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  1. Hello everybody ! Here I am, after this crazy week-end ! And it was exactly like @Oxyton said. A real dream. In fact, I have the sensation all these two days were a dream especially the concert, of course, who was magical. From the moment I rode the train, until the last train today, it was like a dream, a parallel world, whose climax was the moment Mika started to sing. I didn't settle down yet, and don't want to. And the best way I know for "live it again" is writing, so here I go (it's funny, I'm always one of the first to make it . Well, we don't care...) So, like you maybe know, I was only at the 23th october night, because I thought the two would have been too difficult to handle with my disorder (and I hate to admit it, but I was right. Don't want to enter in the details because it was the only bad moment of the trip. I sometime hate being autistic. It doesn't stop me for enjoying the trip and the concert, fortunately). So, this is my complete report. Before : First of all, one thing was irreal with that concert : it was the first for me since the covid. Since the day I bought the tickets, I refused to wait too much for the concert. I was too afraid for a lockdown or something else who would prevent me from going. I was afraid to be atrociously disappointed if I started to be excited. And it lasted until the last moment. So, all started to feel irreal since the train for Paris departed yesterday. And it only grew more and more as the day advanced. When I arrived to Paris, and saw the Philharmonie. When I entered the Gare de l'est. When I took the metro (and nearly fell each time it started to run ). I spent the day, like : "OMG, it's real, I'm really at Paris". Then, I spent the afternoon at the National museum of natural history, where I admired with a big enthousiasm hundreds of bones. It's not the subject, I know, but I realised a childhood dream, so I was very happy, and it made the waiting enjoyable. Then, I spent an hour at the hotel, ate at a restaurant and flew at the Philharmonie, where I could briefly talk with the other fans (helIo @Laurya ) I must say the Philharmonie's interior was pretty impressing. It really made something to enter. And like that, it started. MIKA ! I was at the third row, with Mika's micro just before me. Absolutely perfect. When I heard the musicians start the overture, I still doesn't really realised. I told to myself "I can't believe it, I can't believe it" Then, Mika came. Like always, it felt like I found something I missed without really realising it. I was so happy to see him again after 1,5 years, and also Max and Ida, who I didn't see since a very long time, and was happy to see again. He came exactly in front of me and since it's a symphonic concert, he remained. Just imagine how I was : my eyes sparkling and silently screaming "I missed you", and this big smile I didn't lost one minute (to the point I thought it was good we wore masks, especially since this will be at the TV ). I was so happy. Mika was obviously too. His smile between each song spoke for him (and now I read he thought of us before the show, it totally makes sense). He seemed to feel spoiled and very happy by our reaction at the concert. As for the concert in itself, I loved every bite of it. The symphonic is really something. We hear each instrument, and Mika's voice appears so pure, so beautiful, not that it isn't in an ordinary concert, but with the sound of the hall and the instruments it's really something. It was extraordinary to hear the symphonic versions I loved so much from Montreal and Como. I loved all of its. I'm a little like Mika on that, I never cry, even when it's so moving and beautiful. But still. I adored the songs I already knew (the recordings are not half as strong, as beautiful they are). I absolutely loved the songs he never made in a symphonic version, like "No place in heaven" and "I went to hell last night". And those versions made me see some songs in a different way. For example, I really liked "Blue". I like it, and more since Mika talked about it, but I love it less than "Tiny love". But with the orchestra, I preferred Blue, I LOVED it so much, because I didn't know how it would turn, and it turned to the point I thought "Wow" a lot in the song. I didn't wait this song be as wonderful. And I was finally able to hear Heroes in live. One of my favourites of TOOL. Oh gosh, what a masterpiece. I even closed my eyes one second. It was so good. The first standing ovation followed... There were 4 or 5 standing ovation, without counting Love Today (where everybod was standing anyway). It tells how much the concert was extraordinary. Each song was a suspended moment out of time, and it was often hard to not stands in admiration. After all those standing ovations, the crowd gone totally wild. At the end of the concert, for Elle Me Dit, Love Today and Grace Kelly, people were crazy, stood up and remained like that. Mika made us sing on Grace Kelly and for Love today, it was nearly