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  1. He's in Paris selling tickets at the Philarmonie .......that's the reason why the site crashed down ....
  2. Hum .....I'd not be too optimistic about that In case it would be reserved for the MFC , they'd probably already given an aswer to Deb Don't forget that Mika's (numerous....) family and friends will probably have a specific reserved area as well as VIPs and maybe Philarmonic's workers or relatives
  3. I think that the 2 concerts we checked are on the same day , that may be why ....
  4. yes I know ..... I've also tried Maybe they changed the rules for the new season If not , as I said before , as long as the places are limited they maybe want to leave a chance to more people to get at least one place for one session
  5. Maybe you can use 1 subscription but still will have to add 1 other concert if they consider that the 2 Mika sessions are part of the same concert In général subscriptions are made to help filling the concerts that are less popular. Don't remember exactly how many , but in my town we have to subscribe more concerts than in Paris , that's for sure.
  6. I suppose they are not used to this kind of situation Probably the first time that they have an international pop star .......and in the middle of a pandemic ! They also maybe want to try that everyone could attempt at least one session
  7. From a commercial point of view it's quite logical too ...... Tbh what confuse me more is the "distanciation" rules They said to someone that only people from a same family would be seated side by side and there will be a place left between 2 groups I suppose (hope) that they won't be able to check everyone
  8. Even if it's not very good places ? And if I have to add one "other" concert ? If you're ok with that I can try (can't promise you anything.....) That's quite logical If you get 1 abo and can add 10 places the venue will be filled within1 minute
  9. On one hand they have to handle the sanitary laws that are not clear nor sure to be the same in october and on the other hand a bunch of fans they probably were not prepared to face !
  10. Don't know how long it will last (probably for a while .....) , but here are the new "rules" decided while we're going to have the restriction lightened in France Covid-19 : le pass sanitaire entrera en vigueur le 9 juin (francetvinfo.fr) I know that the "sanitary pass" will be tested in Roland Garros in about 3 weeks. People will be allowed to go in if they can show a vaccin proof , recent negativ test ( 48 hours ) or a proof that they got a Covid imunity within the 6 last months Roland-Garros pourra accueillir 5 000 spectateurs par jour - L'Équipe (lequip
  11. It's on a hill, not far from the camping There are also a boat and a man on a bench
  12. I finaly found time to watch it ......but the link doesn't work !
  13. Want to show us that the Campari bottle is still full ....
  14. I think that it was possible to download it somewhere from this site Mika - MikaWebsite[.Com!] - Le 1er site sur Mika en France
  15. He kindda looks like some Italian actors in black and white old films
  16. Not only being alone .......but with nothing to do ! I think that it makes a huge différence! Also not to forget that it was Andy's flat For someone who is used to say that he needs to control everything , it was certainly a difficult situation. As for the dates , it seems that Mika is not realy somebody who takes care of them ....he's even not sure if he's whith Andy from 14 or 15 years !
  17. You're right Here is the original version ( the duet was called "à caus des garçons" too ) A Caus' Des Garçons - A Caus' Des Garçons - YouTube
  18. Deb , you missed the opportunity to ask him during the "live" !!! You definately have to take him back ......coz we neeeeeed to know ! In a recent interview in Canadian press he said that his original plans were to go and come back to see his pupils improvements. Could be that he planed some stuff in USA ? Like having studio sessions in Miami for the Ep he talked about some time ago ? (fingers crossed ..... )
  19. But at least the lyrics are understandable.....while for me "Djadja" has just no sense
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