such proximity. He seemed happy and full of energy and offered us a great show. It's all I can say. He was just excellent last night. He made me laugh more than one time and smile at each second of the gig. Only now, I fully realise how much I missed him. Some random things I remember particulary : He once again took Max with him in the audience and asked where his bassist were. Poor Max, I didn't even see him in the crowd 😂 For Elle Me Dit, he took one fan with him on the scene after she asked him if she could dance with him (maybe she's here… "M from Metz" Good play, I would never dare making this !) and it was so nice. Plus, I found this girl so good for that, it was really pleasant to see Mika and her together. He gave her one "dance lesson" and we started to dance with them. It was a great moment😊 I appreciated how he talked about his songs and all kind of stuffs, sometimes funny… There was a little child next to me, who was fan and knew all the songs. It was so cute. One funny thing was when I saw this poor security staff keeping his serious face even when one of the final's big balloon came and jumped on his head. Poor guy… We were so loudly than my dad, who was outside, could hear all the songs, but also our screams and all. He could even make them hear at my mum by the phone. WE. ARE. THE. BEST. It was so good… I'm still on my cloud and don't want to come down. It really ended too quickly. So quickly I pratically cried when it was over. I'm so happy I will return in two weeks ! But this time, I fully appreciated it. I thought I fully appreciated the previous ones, but in fact, now, I realise I could'nt because I kept one eye on my weakness at the same time. But not this time. This time I danced, sang and lived this gig like if I would die tomorrow. I never had such a free moment in all my life. For the first time, my health authorized me to "dance and sing like if nobody is watching", like Mika says. I was unleashed and totally happy, totally myself. I didn't care about anything for the first time. And it was just so good. Thank you Mika. He's the only one who can make this… I didn't wait after the show. We had two hours of road after that, and I saw my dad was really tired now and since he was outside, he was cold. (plus, he's working today). I knew it wouldn't be before a long time, and I couldn't ask him to make that. He drove me, stayed at Luxembourg all the day alone, and waited for me, then he would drive me back for two hours. When I see it wasn't before 1 a.m, I understand I really couldn't impose him this. Plus, I would stay especially for have some signing (it's the last thing I don't have yet) so… I will try the next times, when we have less hours to road. He already made so much for me, and my mum too, when I couldn't go alone… I know I'm not limited anymore and can go where I want, I did the craziest (and best) thing in my life, it was just perfect. I'm the happier in the world. Right now, I don't ask the life anything else. Sorry, I filmed a little but my phone is really lame on this point, so I don't have any correct pictures… I'm really waiting yours for remember all those great moments… before the Strasbourg's gig.
  11. Queuing at thé Rockhal 😊

  12. Luxemburg gig is after tomorrow ! And maybe it will one of the most important for me


    It's my birthday present 

    At 26, it's my first gig, and even my first evening, without my parents, after years of fight against  panic attacks 

    It's my first since the one I could'nt  go because I was  sick in 2016

    AND obviously, my first since some years ! 


    My feels are out of control now… But I'm just so happy ! 


    Can't wait ! 


    1. silver


      Hope you have a wonderful time :thumb_yello:

    2. Mikasister


      Enjoy the gig, the music and of couse enjoy MIKA!! 😉

    3. sara09


      It's a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday AND your fight. I wish you, with all my heart, the most wonderful night! Enjoy every single second and all the happiness that comes with it  :hug:

  13. I'm not sure, but Niort where he was yesterday isn't too away from the ocean…. It's probably that.