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  1. Can I ask, would this be likely to be a big meet up? Never been to mfc meet up before and I won't really know anyone so a bit hesitant about coming
  2. I was arriving on Sunday but changed to Saturday so would be open to a meet up on the night before the show.
  3. I'll be planning a colourful outfit too, bearing in mind it will be november and therefore probably freezing, but I'm sure I'll come up with something
  4. I'm coming from Cornwall, I missed the show at the palladium last time too cause of uni, so this will be my first mika show too 😁πŸ₯°
  5. Yeah it did work, I just clicked save again and that seemed to do the trick
  6. Haha, what one of each shoe? πŸ˜‚
  7. Great thing is these shoes are all trainer/converse style so I can feel good as well as be comfortable 😎
  8. Wow this is gonna be epic, me in the same room as a load of other crazy mika fans. I'm already planning what shoes I should wear- I have a great collection of sparkly shoes, currently torn between silver or gold 😁
  9. Same here, was a fan on and off since 2007, became properly interested in him in 2010, but have never seen him live. Kinda crazy to think I've got a chance to now
  10. I kind of have a few moments. I first heard mika way back in 2007 in my final year of primary school. We had this awesome music teacher who encouraged us to bring in CDs to put on for the whole class to listen to. Some boy in my class brought in licm and played lollipop and that was my first introduction to mika. I loved the song and others that I heard at the time. There was then a gap of around 4/5 years where I forgot about him. Then in 2010, in my GCSE ICT class we had to design a concert promotion for an assessment. We could do if on any artist we wanted but were told that it would be easier for us if we chose someone who's music was already downloaded onto the school's shared documents. Well, my IT teacher must have been a fan cause LICM was on there. Suddenly mika all came flooding back to me so I did my project on him. After, I then brought LICM and TBWKTM and haven't stopped since! I had a moment where my love of mika took over somewhat as well more recently. I was on a uni geography field trip in California. We were driving down a mountain pass and it became a bit of a tradition that someone would bring some music to play in the car. My lecturer decided it was her turn to choose and she put on grace Kelly, lollipop and my interpretation. Everyone sang along to the first 2 cause they are more well known I guess, but with my interpretation, I was the only one to sing it (apart from the really high note near the end πŸ˜‚). Now this is not normally something I do. I don't like to draw any unnecessary attention to myself usually. Basically mika caused me to sing a solo in front of several of my class mates and not feel nervous. Weird but such a cool moment.
  11. Ringtone is the torchwood theme tune Text is just a bleep noise I have the following set as alarms as I often have to get up at 4am for work so need loud awesome music to wake up to: -love today -we are golden -lollipop -good gone girl
  12. I've booked a hotel, not too bad a price either, booked flexible so if i want and can afford it closer to the time I can add another date to it. there are a lot of hotels in the area, but not all of them are that nice- through research into them last year for my trip to london i was attracted to several cause of the cheap price but after reading lots of bad reviews decided to stick with a chain hotel bit more expensive but it was a very nice place, great air con (i was staying in june- but not really necessary for a november trip!)
  13. Untitled document.docx just these
  14. not sure if i'm doing something wrong (its been a while since I was last on here) but i want to follow someone but when i click the 'follow' button on their profile it says that I haven't chosen how I want the notifications to be sent- I'm pretty sure I have can anyone help?
  15. sunday to monday night in hotels generally, i have found, tend to be the cheapest nights of the week for some reason. I'm off to london in july and am taking an extra day to have a look around- haven't booked my hotel yet (kinda scared of how much its gonna cost😲- thank goodness for savings) They say that they aren't available to print right now cause they are still finalising things with the event organisers