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  1. Ah, the "piano-Mika 's-song" of this album ! I love all of them, so probably, it will be the same for this song ! I love this tiny part !
  2. Thank you. I just listened it too. And I'm in seventh Heaven… I love it… So much...
  3. Kreacher thank you, thank you for "Tomorrow" !! I'm so happy to be able to hear it !! I love it so much, it's definitely my favorite with "Tiny Love" ! Wonderful song !! Ah, and "Blue" is also a sweet song (yes, it's definitely reminds me "Ordinary Man"), but "Tomorrow" hit my heart so much more… So thank you for the time you took ! It's a pleasure to see him performing again ! Thank you all !
  4. "Tiny Love" is still my fav (but I have a doubt when I listen to "Tomorrow"... ). But this "Dear Jealousy" is a really good song !! I'm so happy with this ending and this chorus, it will be great in live... OMG... this album will be juste wonderful...
  5. If this song is really like this in the album... it will probably be one of my favorites. I'm totally in love with those little bits. 😍 I can't wait to listen it entirely.
  6. It seems so sweet... It reminds me "Ordinary Man". I will have to listen it on the album for be sure to tell how I like it. (But I like it, this little bit is really sweet) I told myself "No, I'll not listen to the new songs before the album. I want it to be a surprise" I'm weak. 😶
  7. I like it. It's not my fav, but it's nice and very relaxing. It seems each song of this album will be very different...
  8. It's like exploring all the sides and emotions of love and life in one song... I don't have the words... it's so good, so great... It's definitely wonderful. I love it so, so much... 😍 And just think there's a second part in the album... It's been a while since I Iiked a song at this level...
  9. Rhoo, it's sooooo good !!! 😍 I can't wait to listen this song...
  10. I will be at Strasbourg and Luxembourg, so I can make it for these two. I'm not very good, but I guess six months would be enough for improve ! Merci Marie Christine !
  11. Here is the podcast : (1h30) The new album and the tour sounds soooo great.... I will die of impatience...
  12. It's weird they posted only one part in an no-official way... But the clip is nice : I totally understand at once the lyric's heat and the sensuality. It's also a bit funny, we can only recognize us at this exact moment ! It suits this period of time perfectly...
  13. I must train myself in english, so I tried. I'm counting on the others for correct me. Q : So, Mika, are you always "Relax" ? Are you thinking you're the first, no, it's not true. Each time I come in a train station... even at the hospital ! I'm at the hospital for visiting my mother. I'm on my way for visit her in her room after something serious, and I hear in the corridor's distance "Relax!'" If we don't laugh there, what's the use ? Q : What's the heaviest 06 in your phone ? It could be singers... English singers... Some models, I know people like it when it's models, actresses... The most "fat" (in english) is my friend George, because, he's litteraly the most "fat". Q : Who is Michael Holbrook ? Michael Holbrook, it's me, Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr. I have always been Mika, my mother decided to change my name one hour after my birth. So, I made one step back. A kind of "prequel". For going back to my piano without thinking of everything, without thinking of "relax" in the hospital's corridor or in the supermarket. Without thinking of shows. Just me, a piano and nothing else. Q : Did you enjoy pushing on a buzzer and turn ? Ah, ah... If I... ah, ah... When we're pushing the buzzer in the tv show, it makes "Pouf ! WISH ! TSAA ! WAH !" There's Nikos who makes "Heu! Ha !" But the truth is, when we're in the studio, it makes "TOUV". It's only pleasure. The truth is we're drinking beers. Well, tea in the morning, beer in the aftrnoon, vine in the night. Q : What's your favorite alcohol for getting drunk ? It's changing. Now, it's Campari. Yes, like a 1950's italien gentleman. But me, I'm taking it with lemon and "la soda", it's an american word for sparkling water. With the whisky, it ends very very badly. We're like this man in "Mad Men" who start the series. Season 1, he's so good looking, sexy, cool. And in the end, we can't even touch him. That is the whisky, it destroy everything, even the world's most beautiful men. Q : D)o you consider yourself great at bed ? Ooh, it depends. You must ask this to my boyfriend, not me. It depends on the mood, it depends on the other person. I can tell you there was some times I was happy and confident and some other where I felt extremely embarassed at the point I always think of it and I have this feeling in the back. This feeling, it lasts forever. Q :Does men must shave their sex ? If you really want an answer at this question, honestly, you can see a documentary who was make by some actors in the United States, "Mansome". And it's a huge sociological, ethnological question. We can say it's a big question. We made it already in the ancient Greeks and ancient Romans's time. Well, they made a lot of thing we could'n make today. But, I think it's... It's a question of balance. Like all things in life. Too much is pervert, a little is just a little wild. Q : What would you love to write on your tombstone ? If I'm at the hospital in a desperate mood, and I hear "Relax" in the corridor, just by respect for madness... let's getting "Relax, take it easy" ! I will not have the choice anyway, I will be dead, I can not say "no". Q : Have you lied in this interview ? No, I didn't need to do so. Because the questions were cool, not boring. We're only lying when the question is boring.
  14. Good idea ... I like it !
  15. It's really a good interview. Very interesting. And the second photo, wow...