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  1. UPDATE: SOLD FOR BOTH SHOW! Good morning everyone! Unfortunately I won't be able to join the shows So I've got some extra tickets for Saturday by now. Saturday: - 1er Balcon face - Block 1e balcon face - Row D - Seat 10 - 1er Balcon face - Block 1e balcon face - Row D - Seat 12 I have also two tickets for Sunday show: Sunday - Parterre centre - Bloc Parterre centre - Rang CC - Place 5 - Parterre centre - Bloc Parterre centre - Rang CC - Place 7 If interested please contact me in DM. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I’m looking for 2 tickets for Mika’s show in Paris on Saturday 23/10. if you have some spare tickets please DM me thanks for the support!
  3. Hello! anyone who has 2 spare tickets for Mika’s show in Bruxelles on December 14th? let me know:) thanks x
  4. Hi all! I have two parterre tickets for the Assago Forum’s date on 3.12 I’ve paid them €46 per ticket. anyone interested? I can deal with the price. I can ship the tickets in order to have them on time For the concert let me know! thanks
  5. Just sent the money via PayPal from me and @MartinaC see you all there! can’t wait x
  6. That sound good looking forward to send the money. can’t wait to see you all there 😀
  7. Thx Carlotta but I need two tickets ????
  8. I'm looking for two tickets (10/20€) for December 31st. If anyone has some extra tickets let me know, thanks
  9. Ho finalmente trovato un po' di tempo e spero non sia troppo tardi per passare a fare un saluto in questo thread hahahah Sto ancora capendo (lentamente) come funziona qui, sono un completo disastro Comunque piacere di conoscervi tutti, io sono Federica Buona serata!!
  10. Thank you so much! You're so sweet
  11. Ciao F la tua M è anche qui :)

  12. Ciao Federica benvenuta! Io sono Marina, se hai bisogno di info o di una guida sul forum chiedi pure :)



    Sei anche su facebook?

  13. mikaljcious


    Hello there! My name is Federica, I'm 19, I'm from Italy and of course I'm here to share with you my passion for Mika! Hope to know many of you on here over time, would be a pleasure I'm so glad to be here
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