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  1. 안녕하세요~ 계속 한국카페에 있다가 영어때문에 너무 겁나서 mcf는 지금 가입하네요 근데 여기 좀 신세계네요ㅋㅋ영어천지인 이곳에서 한국어 보니까 반갑기도 하고 여기에서 열심히 덕질할예정ㅎㅎ 모두 반가워요! 내년 서재페에서 뵈요!!
  2. Hello~ I'm Christina from Korea! I'm 18 and recently fell in love with Mika♥ Mika is actually quite famous in Korea and his songs are always on commercials so I actually knew him and his music and liked them pretty much But.... I just fell for him when I was searching for some other songs after he released a Korean edition of Origin of Love and I kind of accidently watched his We are golen music video and from that moment I just fell in love:blush-anim-cl: I love his quirky ways and his sexy voice and his extremely looooooooooong legs and simply every single little thing about him Okay
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