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  1. Not sure about cost of taxis because I never use them, precisely because they're too expensive. I have a feeling it would be way more than that... Easiest and cheapest way of getting into central London from Heathrow is getting on the Picadilly line. It goes directly to South Kensington station or if you need to get to Kensington Olympia just change to a Circle or District line somewhere. I can also recommend downloading the Citymapper app to everyone because it's a lot better at giving directions and tube routes than google maps.
  2. Sure and that's my mistake for conflating the two timelines of the documentary being filmed with this interview, I'm not saying that the interview was done a year ago. It probably was done in May of this year. My main point still stands though that a) Tomorrow could have been a last minute addition b) we shouldn't believe everything he says, c) I agree with this too:
  3. Okay so I took one for the team and bought the magazine. I took photos of the pages, hopefully it's clear enough to read (sorry about my thumb in the last one) [edited for clarity] As for not writing songs about Andy... yeah he does often contradict himself and I don't think we should take everything he says at face value, practically ever. I'm sure that there are some things that he just doesn't want to talk about. Secondly, this interview was definitely done aaaages ago. At one point he mentions that Andy just finished his documentary about the Afghani refugees, which if I remember correctly he started in the summer of 2018. It is possible that he hasn't written Tomorrow at that point since we also know that there were changes made to the album even a couple months ago... He also mentions his mum's health issues in the interview but doesn't want to go into detail which again tells me (at least) that many many things have changed both professionally and in his personal life in between the interview taking place and current day. That's my interpretation anyway. And without going on for much longer here's the photos!
  4. I think we can be sure of the London date because it's also on the official O2 Shepherd's Bush website... ticket sale from 7th june 9am according to them
  5. Managed to get tickets in row U of Stalls but that was stressful...
  6. I was able to buy the song from iTunes in the UK, now that the album can be pre-ordered. I guess it's available for everyone else as well?
  7. My name is Aniko. I also forgot to mention that I have a tumblr dedicated to Mika. Its called MoreMikaPlease
  8. Hi everyone! I have been a fan of Mika since 2012. Since then, I caught up with everything there is to know and have been completely addicted with MFC. Unfortunately I haven't been to any gigs yet, but my time will come (hopefully not Mikasoon ) I hope to make new friends here, although I'm a bit shy.
  9. Can someone post a link of the third live show? I can't seem to find it anywhere!