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  1. Just saw this thread and listened to you video...wow! you have a lovely gift, I think you should try to get yourself heard by music professionals. All the best to you!
  2. hello, is there a place I can watch the full blind audition episodes not just clips? That's my favourite part
  3. Many thanks Silver, I'll keep checking back then.
  4. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this question but I don't travel through the forums very often so I'm hoping someone can guide me on where to find some info. I read a note in one of the forums recently that said there was a meet up being planned for the 10th anniversary in London, England, in June. I'd like to attend this and need to request time off at work in advance but I can't see anything in the MFC calendar about it. Can someone please advise if there's anything concrete date scheduled? Which thread should I follow to keep on top of this item? Thank you so much for your assistance.
  5. Hi Everyone! WOW 10 years eh? impressive, and well done! Compared to most on MFC, I'm still a newbie here so if my idea is too out in left field then please just disregard. My vote is for a meet-up in Miami where we can board a cruise and create our own Mika cruise experience. We can choose a shorter cruise (3-4 nights?) which is cheaper and not as often sought out by most travellers so we may get a very good deal and if we go as a group we'd get a fantastic deal through most cruiselines. Cruising may also be cheaper for many as food, accommodations, and most extra activities are covered in one price. ok, that's my two cents. That said, whatever everyone decides on will most certainly be a wonderful experience.
  6. There are 1440 minutes in one day, so I would take a couple hours and clean my home spotless...goodness forbid I be found in a dusty room...then I'd get some friends and family together to enjoy the finest meal and dessert money could buy. Next would be skydiving, the training alone takes a few hours so I suppose I'd have to sacrifice some time there in "training" before my proposed death. If i was close to an ocean on a calm day, in my final hours, I would lay upon the water allowing the rhythm of gentle waves to dance me into restful slumber. I don't believe I'll know when my time will come...I think of it as the universe's final surprise. However, should the unthinkable come to pass and by some treacherous miracle I had undeniable knowledge of my certain death with one day to spare, I would hope my last breaths of air and final heartbeats would make a positive impact in some way. Ahh, there's my therapeutic reflection for today now excuse me as I gratefully return to my inconsequential little life and my utter blissful ignorance of destiny's will ...at least there's wine here
  7. So cool to look at the board and see so many countries represented, it's only been just over a year here for me and I've had a chance to actually meet some of the people from many of those countries!!! It speaks to the amazing performer that is Mika to have touched so many of us from so many places around the world, but it also speaks to the beautiful people who so faithfully commit the time it takes to maintain this virtual global home. It's thanks to you that we can all for drop by for a chat , a laugh , a hug , an education , a journey down memory lane , or for a little virtual chill-out on what I imagine as this big, plushy, global couch...for tea or other beverages of choice (we need a sofa emoji LOL) For me this has been a wonderful year and I'd really like to say THANK YOU to all those dedicated busy fingers behind the scenes of this fab site and everyone who contributes in their own way. Mika brought us out of the wood-work but you've all welcomed us in and made us like family, you all ROCK!!! Here's to you:
  8. Come on! Where my Polish cousins at??? I'm representing dual-citizenship until they all show up LOL
  9. Next time I see him in concert and he happens to sing Happy Ending I'm soooooo gonna sing out CREEPY SINGING GLOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. BAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!! this was hilarity at its finest! Loved it :clap: :clap:
  11. AmyWings you were totally wonderful!!! :thumb_yello:
  12. I don't sing well but if this is meant to be just a for fun project then I'm totally in
  13. Fantastic idea Yang Wishing you and yours a very Happy 2016!
  14. Hello everyone, I RSVP'd as attending because I'll actually be in that part of Italy on vacation right at that time!!! Crazy awesome !!! However I've just tried to get tickets and it looks like they're all sold out so I'll keep checking and perhaps there might be some to be won as the date gets closer and I might get lucky, who knows . For now I'll leave my RSVP as it is but I wanted to to let you all know just in case I don't get tickets. Wish me luck Kat.
  15. Great idea!!! Here's my line: "Your words make us think, and your melodies make us sing"
  16. Oh lordy wouldn't that be something!!! Can you imagine if all the Mika fans around the globe pulled our money together and paid for a full-day private gig! A purley Mika Festival
  17. ok, I have GOT to win the lottery and go Mika gig hopping around the globe!!! Wowwwzza this man has energy!!!
  18. Wish I could say I won the lottery yesterday and I'll take those tickets off your hands ...but sadly I shall say none of those things and shall continue living vicariously through others who will be there.
  19. any thoughts on a possible mini skype session or a quick pop into the chat room or other method of saying hi to those of us not able to be there with you all to enjoy a fun get-together? Oh maybe someone can take a few pics and share them in real-time on twitter? I'm so sad I won't be there with you all it would be really lovely to see those few I've met before and meet new MFCers
  20. I could listen to all of the songs but Mika's was greyed out so I couldn't play it.
  21. Yes, I tried FB but I just got an error on MFC saying that the function is not supported. Theresa said she posts them from a private FB page but I've tried both public and private and neither one works for me.
  22. Hi Silver, I use a laptop, my photos are saved to lightroom (photoshop), some I keep in my picture folder on my hard-drive. I've tried the URL thing that Theresa suggested from FB but it's not working. I was hoping there would be a simple "attachment" function on here but I don't see that.
  23. Hello dear Mod squad, I'm hoping one of you can help me out. I'd like to learn how to include photos in my posts. If there's someone that can guide me through that I'd be most grateful
  24. Try to look for Lead Sheets for Mika's music, these will offer chords and the underlying treble line. Good luck (they're not easy to find).
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