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  1. I've been camping in the middle of nowhere for a week with no internet access, back today and so confused trying to catch up with this thread.
  2. I'm watching the documentary now and I can see the "new sexism" quite clearly; Firslt, the popularity of "lads mags" which have become mainstream and freely available for all to see on the shelves in shops, including children passing by. This isn't something that was freely available in the past. Add to that the freedom the internet has given people to say anything they want, no matter how offensive, to other people with virtually no comeback on themselves has led it becoming normal to expect vile sexist language from strangers. For example, what happened to Mary Beard. Songs such as Blurred Lines also give the message that the subject explored in the lyrics is ok and normal. It's not. Most adults know that, but this song is played on the radio and on TV for people of all ages to hear (they even played it during a pantomine I saw with my 3 year old at Christmas!). That's not an attitude I want my children growing up with or even exposed to, to be honest. And finally, the portrayal of women in video games. GTA being the worst example. This isn't something that people, again including children, were exposed to in the past. Now it's considered appropriate enough for a mainstream video game. Anyway, back on topic, I wonder why Mika deleted the tweet?
  3. As a native speaker I have to say that I have never heard of "chauvinism" being used in terms of patriotism. I've looked it up and it looks like a very old fashioned way of using it, though it does seem to be the original meaning. Nowadays it is usually used simply in terms of "male chauvinism", so Mika's usage was correct as I read it. I did wonder what was meant when someone said he had used the word wrong but after the patriotism meaning was explained it all made sense!
  4. Just when I thought I couldn't love him more he tweets about something I really care about.
  5. Thank you for the warm welcome, must say you don't get a welcome like this from many other forums! I'm from the UK, near Chester and Liverpool (in case anyone knows the area).
  6. So I thought I'd drop by to say hello. I first heard Mika when I was 17 and at school. At lunch time they would put the radio on and I heard Grace Kelly. It got stuck in my head so I had to buy the album. It's been on my mp3 player (that makes me feel old!) and now my iPod ever since and has always been my go-to album if I needed cheering up. I don't listen to the radio myself, or follow music at all, I have bands and artists that I like but they never tour or release anything new anymore (Bowie caught me out last year with his new album) so I don't really bother keeping track of them online however this seems to have been a fatal mistake with Mika as he just dropped off my radar. So earlier this year they changed the rules at work so we can listen to our own music while we work so long as we don't have the music players out on our desks and I found myself listening to loads of tracks I'd not heard in a while. Then a song by an artist that sounded familiar but I couldn't quite place came on, it was catchy and amazing so I sneaked a look at my iPod to find I was listening to a Mika song I didn't know I had and as far as I know I had never heard before - We are Golden. I think it got on my iPod through my sister, who I share music with but I have no idea when and I hadn't noticed it before. Long story short (although this is pretty long already) my interest was reignited and I ended up having to buy every Mika album and song I could lay my hands on and I eventually found myself here. So here I am, somewhere I won't annoy everyone (or my husband at least) by talking about Mika. It's nice to meet you all!