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  1. The good thing with Eurostar is that you'd arrive directly "Gare du nord " , not far away from the Philarmonie . Along with the sanitary rules I hope there won't be strikes or yellow vest contestations .
  2. No way?? You know "les visiteurs"? I saw this film so many times (only the first one, the others without Valerie Lemercier are not that good), it makes me laugh every single time
  3. And a pretty mask ......otherwise it will ruin all your efforts
  4. @crazyaboutmika your friend may be interrested by these ones
  5. If I remember correctly you've got an Amex card....right ? ( Could be that they checked the card holders among the contestants ....?) Now it's time to use it and find an appropriate outfit for the event
  6. I've got spare tickets on the parterre impair row G for sunday if someone is interrested And I know somebody who sells 2 for saturday Second balcony still first categorie Pm me for the sunday's tickets and for the saturday tickets , ask @Sweetieval Edit : the ticket for sunday is no more available
  7. As a spectator or competitor ? (Just to know if we have to worry ......)
  8. If not , I know somebody who has a spare ticket for saturday I'ts almost the same view but from a highter point
  9. I missed it too .... Maybe if the final editing is much cut , may we have the original version back after monday ? Didn't have time to make a playlist neither ......so many songs that I love , can't make a choice
  10. To all of you who didn't succeed to buy a ticket , you can register on a "waiting list " in the Philarmonia website I suppose that if the rules about the number of spectators allowed change till october they'll add tickets and they probably will contact you
  11. At least this time it didn't take 3 hours .....now I'm free for the rest of the day πŸŽΎπŸ˜…πŸŽΎπŸ¦
  12. They obviously didn't want me in first rows ...... Anyway even if we'll be far away from most of the MFCers , I still feel very lucky that me and my friends succeded to get tickets with the "abonnements". It seems that many French people didn't get tickets at all ......I hope it won't be so , but it would be quite ironical if the ones who got good places won't be able to travel while fans who are already in the country will also have stay at home with no tickets ...... Mika definately has to come back after the pandemic !
  13. No way ????? !! I started to try every 5 minutes from 11 and got an error message every time
  14. If you're interrested on that subject may I suggest you a book called "the optimistics" from Rebecca Makkai ? I was a student at the hospital and I remember when had the first AIDS case and nobody knew how to cope with him Btw , here is "It's a sin" playlist on Spotify It's A Sin - playlist by It's A Sin | Spotify
  15. I'd rather say no It's a general lotery with many other prizes that the meeting with Mika I realy doubt than only 100 French people will play hoping to win the car ....
  16. I also was vaccinated before the "sanitary pass" process begun , but it was possible to be registered afterwards via the French healthcare site
  17. Here are the rules to travel to France from june 9th Of course it doesn't mean that the rules will be the same in october Tourisme : les conditions pour entrer en France Γ  compter du 9 juin (lefigaro.fr)
  18. Tbh, I didn't understand... So I'm waiting for more details....
  19. I can send a mail if you tell me exactly what you want to know Can't phone because it's gonna be closed when I come back home
  20. I stayed in the same hotel than Karin a couple of times and came back late with friends , and it was ok . But there is nothing but the "city of sciences" to visit .And unless you come back at night with a taxi or with friends ,I think it's better to stay in Paris rather than in Pantin . The 19th arrondissement is ok and not far away from the venue. Not very far away from " Gare du nord" if you need to travel with the RER to Roissy airport .
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