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  1. Hello everyone,

    It has been a while since I posted anything on here but my health in 2014 wasn't super. In 2015 it's even worse. I didn't get permission of my doctor to leave for Canada. I have to get an urgent operation on Friday and another one next month. Everything was arranged but I had to cancel my trip. :tears: (Thankfully there is something called annulation insurance!) Therefore I am offering my tickets for sale for the price I payed. These are the dates, seats and prices:

    10 February : Parterre C30 & Parterre C32 (99.16 CAD each)

    Corbeille A135 & Corbeille A137 (147.17 CAD each)

    11 February : Corbeille C102 & Corbeille C101 (135.10 CAD each)

    12 February : Corbeille A128 & Corbeille A30 (143.72 CAD each)


    If anyone is interested, please PM me! Thanks :huglove:



    Hi I'm sorry for your health. I am interested for 2 tickets on Feb 10.

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