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  1. Okay cool, I can't find anywhere to buy coloured paper near where I live though- I have coloured plastic from sweet wrappers which works quite well but can't write on it
  2. Are we sticking with the hearts idea then?
  3. I am coming now, as long as my train isn't delayed
  4. Sent my money for meet up plus contribution for flowers
  5. Anyone know if there are fees on PayPal for sending money from UK abroad (with the friends and family option) cause its gonna convert what I send from pounds to euros?
  6. Has anyone been to the venue before or knows what there bag policy is? On the website it says small handbag or bags smaller than a laptop bag. But I'm confused as to what they mean by laptop sized bag as I have 2 of those and one is massive the other quite small.
  7. Can I ask, would this be likely to be a big meet up? Never been to mfc meet up before and I won't really know anyone so a bit hesitant about coming
  8. I was arriving on Sunday but changed to Saturday so would be open to a meet up on the night before the show.
  9. I'll be planning a colourful outfit too, bearing in mind it will be november and therefore probably freezing, but I'm sure I'll come up with something
  10. I'm coming from Cornwall, I missed the show at the palladium last time too cause of uni, so this will be my first mika show too 😁🥰
  11. Yeah it did work, I just clicked save again and that seemed to do the trick
  12. Great thing is these shoes are all trainer/converse style so I can feel good as well as be comfortable 😎
  13. Wow this is gonna be epic, me in the same room as a load of other crazy mika fans. I'm already planning what shoes I should wear- I have a great collection of sparkly shoes, currently torn between silver or gold 😁
  14. Same here, was a fan on and off since 2007, became properly interested in him in 2010, but have never seen him live. Kinda crazy to think I've got a chance to now
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