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  1. Thanks to MFC I had the possibility to go to "Il tempo delle donne" with my daughter that is also in MFC called mela05.

    We had a good trip but obiously the best part has been Mika's interview.

    We were so happy to see him once again. Is such a pleasure to hear him talk. 

    He talked about fragility of men, about his good and bad teachers.

    He talked about some men that inspired him in Good Guys song.

    He wrote a new song he will use in "Casa Mika 2"!


    Below some pictures we made....


    And a very very very big thanks to MFC for this possibility!

    Hope to see him soon again :teehee::das::wub:










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  2. I'll do my best to be there! 

    Just few questions if you already know an answer...

    I will be in london with my husband that probably won't come to the pre-show...What time do you think this pre-show meeting will start and end? 

    Just to have an idea....  :fisch:


  3. Un piccolo annuncio:  :D


    Myriam/Valmont69 è la nostra nuova Representative/Referente per l'Italia!


    E' arrivato per me il momento di lasciare il ruolo di Rep e passo volentieri il testimone a lei, che è ben introdotta nella comunità italiana e ha tutte le qualità per fare un ottimo lavoro di coordinamento tra fans.


    Congratulazioni e grazie per la disponibilità Myriam! :wub2:


    E' stato un piacere svolgere questo ruolo, rimango comunque Moderatore e punto di riferimento :original:

    Arrivo in ritardo ma arrivo !!!!! Tante congratulazioni Myriam !!!!


    E grazie a Marina x tutto !!!!

  4. I would to reply to this thread but you've already found the perfect words that express exactly how I feel about it. The first time I watched this video I almost cried, it's so deeply intense and I like the b/w choice because it makes the viewer focus on the words and the meaning of the song. Simply pure and true.

    After soooo many "tv faces and smiles for the cameras" (:teehee:) I appreciate this video at all.



    Just to tell you ....I agree with you :thumb_yello:

    Love it!

  5. I love this video/film/movie/whatever you want to call it. :wub2:


    I'm not going to quibble over the terminology. Maybe they called it a film vs a video, because that gives it a little more weight, makes it seem a little more important than a promotional video. :dunno: Yes, I did originally expect something more along the lines of the Origin of Love video, but after seeing this, I'm not at all disappointed. I love this for so many reasons. For the stripped down look, as you say, Sylvie, and the dramatic, atmospheric feeling that black & white lends to the whole thing. But most of all because it's just Mika, not hiding behind any other characters or props, not pretending to be anything other than himself. He's not awkward in any way, not mugging for the camera. He just seems very natural, very sincere and genuine. I'm not saying that he's not aware of how affecting and moving this performance is. I'm sure he is. But he looks directly into the camera as if he's looking directly at a single person in the audience -- you, the viewer. As if you and he are the only ones there in that moment. And he totally sells the song. At least, it totally works for me. Call me a :fangurl: but I think it's fantastic.



    I totally agree with you Deb! What a great video !!! That particular dramatic atmosphere and Mika's interpretation... so natural and touching.... love it! :wub2:

  6. non ricordo da quanto non vivevo una giornata così stressante! Ma alla fine ho conquistato il tesoro! Non per merito mio devo dire, ma grazie al buon cuore di due MFCers. E sempre siano lodate!


    Infatti concordo su tutta la linea !!!! Grazie davvero :wub2:

  7. il fatto è che dubitiamo di lui, lo critichiamo e poi alla fine non vorremmo un Mika diverso. O siamo noi delle boccalone o lui è davvero speciale.

    Vi invito a mettere la crocetta accanto alla risposta esatta



    Concordo anche io sulla seconda opzione :naughty::thumb_yello:

  8. Dear MFCers,


    I managed to record a few videos during the concert :blush-anim-cl: and I'll post them all here for members of the Fan Club only.


    The videos are unlisted on Youtube, so, please, do not share them outside MFC or they can end up being deleted :(


    I hope you enjoy them. More to come. And some pics.


    Best wishes,





    Thank you very much for these wonderful videos !!! :wub2::wub2::wub2:

  9. Thank you marina for your great report!!!!:wub2:


    So here's my report about the Bootcamp: we can't go into details, so I'm just sharing a few thoughts and impressions.


    This time they were much more strict about taking pics, filming and spoilers, since it's an important stage of the competition, in which the contestants are being narrowed down to 24: each judge chooses 6 talents, who will progress to the Home Visit.


    The atmosphere was quite different compared to the auditions, it was more tense and the judges were much more concentrated.


    There was a big difference between the 2 days though: on the first day they were more serious and nervous, we mostly saw the judges' back, head and soles :naughty: and it was quite boring; I couldn't enjoy much the performances either, since the acoustics in the venue aren't great.


    Fortunately on the second day the atmosphere was much more relaxed, Mika was in a good mood, chatty, open towards the audience.

    He quite liked the warm, loud and active Italian audience :D we had fun, sang, danced and expressed our preferences as the 5th judge.


    I like all the judges, they get along well with each other, a part from Morgan, who is a bit too competitive IMO.


    Victoria is really nice, she's been bringing a gust of fresh and positive energy to the show. She's got a strong personality, is intelligent and fun.


    Fedez is a nice surprise: his musical genre -rap- isn't my cup of tea, but in spite of his rather 'aggressive' appearance, he's a nice and sensitive guy. He speaks a weird Italian rappers/young people slang, which amuses me a lot.


    We already 'know' Morgan: he's an incredibly talented genius, he's very competent, I could listen to him talking for hours. He would be a perfect judge, if it weren't for his peculiar personality: he needs to feel free to express himself and be the master of the situation, which obviously can't always happen.


    Mika is a really good judge, very caring and sensitive, well we know he's also brilliant, intelligent, witty and fun.

    Being fully aware, that his choices can influence other people's lives and careers, he always does his best, to prevent rejected contestants from getting hurt and discouraged: he tries to find encouraging and praising words for them.


    You can tell he really cares about others and I have the impression, that he doesn't want them to get hurt like he was in the past. He's patient, asks questions, listens carefully and takes his time before making his final choices.


    In this regard I'd like to tell about a foreign contestant, in order to explain better what I mean: he couldn't speak Italian well, so it was difficult for him to express himself and even understand what Mika and the other judges were saying. On one hand it was embarrassing and I felt sorry for him, on the other hand the whole situation was hilarious.

    In the end, before saying goodbye to him, Mika explained to him, that we all were laughing and having fun together with him and NOT making fun of him, and that he was a really nice and intelligent guy and had allowed us to play with him.


    This shows once more Mika's sensitivity and good heart. :wub2:


    He's also a good judge, because he can 'feel' others, he's able to go beyond appearance and notice some shades and hints, that not everyone can get.

    IMO the guy could be a good shrink :wink2:


    The audience didn't always agree with his choices of course -and some of them weren't popular- but as he said, his role isn't easy at all, plus sometimes his choices are based on what he sees beyond and what he considers the contestants' potential and possible place in the Italian market.


    His Italian is getting better and better, is more fluent and natural, I'm astonished about how good he is! He really cares and humbly corrects himself and repeats words, when others correct him.


    As you can imagine, it was a pleasure to listen to him talking so much, and very interesting as well.

    I'm curious to watch both the auditions and the bootcamp on TV in September.

    It was also nice meeting and chatting with many old and new fans, this always plays an important role in every Mika event; it wouldn't be so much fun otherwise.