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  1. Buon anno a tutti !!!! E buona attesa per tutti i progetti... album ...tour .... E speriamo che il tempo non scorra troppo alla mika
  2. Thanks to MFC I had the possibility to go to "Il tempo delle donne" with my daughter that is also in MFC called mela05. We had a good trip but obiously the best part has been Mika's interview. We were so happy to see him once again. Is such a pleasure to hear him talk. He talked about fragility of men, about his good and bad teachers. He talked about some men that inspired him in Good Guys song. He wrote a new song he will use in "Casa Mika 2"! Below some pictures we made.... And a very very very big thanks to MFC for this possibility! Hope to see him soon again
  3. franny


    Ciao Meli ! Benvenuta !!!
  4. Loved this version ❤ Good job Mika ! The lower voice is amazing ! And thank you Eriko to upload the files !
  5. I'll do my best to be there! Just few questions if you already know an answer... I will be in london with my husband that probably won't come to the pre-show...What time do you think this pre-show meeting will start and end? Just to have an idea....
  6. Arrivo in ritardo ma arrivo !!!!! Tante congratulazioni Myriam !!!! E grazie a Marina x tutto !!!!
  7. I totally agree with you Deb! What a great video !!! That particular dramatic atmosphere and Mika's interpretation... so natural and touching.... love it!
  8. la vedo difficile come opzione valeria :naughty:
  9. Infatti concordo su tutta la linea !!!! Grazie davvero
  10. Concordo anche io sulla seconda opzione
  11. Buona serata anche a te Gabriella !!!

  12. Ciao Gabriella !!!!

  13. Auguri a tutte e buona serata !!!!
  14. Augurissimi a tutte x uno splendido anno!!!! Vi auguro solo cose belle, anzi bellissime !!!! E resto anche io in attesa di notizie mikose
  15. I totally agree Marina ....the sweet sound of his voice reminds me to Michael Jackson's voice in those slow songs as Heal the world. I'm in love with this new song and with his voice !!!!!
  16. Happy birthday my dear Mika !!!!! I wish you all the best !!!!
  17. What a wonderful experience !!!! I'm very happy for you !!!!