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  1. I totally forgot to post the pages for the concert at Madrid ! I'm trying to improve my drawings and I hope you like it ❤️ If you attended the concert, don’t hesitate to tell us
  2. Tu sais déjà ce que je pense de tes écrits... ❤️
  3. Thank You ! ❤️ You can send us your message when you want
  4. Totalement d’accord ! Ça a été mon coup de cœur et je trouve cette interprétation magnifique
  5. And for all people who haven’t attented any gigs of the Revelation Tour, we will make a special page at the end for the show I ❤️ Beirut so everybody can participate
  6. Thanks ! Of course I will share with you my artbook at the end you can also participate and make a little text about what do you think of the Revelation Tour or a message for Mika if you want ❤️
  7. Thank you ! even if you haven’t attented you can participate and make a little text about what do you think to the Revelation Tour or a message for Mika if you want ❤️
  8. And can’t wait to see your texts for OUR project ❤️
  9. C’est parfait et les photos sont magnifiques merci beaucoup !! ❤️
  10. Hello everyone ! This is a thread to have some reviews of you ! Can you give me your feelings about the gigs you went and you can share some memories, anectodes and strong moments for you. It’s for my artbook about the Revelation Tour, I plan to give it to Mika some day (I had already gave him an artbook one year ago and this is why I want to make another one to point out the biggest moments of the tour ) This is why I need your help to remind me of all the highlights of the tour ! And of course I will put your names on my artbook (and if you want drawing a little portr
  11. I don’t know what to say... all is here and yes, it was unreal for us to be there. It’s just like a beautiful dream ! The show was magic and very touching... I can say that Mika was so happy to be on stage with an audience and I think this gig is a good sign for 2021 ! ❤️
  12. Nathalie bienvenue à toi ! Ça fait plaisir de te voir ici ! ❤️
  13. Happy Birthday :happybday:

    1. Laurya


      Thank you !! 😍

  14. Bienvenue à toi ! 😊 je vais aussi à la foire aux vins ! En espérant évidemment que ce sera maintenu, je croise les doigts !
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