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  1. My two cents about the show. It has been more than all my expectations. I was amused, excited, touched in the heart. And proud. Mika is really a complete artist... and he is full of ideas, creativity, and knows how to work in teams. But above all, he has a personal way of seeing and saying things, which allows him to talk about everything with a deepness that is truly rare. And with immense respect. He can really provoke something in people ... emotions, thoughts, feelings. Thanks to Mika. Come back soon.
  2. I love this video. It is made with simple ingredients, but the message that launches is very strong. Great quality of the direction. The boys and girls who play the video are very good: they are the true protagonists, Mika remains always in the background, as a sort of careful observer...I really like his touch of tenderness above all the video. He plays the role of the big brother watching those scenes with the detachment and calm of his age and the life he lived. He is the proof that it is possible to get out from those situations, but he is even the proof that those words written in a wall of a school are still inside him, because they really hurt, it is not just a way of saying. I love the positivity that Mika brings in whole context, his serenity, his intensity, his efforts to turn away all the guys from the drama and anger, from the heaviness of those situations, to bring them in a context of joy and positive reactions. Everything will be OK. Bello.
  3. Thank you! It's a very good job, a very touching video! I loved his feelings about Italy and the time spent here...about his fans...about his hunger for life...really emotional...
  4. I really love Mika during these Daily. He's returning to the public the image of a real artist and a generous man... so human, involved, caring and professional ... but also completely sincere. This year in XF Italy, the "Under Teams" are weak, and in particular the Mika's team. The boys are very serious, they all work very hard, they have talent but they are too young, sometimes too obstinate and too confused, insecure and inexperienced for this competition. They have much to say, this is clear also to the public, but they don't still know "how". They fail to control their voices, the stage, the communication with the public. And the public, in front of weak performances, often attack the choices of the judges, but the reality is, for me, that the performances of the "under teams" are almost always the worst. Even because this year "Groups" and "Over Team" are really talented with every song and beloved by the public. This year, for me, it is not easy to be a judge of Under Teams. Mika, I think, is really doing his best. Perhaps he is not a genius in choosing the right songs for his guys, but he seems to me so involved in trying to find a way to help them (even taking on hiself the blame for their failures), to build a credible artistic image for them, to create an onest artistic relationship with them...always so careful in what he says and does not to hurt the emotions of his talented guys, so young and still artistically's seems so clear to me that this year so many feelings are in the air ..
  5. An extraordinary ovation for Mika! Antonella, the presenter of the show, filled him with enthusiastic compliments. Children do not stop clapping! He was really moved and touched.
  6. I want to write some words about the original lyric of Franco Battiato's song, that can result absolutely absurd to many of you. Sorry for my imperfect english, I try. Among the many intellectual interests of Franco Battiato (a real genius, for intellectual of our times), there is the passionate study of oriental philosophies and esoteric mystic. In a constant search for spirituality. Many of the lyrics of Battiato's songs are actually hermetic texts: at fisrt, they can appear as 'nonsense' songs, meaningless, but at a deeper level of analysis between the notes of a song apparently "pop" or "dance", in spite of a catchy refrain, you can discover hidden symbolism and complex references (for example in this song: the novel "Captains Courageous" by Kipling, or the figure of Matteo Ricci, an Italian Jesuit, mathematician and at the same time missionary in China in the late 1500s ). Here, the "center of permanent gravity" is a state of consciousness, a centering of our being that can observes the outside world and at the same time our deep personality. It is the deep research of a "true point of center", a point that is only part of our true nature, and not the result of thousand of influences, tastes and cultural conditionings which do not belong to ourselves. From that point it is possible to start and try to build a true soul. Once you reach the "real centering", which is an elevation of consciousness, you are able to break away from suffering, from the complaint, fear, stress.... This idea, developed by Battiato in this song, could be a recall to one of the fundamental teachings of the philosophical school of an armenian mystic philosopher studied in deep by Battiato, "Georges Ivanovič Gurdjieff", who developed the "system of awakening" called "Fourth Way" in which the center of gravity is a sort of midway between being mechanical and asleep and the research of the construction of one's soul. A great way to "see" beyond appearances and not to change your mind about things and people .. In short, Mika has not chosen to sing a "silly song". Hope you can see this video, a live performance of this song...
