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  1. Seems so wonderful ! I Don't really look much at the videos for keep this a surprise… (I'm practically sure I will not achieve this until end-january, but I will try). But I hope the setlist will be like that for "my" gigs, it's just perfect for me !
  2. Michel Cymes and Mika together… Can't wait to see what it's like
  3. Same here. I just so much want to see a symphonic concert one day ! I will not miss it if it's the case !
  4. Very good idea ! I will try ! A List : - Tiny Love (and Reprise) : my absolute favorite - Dear Jealousy - Paloma - Tomorrow - Platform Ballerinas (it grew and grew to the point I listen to it again and again now !) - I went to hell last night B List : - Sanremo - Ready to call this love (But it could be in the C-list - it dépends my mood. Today, it's B. I really like it, but I must do a choice…) - Cry (this song is an absolute drug when it wants… Stuck in my head and grow in me after some time...) - Stay High C List : - Ice cream ( - Blue ( I like it, but it's not as strong at the others songs for me… except the lyrics) It's totally different from my first listening… All I can say is that I love this album, and even more each day…
  5. Lorraine, for me, it's just the name of where I live. At the beginning I was totally disturbed 😂
  6. Me too, I like it, now. It's not his best song, but there's this "Must be the Reason why…" part of the song I really like a lot !
  7. For me, it's clearly a song who is inviting us girls to be like we want even if we're not like all the girls are and people want us to be. Even if the times changed, as a girl, it's very frequent people are asking who is our boyfriend, or gives us some make up accessories, even when you're totally boyish ! I think this song don't speak specifically of girls who are dancing in platform ballerinas or what the lyrics tells, it's more Something general, like "you're a girl who doesn't fit in the mold, don't care of what other thinks about you, and be yourself". Like the "dance" thing is just some sort of metaphoric… for being like you want. Even if the world changed, girls are always forced to be "feminine" in the other's eyes. It's in the society's DNA, and we fell it even when it's not said… anyway, I feel it. So, I totally finds myself in this song sonce the beginning. I really loves it. Now, it becomes one of my favourites !
  8. Right now, I'm all emotionnal because this song is so strong… But full of hope at the same time and it's the better part of it ! . Like you, I remember well that day and I remember how I felt so desperate myself… It was horrible... And plus, I feel like this song is also on Paloma's handicap and how she lived with it before the accident (the first verset)…so it reminds me my feelings for my little brother who also have an handicap... I love this song so much and even more now I know the lyrics...
  9. After re-listening , I totally agree ! The surprise gone, this song is just wonderful ! And thanks for the lyrics. I think I found "my" song with "Platform Ballerinas". It's totally me ! (and I think a lot of girls/women will agree !)
  10. I was also surprised by some songs because none of its was like I imagined myself ! For the moment, I already knew my favorites before I listened the album : Tiny Love, Tomorrow, Dear Jealousy… If I must choose the news one, I really love Paloma and Stay High the most. I don't count the Tiny Love reprise; since it's clearly above all the rest. I knew I would love this reprise but I didn't hope it to be so good !! God , Tiny Love and its reprise is an absolute masterpiece ! And now I'm absolutely certain it's his best song (for me, of course) ! It seems it's a symphonie ! 'Cry', I imagined so worse when I read about the "R&B" stuff... than finally, it appeared to be better I thought... I don't dislike the chorus... It's not like I really love this song so much, but if you imagine the worst, you can only be relieved. And the more I listen and the more I love "Platform Ballerinas". I already adore the lyrics I understand, maybe because I'm myself a girl who absolutely don't fit in the mold ! Ican totally see myself scream those lyrics like a crazy ! I really love "I went to hell last night", even if I' maybe the only one who prefers the beginning ! Well, I think I will make a complete review tomorrow. But of course, I love this album.
  11. I totally agree, this "Tiny Love (reprise)" is just so perfect !
  12. Thanks ! Sounds good… 20mn left here !
  13. I can't listen, I have two things I must to do tomorrow… At noon I will be on my way for an appointement and after, I will be at ths vet for my dwarf rabbit… I'm working at home all the year, and it must have been TOMORROW !!
  14. My feelings about this song ? I think I'm ready to call this love…