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  1. What are we thinking about Miley's new song? listening to that right now.
  2. Sorry this is may have already been posted on here but its so funny! Benedict Cumberbatch reading R Kelly Lyrics :naughty:
  3. Ahhhh! It's such an awesome film. Have been seaching here for the DVD to be released for yonks! YONKS I tell you! When is it coming out on DVD? When? WHEN!?
  4. Thanks for such a warm welcome! and wow what beauitful writing Nicou!
  5. What I've heard, as a rule of thumb, after you are ten a part of your brain that is there to pick up and learn langauges and accents shut off. So it is possible to speak a second language like a native if you are under ten, but not after ...
  6. Hello - I am Milly, and I'm here and new!!
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