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  1. in diferent place/post/source is a diferent time posted : first i read from 12 noon to one, here above said 17 h until 18 h.. would be good if it will be mentioned the time zone : in Italy, or England, etc...where the event, filmong, show is taking place _in my opinion :0)
  2. "unsure if letting go 

    would do good

    to you or not"


    _unknown author

  3. (about the "Songbook "): it would have been nice here to have a visual reference of all the artwork for each song in the songbook; i never saw anything thou i know about it for many years now; sometimes i even wander if it did really existed ...
  4. "Gig Rumours 2017 thread" LOL that was funny.
  5. Great idea! My opinion : It doesn't matter where and how as long as Mika will be part of it (present there), ...cause for some of MFC parties, when i asked, i was told that he won't came 'cause "he was not invited", so yeah.. :0).. Otherwise is like the official video for " Elle me dit". Just saying...
  6. In such a nice venue, I wander why is free ? If it is a concert one it would be even nicer, for who get to go. Who are the sponsors, i wander ... ? Just saying. I was planning to go, when i realized i don't have a passport; then i'm like: "for sure, is just for the italian fans."..... like the fox, who can't get to the grapes and she is assuming that in fact she didn't miss a thing, because its all sour anyway :0)
  7. Hi there friend! I fear I have failed you as Canadian Ambassador T_T I have been quite MIA as of late but WELCOMMEEEEEEEEE!!!!! FINALLY more canadians!!!! You should head over to the thread and chat with usssss....aaaand I just realized youve been a member since 2014....but I'm keeping on the original message because it had such good flow! This does not renounce any of my original post! please come by and chat and make friends!!!...

    1. NikitaDelMar


      Thank you Salura! it is a pleasure to read your message and feel "welcomed ". I was a fan in MFC since long long ago... i felt confused and ignored here, so i haven't come often and need to register again in 2014 because i did not remembered the original password. Thanks again for your salut and we'll keep in touch! I'll try to keep the track of what is going on in here, within the Canadian "fan dom" (I guess they called it :0) thou it is not easy ; lol

  8. THANKS for SHARING !!! thou, ..I wish the day had much more then 24 hours )
  9. yu guys are so well organized !! with lists,pics, videos, etc it took me while to get used with the MFCweb site format but now i an see how well you do this job thou sometimes i blame myself for getting lost again n here :0) Nikita feb 14,2016
  10. it happened many times, with many songs and for many artists/ musicians, etc.. to be confused / intrigued / dissapointed by a certain song . Later on i changed my mind; i discovered different point of view: the artist point of view or only the fact that THAT song got different meaning throwout my life experienced i went throw meanwhile (from the point i listen to it fist time to the point i reconsidered my opinion about that song ) So, don't jump to conclusions! Sure your/ mine/ anybody's opinion doesn't hurt as far as are meant to be sincere.
  11. On any basic tee for example :0) , using textile markers (in any craft or art store) you can design first on the paper the thing you want it (his name, his quote, his lyrics, etc..) , and then transfer it on your teeshirt. I'm using permanent markers on mine. You can put it on any item (sweatpants, hoodies, etc..) with your choice of : font, colour, song names , his cartoonish portrait etc.. Test it a little on a area that doesn't show (like inside the garment on the hem, to see how the colour looks on the fabric and if it does bleed etc...) You can do embroidery if you good with that as well. You can go crazy-fun-creative. I could have helped you to do that for free, but it is going to cost the shipping. And it would be more then 15 $. So, have fun! :0)
  12. My normal me would say "I can't choose only one", yet on a split second, 1st choice was in my mind (now) : "Stardust" Ask me again tomorrow or in a week / month etc :0)
  13. Beautiful performance in Como! Only the fact that i saw him in Montreal earlier (with similar interpretations) makes it easier to accept i was not in Como as well. Now, i checked the calendar back, and it DOES NOT SHOW his starting point for this year in Montreal. How come, those concerts with OSM at "Place des Arts" don't show on the MFC calendar ? Neither the Montreal Jazz festival ? Just wandering.