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  1. Hey, Alvia, welcome to the MFC! You're going to have a lot of fun! Bye for now!
  2. I LOOOOOVE THEM! My favorite songs are Nothing Left To Say, Bleeding Out, Radioactive, Demons, well, I actually love all of their song, they are awesome!
  3. Genova, siamo lontanissime! ;)

  4. Welcome to the MFC, Francesca!! Sai, anche io sono italiana e ho 14 anni! lol Beh, buon divertimento! Bye, ciao!
  5. di niente :) di dove sei?

  6. Ciao, Marina! Grazie mille, sei molto disponibile!

  7. Thanks to everybody, you are all very sweet!! Awww, thanks!
  8. Ciao Auri benvenuta anche qui!

    Io sono Marina, se hai domande o hai bisogno di una guida nel forum chiedi pure :)


  9. Hello, everybody! My name is Aurora but you can call me Auri, and I'm 14. I come from Italy. I know and listen to our beloved Mika since 2007 and on the 10th November 2012 I went to his concert in Rome and I met him.. BEST DAY EVER!! I really LOOOOVE music, I play the piano, the guitar and I write songs. My favorite singers/band are Mika (of course), Bastille, Imagine Dragons, Fun, Queen, Beatles, Michael Jackson, Macklemore, Muse, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones...... (Ok, I love a lot of singers/bands and lots of different kinds of music!) I love every kind of art
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