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  1. A Beautiful Disaster <3

  2. Thank u!! If I ever visit Israel, I'll tell u X3 Shalom!!!

  3. וואי שנים לא נכנסתי לפה ברוך הבא שושנה!! תמר, אני מסרבת להאמין שהכינוי לפאנדום של הארי פוטר זה פוטרהד כמו שאני מסרבת להאמין שהכינוי לפאנדום של מיקה זה מיקה פריקס -.- נתלי, נראלי מעריצה מתן לומד לאזרחות ומשעמם לי בלעדיו
  4. A long time... miss the site haha :D and yes! your welcome here any time :)

  5. Aaawww! I've missed u here :aah: If u think about it, is incledible that I have a friend in Israel!!! :teehee::huglove:

  6. hahaha you're so cute!! its funny, special girl :)

  7. You know? Once, when I was obsessed with the videoclip of We are Golden (I still am, but before, more:naughty:), I took a pair of underpants of my father (like the ones that Mika wore in the clip), I put on my converse shoes and my hat (like the hats that usually wear gangters in the films), and, only wearing that and the bra, I started dancing and singing "We are Golden" in front of the mirror :teehee::teehee::aah:

  8. Wow! You're so wise XD Thank you very muuuuch!! Now I can introduce myself and find out if there is any Mikafan in my city :teehee: (I love this emoticon: It's almost as sweet as you!!). Kisses! :huglove:

  9. Sure I am! ! First you need to go to "Introductions"

    Then click "new thread", write a sweet title like you haha :D

    and then write what you want about yourself, click on "submit new thread" and that's it! hope i help you <:


  10. It's almost finished! :thumb_yello: Oh, I can't find out how to start a thread to introduce myself in MFC :mikasweat:. Could you explain me how to do it? :teehee:

  11. Aww youre so sweet! I love you too :$

    So nice that you passionate about Israeli friend! Hope you will find another fans cute like you :) dont forget show me the draw!

  12. Ooooh :doh: But don't worry: Mika is soooooo lovely, and there will be lots of fans on Israel soon, sure :thumb_yello:

    And yep, I have seen you follow me... THANKS :wink2:!! Actually, I've got twittwr only for following Mika and MFC (and MFCers, of course :naughty:). Ooooh, god, I really love you so much, even I don't know you :huglove:. I can'y believe I've got a frien from Israel, and besides she's a Mikafannnnn!! :teehee:

    YAY!!!! :aah: