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  1. Did anyone record it when he was brushing his hair? That's so adorable. Also, as he was brushing hair, I think he may look really good in ponytail...something like this..
  2. Here is the audio of the whole show, I think I missed several songs, but most are here... mika corona night 1.mp3
  3. hi I have very good quality audio recordings. I will compile everything together and post here as mp3 file tonight.
  4. I did a little editing, but I'm not 100% sure..
  5. Thank you!! I got one lower level one balcony Want to feel different locations~~
  6. Yes, this way, it is easier to make conversations across members, especially for the forums that you talked a lot.
  7. Silver, many many thanks!!!! I am so so so sorry about this.
  8. Hi, I am sorry I wasn't paying attention to this thread recently . I am very sorry for the late response. Just add your names..
  9. This is an old snip pic I did on the 2008 Paris concert. Love his smile...
  10. It's an amazing performance! So many details and emotions. I was completely overwhelmed (in a good way ☺️). In the last few months I try to limit my exposure to him since waiting for new album and new tour is too much. I thought I no longer adore him as a person, I thought now I only like his music. Now I know that's totally a delusion 🀣. For the parts where he was a little rusty, I think, to be fair, we are being too critical to MIKA. During this time period I watched the live performances of other singers, they use A LOT backup vocals, not only the human kind, but also the audio-playing kind, especially during the choruses or when they're dancing. MIKA did none of that, so it is perfectly reasonable that there're little flaws. And I don't think the audio is well collected. PS: I noticed how his curls was losing its volume, how it turns from fluffy to soggy. I thought he somehow found a way to grow more hair. Turns out that's a delusion too πŸ˜†. PPS: Who else cannot help but peeking at his abs 😁?
  11. Just heard the snippet of the song, it is sooo good!!! πŸ€— I can't believe I missed it before!!
  12. I lived in Tampa for a year, have so many friends who still live in there. Glad the storm went over the city in a very gentle way. Haha when you mentioned Publix it brings back so many memories! Thanks a million for rotating the video!
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