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  1. Hi Deb, looking forward to seeing you this Friday.  Is there going to be any meet and greet? I think Mika never got the necklace I designed for him when I went to Montreal. Any thoughts on a chance I can get it to him this time? 

    1. heloisafitzgerald


      I will be there with my two daughters. What hotel are you staying? Heloisa

    2. dcdeb


      Hi, we don't have any news of a formal meet & greet yet -- those usually come together at the last minute and depend on what other commitments Mika has. Best thing I can suggest for that is to plan to stay after the show and wait for him outside if you really want to meet him. He almost always comes out for at least a few minutes to greet fans.

  2. Deb, Mika is due for a concert here, wouldnt you think?
  3. Does anyone have extra tickets for Montreal the 4th of July? Thank you, Heloisa
  4. I am super interested, I need only one. Thank you. You can contact me at heloisaduarte@gmail.com
  5. Dear everyone, can anyone help me find one ticket to the event on February? I would love to go and it will be just one ticket. Thank you, Heloisa Fitzgerald.
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