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  1. There is not need to apoligize ,it's not your fault if the reporter didn't make his job properly I hope he'll make another paper because it was not fair to you neither It's nice that you are in touch with other suffering people , and I hope you'll be able to enjoy the show in Colmar 🤞
  2. I'm absolutely convinced of that too I was used to report some events to them and it was rarely a good reflexion of reality
  3. I agree that the article is not fair at all (but it's DNA ,not exactly the top of papers…...🙄) because it doesn't relate the fact that she had the opportunity to tell her story and that he had kind words , probably the same he'd have on a private situation Maybe his management just wants to "protect" him emotionaly and could explain the fact that he didn't get the previous article
  4. Hi Narimène , I may be interested ,just have to check if I'm working on that day or not
  5. The only good thing about being over occupied is that I've got no time for PMD …...
  6. I just found a youtube account This guy has very good videos from Strasbourg
  7. Yeah ,you got the right translation He also said that it's strange that if you love your father you have to pay for it on the day someone decided ,and if you love your mum you have to pay as well … what if you don't love "love" ? As for HE ,it seems he was soooo pleased that for once there was absolutely no one screaming without any need to ask or pray for silence. Even if I left the place many years ago ,I'm very proud of my felow Alsasich audience ! 👍
  8. VID_20200214_221835.mp4 VID_20200214_212819.mp4 VID_20200214_220740.mp4
  9. Thank you for this kind offer , maybe a group visit could be nice ? Not very found of amusement parks but I'm very interested by the lake and Walking around if it's possible Do you know if there is a regular train or bus to go there? I'm also looking if a day trip to Venice would be possible
  10. For the ones who have a Dropbox ,dm me your email and I'll send you a link
  11. I also planed to come 1 day before (maybe 2?) to have time to visit
  12. I was about to ask the same question I'll probably come alone too , I already have an option on a single room but I've nothing against sharing a flat with other fans Don't know yet if I'll travel by train or plane Does somebody knows where is it possible to book train tickets from Milano to Verona ?
  13. I'm also thinking of a travel in Verona What kind of ticket did you buy?
  14. The easier is to send me the link of your accounts Because sometimes there are several persons with the same name on VK
  15. I've got one extra ticket in the unreserved area in Carcassone
  16. Just the name you're using for your account , I'll be able to add you as a friend then
  17. After more than 20 hours of download I finally succeded to post it on VK here : As it's from a payed channel I've restricted the view to my friends and theirs So please dm me your VK id or VK link if you want to watch it I already have Anna as friend and it should work for Christina and Jieun as well I also found @Kumazzz but can't ask her to be friend ,Don't know why
  18. I succeeded to extract the file ,but as my connection is quite slow didn't manage to download it on VK But I can share it with Dropbox ,so if some one who has a better connection want to try to ownload ,please pm me your mail adress Otherwise I can try to copy the file on a USB key and to give it to somebody in Strasbourg
  19. Don't know if I'll succeed ,but I realy doubt I will be fast…..🙊 I'm either at work or on tour these days , I hope I'll have a bit more free time next month (maybe …..) Should I take the PC with me in Strasbourg to try to find a solution if you know how it works ?