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    I'm just a dreamer. My dreams are becomming my true life.
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About Me

Hi !

Here's what you need to know about me.

My name is Déborah and I'm 17.

I'm french, living in Great Britain for studies.

I'm a student, currently doing a Level 3 in Agricultural Management in Somerset.


Most people don't talk to me. Don't really know why but I got used to it.

I like being myself, a childish and clumsy Mika fan, who like living with an english settled brain (even if I'm french) Oh and I love the United Kingdom !

I love this emoji


I saw Mika 5 times in my life and I enjoyed every single one.

I touched him once, and he signed me two autographs.

I love talking with new people and being able to get to know them and their ideas and their state of mind.

What can I add ?

I think that's all




If you want to know a bit more about me then you can send me a message




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