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  1. I’m happy and proud for him ! It’s a new challenge
  2. Myriam je ne t’ai jamais dit d’insister autant pour qu’il te remarque. Juste que tu peux faire des posts ou des tweets de temps en temps si ça te fait plaisir, mais ne te fais jamais d’espoir qu’il réponde car c’est très rare qu’il le fasse et je ne veux pas que tu sois déçue à chaque fois fait les choses surtout pour toi et n’attend rien en retour Myriam I never told you to insist so much that he notice you. Just sometimes you can make posts or tweets if that makes you happy, but never hope that he will answer because it’s very rare that he does and I don't want you be disappointed every time Do things especially for you and expect nothing in returns
  3. I’ve sent the payment for me and one of my friend, hope all is OK 🥰
  4. I share my videos and photos during the gig ! It was really amazing and Mika was so happy to return on stage, all the audience sang and danced with him ❤️ IMG_0591.MOV IMG_0593.MOV IMG_0594.MOV IMG_0592.MOV
  5. Sorry, I will send a private message to Myriam to explain her, it will be better 🙏🏻
  6. En fait dans sa story on ne peut pas répondre, les photos/vidéos ne durent que 24h 😉 Par contre tu peux laisser un commentaire sous ses posts. Si tu as besoin d’aide, envoie moi plutôt un message et je pourrais mieux t’aider si tu veux !
  7. Pas tous les commentaires sous ses posts mais je pense qu’il en lit quelques-uns ! Ça arrive parfois qu’il aime les commentaires des fans mais ça reste assez rare !
  8. Green like the color of my jealousy about his nails I just want the same 😆
  9. Coucou Myriam ! Bienvenue sur le MFC, j’espère que tu te plaira avec nous. Je m’appelle Laurie et si tu as des questions, hésite pas on essayera de t’aider au mieux ! Ça fait toujours plaisir de voir de nouveaux fans 🙏🏻
  10. Yes maybe I will try this treatment because I think acne scars will never disappear
  11. I agree sunscreen is primordial personally my skin is very sensitive, when I was 15 years old I had a lot of problems with acne and even today I still have the scars so I need to be careful and have a good routine to prevent it from happening again : sunscreen, sleep well, drink water, always remove makeup, and I moisturize my skin with jojoba oil Have skin problems is horrible when I was teenager I feel like I’m a monster and still today it’s hard for me to show my scares
  12. I’m very happy for you it’s amazing !! Congrats and enjoy !! 😍❤️
  13. Hi I sell a ticket cat.1 for 24th Sunday parterre place C4 if anyone is interested please send me a message
  14. That’s a difficult question ! But Tiny Love is my favorite song and on symphonic it would be awesome ! And others Toy Boy / Underwater / Happy Ending / Origin of Love / Over my Shoulder / Paloma / Promiseland / Dear Jealousy / Stardust / Lollipop I love this song on live since the concert for Beirut and why not Billy Brown ?
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