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  1. Yes maybe I will try this treatment because I think acne scars will never disappear
  2. I agree sunscreen is primordial personally my skin is very sensitive, when I was 15 years old I had a lot of problems with acne and even today I still have the scars so I need to be careful and have a good routine to prevent it from happening again : sunscreen, sleep well, drink water, always remove makeup, and I moisturize my skin with jojoba oil Have skin problems is horrible when I was teenager I feel like I’m a monster and still today it’s hard for me to show my scares
  3. I’m very happy for you it’s amazing !! Congrats and enjoy !! 😍❤️
  4. Hi I sell a ticket cat.1 for 24th Sunday parterre place C4 if anyone is interested please send me a message
  5. That’s a difficult question ! But Tiny Love is my favorite song and on symphonic it would be awesome ! And others Toy Boy / Underwater / Happy Ending / Origin of Love / Over my Shoulder / Paloma / Promiseland / Dear Jealousy / Stardust / Lollipop I love this song on live since the concert for Beirut and why not Billy Brown ?
  6. Hello Giulio ! I’m Laurie and I live in France ! It’s nice to meet you !
  7. Hey Renaud ! Good to see you here !!
  8. I think he is in Europe and maybe writing on new songs (well... I hope ) or create some funny dances for the next concerts ! I can imagine him doing that ahah !

    Custom Happy Birthday Cupcake | James & The Giant Cupcake

    1. Laurya


      Thank you !! :wub2:

    2. Prisca


      Joyeux anniversaire Laurie. :yay:

    3. Laurya


      Merci beaucoup :hug:

  10. I’m here for share the pages for the gig at Geneva ! Hope you’ll like it ❤️
  11. I’m sorry I’m late about my artbook but here the pages for Saint-Etienne ! I hope you’ll like it, I I will try to share with you others pages for Geneva and Zurich soon ❤️
  12. It’s very sad to learn that and yes I think we must respect his discretion. But I admire his courage and today my thoughts are for him and his family ❤️
  13. Hey this my pages for the gig at Aix-en-Provence ! Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think of my work, I would like to know what you think ❤️ And if you have any messages or anecdotes about the tour or any messages for Mika don’t hesitate to DM me, I’ll write everything in my artbook 😊
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