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  1. Ayyyy yo no puedo ir al concierto!!!! :overreact:
  2. I am not gonna lie here, but the beginning of the song makes me cringe a little bit. I think the lyrics are a bit of a cliche, but the instruments at the back with his voice sound really quite fantastic.
  3. Peter Lindbergh is such an iconic and important photographer:shocked:I really hope he takes the pictures for his album!
  4. ooooh its quite funky... But I still agree that he shouldn't bother with clothes:naughty:
  5. Such a beautiful and powerful performance! I love the different voices together, and so I really hope that the album version doesn't sound too empty with less people.
  6. I couldn't agree more, it sounds quite mediocre and doesn't suit his voice
  7. I am trying to be optimistic about this new album... But frankly I don't know if I am going to like it:blink:
  8. Places such as Uk or Spain haven't had gigs in two years! I hope he doesn't go all out in France and Italy, or in weird islands
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