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  1. Happy Birthday :happybday:

    1. Paoletta


      Auguri  Buon Compleanno!!! Happy Birthday GIF by Jelene Cristina scusa il ritardo piacere mi chiamo Paola e son anche io di Torino


  2. Done! It wasn't easy at all
  3. Thank you MFC for the gorgeous opportunity to take part in Casa Mika! A dream came true :wub2:

  4. #HappyBirthdayMika!!! Wish you lot of health, happiness, love and every beautiful thing in the world. Love you xx

  5. Happy Birthday MFC ♥

  6. Still on clouds... *-*

  7. It was a dream came true!!! I was so happy, full of joy and touched that even now I don't realize. It was truly perfect, Mika's voice is so powerful, pure and beautiful and it matches perfectly with the orchestra...so much art!!! I feel so lucky to have lived this magic experience...????
  8. Only 1 week to Florence!!! ♥

    1. crazyaboutmika


      Have the best time ever <3

    2. ~TheLoveYouBreathe


      Thank you very much!!! ♥♥♥

  9. I feel so thankful to Mika for this show. It was like a dream: his kindness, his smiles, his voice, his songs, his performances on RAI in prime time!!! He always likes the challenges and also this time he won. He was an excellent entertainer; with his purity and joy he transmit art, beauty and brought all the italians, not only to his fans, to his magic & surreal world, in which we stay so comfortable and happy and we wouldn't never leave it We are so lucky to have had all of this on our television!!!
  10. Wonderful idea!!! I'd like to be there with my friend! So we are 2
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