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  1. All of this, and then álso a bit of Electric Light Orchestra haha, because of the many changes in music styles and the happiness and joy, but also the poetric parts.
  2. WOW this song is seriously amazing!!!! The first time I heard it this morning I could only say 'WOW WOW WOW!!'!! It sounds like Queen, the real Queen sound is in it, I love Mika and Freddie both a lot. After 3 times I understood the meaning of the lyrics and the message of the song, and it made me sooo happy. I really love it!!! ❤️ It's like Freddie reborn. Mika's voice always makes me feel safe and home, it's such a great pleasure to have him as my idol haha It's fine that we had to wait so long for this new music, if this is the kind of music we receive now ❤️ It's just perfect... ❤️ I already messaged the Dutch radio stations to put it on the radio, please haha
  3. Whoeee wat cool zeg!! Mikafans zijn er in alle soorten en maten en leeftijden, het is altijd een heel gezellig feestje bij z'n concerten. Ik ben 1x geweest en heb toen meteen een aantal vrienden gemaakt, super spontaan en gezellig, terwijl ik ook erg introvert ben. Mika's enthousiasme is betoverend! Het komt zeker goed en je gaat er veel plezier hebben sowieso!
  4. Hahahahh I like the idea!
  5. Did you both get tickets now?
  6. Yaaaaay ik heb er zooooveel zin in!!! Nog 7,5 maanden wachten 😇 Eerst komt het album gelukkig nog, wij hebben hier gewoon extra lang de tijd om alle nieuwe liedjes uit ons hoofd te leren whoeee 😊 (we can talk Dutch in this thread right? Or is that only allowed in the Dutch thread 🙊 I'm just a forum beginner)
  7. I still have a code left. I didn't had to fill it in when buying the tickets today! I sent you a message 😊 Always willing to help other MIKA fangirls out haha 👍🏻
  8. Hahahahah wow we thought the same at the same moment and bought the same tickets, we are golden hahahaha
  9. Guys!! I tried the tickets via the website of Mikasounds > shows > tickets. And there was for ALL his gigs the option to buy pre-sale tickets!! So I just bought one ticket for The Netherlands in the pre-sale (I hope this will help all of you not-frenchies)
  10. Hahaha yes me too! But let's hope the tickets in The Netherlands don't sell that fast. If we start in the que Friday at 10:00 I hope it should be oke! Mika is really underrated here, and we as superfans deserve tickets hahaha! We can do it
  11. As I said above, unfortunately only the French people are lucky! It was better if this was mentioned somewhere before pre-ordering. Now it only said you receive a code for the UK and European Revelation Tour. Didn't know only French dates were included in this pre-sale!
  12. Yes I received the link with the code just as promised! But when I click on the link the only available gigs for pre order tomorrow morning are in France and the UK! That's how I found out. But I think it'll be fine to get tickets on the normal ticket sale for the Netherlands. MIKA is unfortunately not really promoted here at the radio. I reaaally want to go, I would even go alone, he's not that famous here so I'd like to meet other fans 😊
  13. Ahww I pre-ordered the album to receive the code for tickets in Utrecht, now it turns out you can only pre-order tickets for gigs in France..
  14. Meer mensen geïnteresseerd in het concert in Tivoli komend jaar, die alleen gaan en graag samen willen meeten?
  15. Yeeeeaaah! For me it's better than Amsterdam but still some hours by train. But I will go for sure and find a place to sleep! Hopefully there is an option for pre gathering for the show because I'll go all by myself probably but sharing the love is better! But I can't miss it 😊😊 Hope I'll be able to get tickets as well!!