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  1. I feel honored to be one of (currently) less than 10 Americans (USA) that have entered so far.
  2. Happy Birthday Mika!!! I'm drawing something right now for you; I'll post it here and if my parents let me, send it in as fan mail :3
  3. eecee

    Hello!! c:

    Okay so I hope I'm doing this right? (I've never been good with forums) I'm Ellie, and I don't have any goals in life besides meeting Mika and goals relating to my art! I am the creator of this tumblr. I found out about Mika about 3-4 years ago. I didn't really get majorly interested in him and his music until about December, 2012. My love for Mika has been growing ever since, and still is. c: I live in the Eastern United States, in an area where hardly anyone knows who Mika is. I'm spreading him around my town though, he deserves to be recognized! (If I messed up on this or d
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