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  1. salaaaaaaaaaaaam!!! bebinnnn inoooooo!! belakhareee ye etefaghi oftad! :))) https://scontent-a-lhr.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/t1/1511494_733804353297870_1737744806_n.jpg



    areee maanaaam kheyli delam barat tangidee budddd :( manam kheyli kam miam inja... hichi, baz dobare madresamun shoroo shode va badbakhti!! to chi??

  2. Salam azizammmm:huglove::huglove::huglove:Khubi?che khabar?bebakhshid,in avakher saram vahshatnak shuluq bud...madrese chetore?che khabar?

    delam tang shode bud barat:huglove::huglove::huglove:

  3. Oh,yes.And thanks for your advice on mosquitos :)

  4. Oh, too bad. In that case I hope they will work. And summer is ok in Finland. A lot of mosquitos, but at least you won't be freezing.

  5. Thank you so much :)

    Actually I'll just see hospitals there (probably):naughty:I'm going for new treatments there:teehee:

    And I'll go in summer:teehee:

  6. Thank you :) same for you: a wonderful year, with beautiful experiences and no hospitals!

    It's nice for your sister that you're around, I bet.

    What are you going to do in Finland? Just travel around or something else? I would advise to go in summer though, not winter ;)

  7. Well...Everything's quite fine,we're all getting used to it...My mom now lives in Russia with her parents,I'm living in my bf's apartment,though I stay in our house during the weekends,as I miss my sister so much.

    And I'm planning my trip to Finland,I decided to give it a chance:teehee:though I still don't know if it's right or wrong.

    Sounds great!I love doing the ''furniture'' part:naughty:

    Btw,Merry Christmas,wish you a great year full of joy and happiness :)

  8. Glad you're back! Every time you vanish we worry something bad has happened to you, and usually it's true :(

    It's nice that your boyfriend is around. How is the situation for the reset, with parents and all? My vacation is spent mostly visiting family and friends, and thinking about which furniture to put in our new house. We'll get the key in less than two weeks :)

  9. Hey!I've missed you so much:huglove::huglove::huglove:

    I'm ok,thanks.Have been in hospital for last two weeks (blood poisoning again),but now I'm fine,specially as my bf is here for his holidays:teehee:

    How have you been?What are your plans for holiday?

  10. Hey, you're here! How've you been?

  11. Hey!Welcome to MFC:welcomeani:I'm sure you'll meet some really great fans here:wink2:
  12. It's fine,haha,because I can made some new friends there.XD

  13. hahahah! ey babaaa! yani mishe adam tu zendegish halo hulam dashte bashe? yani badtar az madresass??

    vayy ma ke taze badbakhti haye ASLIMUN shuru shod xDDD darsaye maskhareye umumi ro az mehr mikhunim dg...