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  1. What do you think about pining the glitter heart on clothes instead? We'd not have to choose a specific song or fear to have problems with anybody then Also not all the MFCers are on the chaise area , not sure that "random" people would be happy to be disturbed during the show
  2. I know ....it already been from a while so I asked a few days ago on twitter if Mika was going to be on strike too but didn't get any answer
  3. Don't stay on "direct" broadcast it's not Mika Go to the podcast and you'll get the whole emission
  4. It's episode 6 then Sorry about that ... But it's not mine You've got all the episodes on the same page , you'll just have to choose the one you want . THE VOICE ALL STARS 2021 - MikaWebsite[.Com!] - Le 1er site sur Mika en France When you understand how it works it's very convenient because you don't have to ask for a specific link and it's all in French You get everything at the same place (same for X factor and previous seasons by the way) It's not that difficult , just follow the instructions I gave you somewhere above or maybe ask someone around you to show you once and you'll be able to do it yourself afterwards .
  5. @MyriamNeeme The 6th episode from yesterday is avaible now at the Mikawebsite
  6. That's normal Tf1 is a private channel , so they don't want people to watch it for free
  7. What do you want to watch ? 16th october is episode 6 (not uploaded yet) 9th october is episode 5 (links we gave you in the posts above)
  8. THE VOICE ALL STARS 2021 - MikaWebsite[.Com!] - Le 1er site sur Mika en France You can download it here , it's free. You just have to close the window that ask you to pay 2 euros (It's for the premium software) You may have some advertising popping up , just close them. With the basic and free software you will be able to dowload the after show only after a while , it's normal. By the way episode 5 is not the one from yesterday but from last week...is it realy the one you want to watch? Otherwise you'll have to wait a bit till the webmaster upload yesterday's show
  9. I'm not sure if we'll be allowed to take pictures Maybe at the end of the concert
  10. And I forgot to say that if you're waiting after "the voice" you'll probably have to call a taxi because the public transportations are not working at that time
  11. there is usualy a party after the final , so be ready to rather wait till 2 AM or more .... It's too early to have a reliable forecast The best one I've found so far is this one : La météo agricole Paris_ - Prévisions meteo à 10 jours et observations (lameteoagricole.net)
  12. That's too difficult for me ...I only know ресторан
  13. What I meant is that I only know one word in Russian , and it's "restaurant" which is obviously not on that screen ( If I see the name I may recognize "olympic stadium " too but nothing more )
  14. Ok , only got some extra spare time today to seriously answer to your question . I can't tell you what it says because I don't understand Russian ( the only word I can recognize is "restaurant" and I don't see it there ... ) Did you get this after you clicked on a specific link or does it apply to your whole Vk account ? In that case , maybe you forgot to save the langage's setting when you created it , and I guess it's possible to change it afterwards. I'm not using Vk on phone , nor tried that by myself, but you can ask for help on specific forums like this one : Comment changer la langue VK (VKontakte) en français? - Comment Ça Marche (commentcamarche.net) Otherwise in my opinion , unless you stored very important stuff , it would be easier to close your account ,to create a new one and be carefull to choose and save the right language. By the way I think you'd also better have someone next to you to check the process because it's easier to help "live" than from a distance Hope it's been helpfull .......good luck
  15. No it's classical music and jazz You'll probably be able to listen to France music here : France Musique – Écouter la radio en direct
  16. Sorry , but I prefer Zazie's team I don't see any ot them as a winner Maybe Paul as a finalist ?
  17. I had the same feeling , but with Pascal Obispo coaching them at the distance I'm not surprised anymore . It's like breaking a contract . I think PO had to stay away for "the voice" time and leave Mika do his job .It's a bit sad for the group because as we say in french they had " their ass between 2 chairs"
  18. Néo («The Voice All Stars») : «Mika ne nous a pas défendus comme un coach est supposé le faire» (lefigaro.fr) The group "Neo" about Mika's coaching "Disons que la situation était un peu en grand écart. On avait deux coachs, d’un côté Pascal Obispo à distance et de l’autre Mika dans l’émission. Je ne sais pas si cette configuration de double coaching a plu à Mika." Sure that it was not the best idea to choose a coach and don't give him your full confidence Not surprising that he didn't support them that much .....but anyway the public doesn't care about the coachs comments otherwise Al-Hy would still be in the show
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