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  1. I love this version too! But I am relieved by that, because to be honest I really dislike the version with Chiara Don't like her voice, Karen Mok's voice is more refined and sweet in my opinion I must say that I am quite surprised/confused by the fact that Stardust is a single now, with a cover in the style of NPIH, while it's from TOOL
  2. Yes I'll keep checking bol.com too I've ordered from Amazon before, it all goes well and shipping is not that expensive The only downside is that you do have to wait a few days when it's released, and bol.com usually makes sure that you get it the day of the release! I really want the CD+DVD version though, I love that it gets a DVD but I won't watch it that often, and I will put a CD on repeat
  3. According to mikawebsite it will have English subtitles I found an item for Mika Sinfonia Pop on the UK Amazon, even though it doesn't have a picture or release date yet. I'm sure it will be updated soon. I'll order mine from there too, as I'm not sure I'll be able to get the CD+DVD version here in the Netherlands (or any version at all).
  4. I don't know if it's the case with this song, but Amazon and iTunes often give the possibility of buying and downloading only one song.. Maybe others know? By the way, the OSM concert alone really is worth buying the whole repack, imo
  5. I have the same, I normally never like remixes... But I love this one. The song has been released last year though, you can find it on the repackaged version of No Place In Heaven (the one with the double disc with the OSM concert on it)
  6. I love it too! This video is wonderful, the message is great. And what I love about it, since it's a music video for a film, that they used Mika with the characters of the movie. It's not awkward "Mika singing - scene from the movie". It makes sense. And Mika's eternal weird dancing couldn't be left out of course! I was sold on the remix version on the first listen back when it came out so I had no issues with that Hurts, both versions, is one of my favourite songs off of NPIH.
  7. I had never seen this before, this is amazing!
  8. Same here There's always something that could be improved. I agree, his face is so nice hahaha! I love drawing eyes most of all and his are just fascinating, I don't know why This was my third full drawing, I've done some that I've never finished.. I know my second is a few pages back and I think I even posted my first but I'm not sure. I usually don't have a lot of patience though so I can't draw every day Edit: apparently I've never posted my first, but I did post my second
  9. Okay, when I feel like starting a new drawing I'll definitely consider this picture Oh yes, the mouth, and somehow I have trouble with Mika's nose... For the drawing above, I've had to erase and redraw his nose (and mouth) at least five times, which was a lot less than my previous drawings of him... I'm starting to learn how to draw his features It takes a lot of patience, doesn't it
  10. Ohh nice!! It's really good! I've been thinking about drawing that picture as well I especially love the hair and his mouth! And the ears I find that ears and the shadows there can be really difficult!
  11. "big art" Thank you so much for saying that I agree with you, the girls (and guys?) here make beautiful things!
  12. Aw thank you both for saying that Oh my that's so cool! Very creative, and such pretty colours!
  13. I had to browse far to find this thread, time to revive it! I finished this drawing this week (well, I can still add more detail to the clothes but I'm not sure I will do that soon)
  14. Wonderful initiative, I donated and I hope this will help a lot of people
  15. I'm late but I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas - and to those who celebrate it today as well, like me: happy Second Day of Christmas!
  16. Hahaha thanks! I made these very easily with makeagif.com That usually has an ugly "MakeAGif"-logo, but if you sign up for free you can get rid of that. I then edited them with Gimp 2 to make them brighter and crop them a little.
  17. I always check this thread every now and then When I joined I went through every old Wonkaland thread, but unfortunately a lot of pictures have disappeared I am now thinking, the gifs I made from the TGV making-of might belong here, what do you think? He's so professional
  18. Ah, the full music video for Je Chante! I like it a lot, thanks for posting
  19. I have the same, usually I can't handle anything at all but this video doesn't even make me feel remotely sad. I don't understand everything in the video (what happens to that bride??) but overall it's not a bad video. Maybe if I'm honest, I feel a bit indifferent, it doesn't really do much with me at all...
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