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  1. :mf_rosetinted:yo

  2. :mikasweat::mikasweat:cant wait! if he doesn't win I will cry!
  3. yeah x my dads really good friends with him x I wish I knew him as well but my dad says im weird around him x aha

  4. cant believe it! did anyone els hear the rumours of ariana grande taking credit for the song? just something I heard on facebook? does anyone know if its true?
  5. good idea! mika is my neighbor in london, me and my friend always put letters thorugh his door an he replies to most of them. i can give him these messages?
  6. :mikalove: ive made a life decision to marry mika, think i can do it?:mikalove:
  7. my turn i guess, i am 13 and am from london, england. Mika is my neighbor when he is in london. i love him and have planned how to marry him. i went to paris for my 13th birthday to meet him with my family and that was the best day of my life. i have a big family, 3 brothers and 2 sisters. we have loads of pets, including goats and pigs and donkeys. when im older i would like to start a record label and be a singer as well. i am currently in cape town doing charity work with my uncle and cousins and...yeah that sums me up
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