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  1. Welcome David! Its great that your so active! Stick around!!!!
  2. welcome! and please have a good time!
  3. lmaoo!!! love that hes the harry guy bahahah have fun here!!
  4. I find alot of people do that where they lose their interest and then stumble upon this place once you re discover him! have fun!
  5. Welcome!!!!! what an interesting song fav! enjoy the forums!
  6. WELCOME!!!! thank you for the informative introduction!!!!!
  7. One cannot simply walk into the Canadian thread and not mention bagged milk....lol
  8. Deep breath's everybody!

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    2. yang
    3. KiwiMikaFreak


      What happened?


    4. unicornmika


      *sits in dark room with mika poster frothing from the mouth*

  9. Welcome Welcome! I am your Canadian Rep! glad you could join us and I hope your having a fun time already! there is a canadian thread right here ----> http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/16924-the-canadian-thread-part-2/page-177 and when ever you feel like chatting we are always excited for new friends! If you need anything dont be shy! WELCOME AGAIN!!!
  10. ahh thankyou >.< I was nervous singing it I really really dont have Mika's range lol lmaooo I cant believe you remembered bahahah it was great meeting you and partying with you BAHAHAH!!! I cannot believe its been a year it was so much fun! lol ya I know I actually might start learning how to play guitar my cousins father in law plays and he said he would teach me some cords and hopefully some songs
  11. Lol I finally got a change to listen to this one! AWESOME!!!!! lots of range and very sweet,
  12. OMG!!!!! amazing!!! everyones soooooo talented I wish I could play an instrument!!
  13. OHHH!! Harry Potters great!!! I have a friend who LOVES the little prince! welcoommmee
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