like a "normal" concert. Then came an "Encore". Of course, Mika couldn't sing again, since the orchestra couldn't play like that, but he came anyway for the salute. Excepted nobody wanted it to end, so there was again "Encore", and he came again, and we stopped the "Encore" only when the lights opened. It was an incredible moment. I think I never knew an "Encore" as strong. I think it really demonstrates how people, not only us fans who were obviously happy with the performance, but eveyone else, were really overwhelmed. It was an unique moment and once again, I think we really communicated with each others. The only problem with this concert was it was too short, like always. And it seemed so irreal, so dream-like, I didn't realise what happened before my eyes and what I heard. I had the sensation I didn't was in it for real. I would love to remember every moment, to keep in mind every song, and to really feel the reality of the situation, but it was too strong, and I only start to realise I saw I wonderful Mika' symphonic concert now... I even cried a little when it was finished. If only the "repeat" option was a thing in the reality... It was the same sensation as for my first concert, the 16 years-old hyper-sensibility in less. I would love to go at another symphonic concert, for hear it in a less "extra-dimensional" mood... Maybe one day. I really gone to my extreme physical limits for this concert, but I feel like for Mika, I can go even more away. When Mika talked about his heroes before "Good guys", saying how they helped me, it was sometime funny, but I couldn't help to think my own hero was just before me at that exact moment... Because not only he helped me and give me a lot of joy, but he makes me make things I thought impossible some months ago. It's why I can't wait to see the concert at tv. I need to live it again, to feel it again. Hear it again. For the moment, I don't want to hear anything else. It will even be hard to listen at "Blue", "I went to hell last night", "last party" and so much more in the "normal" version for now. Also, I always told : "I'm not the kind of fans to keeping something just because Mika touched it". Well, I told myself that. And then, my father managed to take the bottle he used and who was still on the stage at the end of the concert. And so, my reaction was as weak as obvious. I just couldn't consider it like a "trash" anymore. I now have a totally plain little plastic bottle, but since it's this precise bottle Mika had in his own hands and used, I think I will just keep it for the rest of my life. All is normal. Just forget what I once said Well, now, I feel an enormous post-Mika-depression coming... But I just don't want to end it for now. I want to live it as much as I can because it means I finally saw him and it was wonderful. I just can't wait to see the videos and of course, the TV retransmission... I don't have any videos of the songs because I was too close from the scene and didn't want to be "lectured" or bothers the musicians. So, a big thank you, Oxyton, and the others who filmed !
  2. On the page of the 24 october concert, just above the "How to come?" section. I just saw it. I will not comment, of course. Just one thing :
  3. Thank for the infos about the metro ! It will be very useful for my little trip saturday. Also, I still don't know if I will wait after The Voice. I would love to see Mika, of course, but I don't know how I can go back at the hotel. I generally wait but in those cases, I go back at my home, it's not the same... I will probably see at the moment, if you go, maybe I will "invite" me... I will see. I'm at the Mercure too, in any case, it will be very nice to see each other at the hotel.
  4. Maybe you can check on the resale part of the philharmonie's website too... I hope you will find one.
  5. To be honest, his commercial links aren't really what interests me the most about him. So, it doesn't bother me in what he invests since that's his money, and I understand why he wants to help if it helped him but for the rest, I don't really feel concerned. I never loved to see him make TV commercials or those kinds of stuffs, though I'm used to it now. I don't think he's the type to try to convince, but if he makes some advertisings I will probably make like I make for every commercial-related post he posts : just look quickly and then, pretty much ignore it. It doesn't bother me, though I don't feel anything about it neither.
  6. Oops How I could miss it ? Anyway, I deleted my post, so there will not be th same thing two times
  7. I will join you. Just , I'm not sure I have the paypal option. So, how I can pay if it doesn't work with paypal ? EDIT : well, it doesn't work with paypal
  8. Just found an outfit for Paris yesterday. Mika can make me make  anything. Absolutely anything. Even go to shopping, though I always hated that. :lol3:

  9. I would love to make something too, even if I can't go on the boat. I totally agree with the second present.
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