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  1. Yes I'm feeling depressed for him also right now and I don't even know why, it's a bad situation, once I did an english test very bad because of this. It's not a beautiful experience...
  2. Someone has some photos of him when he come out after the gig? I found only one pic...
  3. are you planning some fan action for this concert?
  4. are you planning some fanaction for this concert?
  5. Hi, Mika has just tweeted but he deleted his tweet, someone know what was written on this post?
  6. The version with only the symphonic cd will be relase tomorrow, too? I saw that on the canadian Amazon is avaiable from tomorrow... But I don't know if it's exsatly
  7. Il pass lo si ha quando si è raccomandati, non c'era un modo per averli, nemmeno tramite concorsi. Solo se si conosceva qualcuno che poteva procurarsene uno si poteva entrare.
  8. Hope I'll buy the tickets! I'm afraid because the teatre is quite small
  9. I asked at the teatre and they say that they're not sure and they will know it on monday (sorry for my english, I'm italian).
  10. I'm very happy to see Mika again, the time goes fast but the feeling when I see him are always the same❤️❤️❤️
  11. Special concert... Is it public? Private? When? Where? Oh s**t i'm scared... He's going to sing in my city and I don't know nothing...????????????