  7. I've only found the lyric of the original song of Franco Battiato, with a translation in english. Centro di gravità permanente Una vecchia bretone con un cappello e un ombrello di carta di riso e canna di bambù. Capitani coraggiosi furbi contrabbandieri macedoni. Gesuiti euclidei vestiti come dei bonzi per entrare a corte degli imperatori della dinastia dei Ming. Cerco un centro di gravità permanente che non mi faccia mai cambiare idea sulle cose sulla gente avrei bisogno di... Cerco un centro di gravità permanente che non mi faccia mai cambiare idea sulle cose sulla gente Per le strade di Pechino erano giorni di maggio tra noi si scherzava a raccogliere ortiche. Non sopporto i cori russi i cannot stand the russian choruses la musica finto rock la new wave italiana il free jazz punk inglese. Neanche la nera africana. Cerco un centro di gravità permanente che non mi faccia mai cambiare idea sulle cose sulla gente avrei bisogno di... Cerco un centro di gravità permanente che non mi faccia mai cambiare idea sulle cose sulla gente :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Permanent center of gravity An old Breton with an hat and an umbrella made of rice paper and bamboo Brave captains, sly macedonian smuggers. Euclidean jesuits dressed as bonzes to join the Imperial Courts of the Ming Dinasty. I'm looking for a permanent center of gravity that makes me never change my mind about things, about people I need a... I'm looking for a permanent center of gravity that makes me never change my mind about things, about people over and over again In the streets of Beijing, it was May, we were playing picking up nettles. I can't stand Russian choirs, fake rock music, Italian new wave, English free jazz punk, not even the black african I'm looking for a permanent center of gravity that makes me never change my mind about things, about people I need a... I'm looking for a permanent center of gravity that makes me never change my mind about things, about people over and over again
  8. Wow. I like it so much! Their voices are perfect together. Ok boys and girls...let's dance!!
  9. This man is able to touch people souls. Simple and moving words. And sincere. It is impossible to have any doubts...they are absolutely true.
  10. Vi posso confessare che questa cosa mi ha colpito parecchio? Innanzitutto perché trovo quella foto molto forte, non è solo la scemAta di un idiota. Ci vedo violenza, stupidità e odio soprattutto in quegli occhi cancellati, come se quelli come lui non avessero diritto di esistere. Secondo me usare quella foto come sfondo della propria pagina, è stato un gesto altrettanto forte. Non è da tutti. Capisco che abbia colpito così tanti .
  11. Oh...I've loved it at the first listening.... :wub2: sincere in the text... touching and sweet in the melody....ah, I falled in love with it... :biggrin2:
  12. A truly beautiful song. So touching and inspired. I have no words.
  13. Quello che mi ha lasciato davvero perplessa è il fatto che in Italia non sia riuscito a sfruttare la sua esposizione mediatica per farsi conoscere come artista. Certo, ha fatto il Songbook ed è stato importante, perchè qui davvero non lo conosceva nessuno. Ma sinceramente, io mi aspettavo perlomeno un mini-tour per fare breccia nel cuore del suo "nuovo pubblico" italiano e fidelizzarlo, qualche spettacolo in uno dei nostri bellissimi teatri. Se non il primo anno, almeno il secondo. Era una occasione ghiotta secondo me...insomma, già che stava qua... Poi c'è stata Napoli e qualche buona ospitata. Ma è finita li'. Nessun passaggio di livello in qualche manifestazione musicale di un certa portata, nessun concerto trasmesso in televisione. Nada. Sembra che proprio non gli interessi, perchè se gli fosse interessato davvero, il modo per organizzare qualcosa lo trovavano. Forse voleva prendersi una pausa dalla musica e dai concerti e buttarsi in una cosa completamente nuova. Puo' essere. A sensazione, a naso come si dice, non mi sembra piu' interessato a concentrare tutto sulla musica. I motivi non li sappiamo, possono essere i piu' disparati, appartengono a lui e possono essere validissimi...e comunque lo sono per lui. Sono scelte sue, e vanno rispettate. E poi ha scoperto di saper fare altre cose (perchè in TV se la cava bene, potrebbe benissimo in futuro condurre una trasmissione tutta sua) e di poter guadagnare dei bei soldini con molto meno sbattimento. Forse sta ancora cercando una quadratura di questo suo nuovo cerchio ma dubito che tornerà indietro. Magari farà meno musica, meno concerti... ma di migliore qualità. Speriamo.