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  1. Presci1108

    Flashmob idea.

    Good idea ... I like it !
  2. Presci1108

    Mika on [ Paris Match ] - 6 June 2019

    It's really a good interview. Very interesting. And the second photo, wow...
  3. Presci1108

    2020 - Mika @ Rokhal Luxembourg, 29 Jan

    Thanks for the infos on the venue, now I understand why there's not categories for the tickets. It will be my first show without my parents, my first travel all alone ! It will be very important for me... and it's my birthday's gift, it's 4 days before the show.
  4. Presci1108

    2020 - Mika @ Zenith Strasbourg, FRANCE, 14 Feb

    I'm going and I registered ! It will be my best Valentine's day so far, without a doubt ! I'm really happy !
  5. Presci1108

    Tour rumours 2019

    Yeah !! I got mine ! So, Luxembourg, be prepared, I'm here !! It will be the best birthday's gift in my life ! (Ths show is 4 days after it !) So now, I will wait Friday for getting my Strasbourg's tickets, since we are 6 and I can't have so much in pre sale. But I know it will not be difficult to get them, so... I'm so happy now ! Kata : I have an extra code I didn't need, they didn't ask me for it for Luxembourg... so maybe I can give it to you and then, sending you the tickets ? I don't know if it's possible...
  6. Presci1108

    Tour rumours 2019

    Oh, thank you ! It will be my first time at Luxembourg, so, I don't know very well. It's good to hear ! 😀 I'm so sorry for some of you... I know how it feels when you can't go... for other reasons, but I know. I hope it will be some other dates for you in the next months. 😯
  7. Presci1108

    Tour rumours 2019

    YES !! So I will be at Strasbourg for sure ! And I think I will be at Luxembourg as well, if I can... Last time, I didn't have tickets, so I can't be sure.
  8. Presci1108

    Hello everyone !

    Hey ! I'm sorry for not coming, I felt sick all the month in May (it was neurological), and I had little relapses.So, I couldn't even stand up when I had my big crisis... I was vertigos, my eyes were stranges... and I had a lot of medical examens. I was very stressed until now. The doctors don't know what I had, apparently, my optical nerves were a little bad, and one vestibular area too (um, it's good in english ??) , but we don't know why. But now I'm fine. My MRI are completely goods ! So sorry.
  9. Hello Roseline, I'm ok for the singing part, no problem. I can help doing, but I don't know how you want the crowns exactly... What colour and form exactly ?
  10. Presci1108

    Hello everyone !

    Thank you ! It's true, I forgot to say... I play piano since 2008. I'll be in Strasbourg. I hope I will meet some members here.
  11. Hello, Good idea ! If you want, I can take part. In any case, I'll be there. Can't wait !
  12. Presci1108

    Hello everyone !

    Hello, My name is Prescillia, I'm 25 and I live in Lorraine, France. I'm a fan since 2007, but only since 2010 I'm on the forums. I listened Mika for the first time in 2007, it was immediateley very powerful for me and I became fan quickly, I was 13. I had very big problems, and he helped me a lot, I even started to play music because I loved so much to seeing him playing... My first gig was in 2010, in Strasbourg, my first M&G in 2010 too, in Colmar. My fan's life had a very good start. I can't go to a lot of shows and I will never -since I have a strong agoraphobia and autistic spectrum disorder -but when I am, it's a great joy and often, the better times in my life, and I participate a lot so you can counting on me for everything ! Nice to meet you, I'm happy to see you in my part of the world. I feel like my "handicap" will never be a problem and it's why I'm here. See you soon ! P.M. P.S. Sorry for my faults.