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  1. Ciao Marina,

    scusa il disturbo, ho perso il tuo indirizzo e-mail e quello della Sarina X_X

    me li puoi inviare per piacere via mail?

    Un abbraccio

  2. checcodizzy

    #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    Non mi piace la scelta della Littizzetto, è inflazione commerciale. Il programma di Mika è delicato, empatico, gentile. Un moderno vecchio: Mika fa del vintage contemporaneo, è un'offerta nuova e sperimentale, signori della RAI non guardate solo gli ascolti perché quelli sono il vostro funerale.
  3. checcodizzy

    mika christmas songs

    Vive Le Vent is odd but it embodies my idea of Xmas song, it is totally gleeful!
  4. checcodizzy

    Beautiful Disaster - Lyrics & Discussion

    For me it is just a disaster! I do not find a positive adjective for this song totally inaudible. Beyond the significance the rhythms are strident and quiet ungraceful, clunky. Okay, now tell me I'm a conservative
  5. After the disgusting homophobic attack I believe we all have to consider 'L'Amour Fait Ce Qu'Il Veut' like the best hymn of freedom written by our immense Mika.
  6. I'm very dithering but this is my Top3: 1) Promiseland 2) Good Wife 3) No Place In Heaven I don't like so much the French songs, I find them a bit bland, vapid. However Mika, in this new album, offers us all his own whole magic Promiseland, with both suave and Caribbean rhythm. I believe it represents the most personal, intimate and mature masterpiece. There is a great song for each emotion, for every feeling, I do love the flooding fullness, the overflowing richness and the fleeing emotional hues of the album.
  7. checcodizzy

    Send a message to Mika...

    In the last period I fear that Mika is losing his own.."mikaness". So I've just sent this: @mikasounds please never forget you're the author of INCREDIBLE songs like #LoveToday & #AnyOtherWorld Be yourself. We love YOU as you are.
  8. checcodizzy

    NEW single BOUM BOUM BOUM out June 11th!

    Yes, Elwendin is right. Her point of view is clear, but I think that an artist, and an extraordinary one like Mika, is capable of taking inspiration from daily situation. An italian philosopher said that "without images feelings are blinds and without feelings an image is empty." To wit, it is possible that Mika has written the song after the 'ordinary scene of a couple', but his genius was able to universalize that. If I had been in the same place I would have seen a couple of lovers and nothing more.
  9. checcodizzy

    NEW single BOUM BOUM BOUM out June 11th!

    True, true and TRUE...
  10. checcodizzy

    NEW single BOUM BOUM BOUM out June 11th!

    So true, Sabine!! I tried to express the same feeling through my terrible metaphor
  11. checcodizzy

    NEW single BOUM BOUM BOUM out June 11th!

    Totally agreed. I'm very happy and proud of him, moreover he writes about sex in general, not from a homosexual point of view, because love and 'boumboumboum' is unique in the whole World
  12. checcodizzy

    NEW single BOUM BOUM BOUM out June 11th!

    I am very sorry to express my opinion about this new song only now and I am also very sorry not to often partake to Fan Club's discussions. Well, the first times I listened to 'BOUMBOUMBOUM' I really loved the thrilling rythm, a breathless music indeed, my heart was hammering, oh boy!! It was hotter and hotter the paws of a running ant (I apologise for the metaphor). But I didn't understand the meaning, the message that Mika wanted to communicate. I believe that you can get emotional only if you can mix and combine sounds with comprehension. Then I decided to read the translation many times and I am convinced it is not a hit summer or silly song. I try to explane. Mika has written several songs about love: the sorrowful love (Toy Boy), the “annoyance” and bitterness of love (Ring Ring), the love for free consideration of oneselves (Big Girl)... Now, I believe 'BOUMBOUMBOUM' represents the true, independent, pure and, for these reasons, in the end, the physical and passional love. Yo Mika!! Excuse me for bothering you all.
  13. checcodizzy

    NEW single BOUM BOUM BOUM out June 11th!

    I have just listened to this new song, I think it is so catchy and above all enough danceble to become the hit of this summer. That’s sure!
  14. checcodizzy


    Adrianna, I "met" this Genius of Mika in a similar occasion...WELCOME:group_hug:
  15. checcodizzy

    Hi everyone~