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  1. I think he is in Europe and maybe writing on new songs (well... I hope ) or create some funny dances for the next concerts ! I can imagine him doing that ahah !
  2. I’m here for share the pages for the gig at Geneva ! Hope you’ll like it ❤️
  3. I’m sorry I’m late about my artbook but here the pages for Saint-Etienne ! I hope you’ll like it, I I will try to share with you others pages for Geneva and Zurich soon ❤️
  4. It’s very sad to learn that and yes I think we must respect his discretion. But I admire his courage and today my thoughts are for him and his family ❤️
  5. Hey this my pages for the gig at Aix-en-Provence ! Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think of my work, I would like to know what you think ❤️ And if you have any messages or anecdotes about the tour or any messages for Mika don’t hesitate to DM me, I’ll write everything in my artbook 😊
  6. Hello ! Just want to share here new pages from my artbook for the date of Toulouse ! Hope you’ll like it ❤️ If you have any anecdotes for this gig, you can send me a message !
  7. I totally forgot to post the pages for the concert at Madrid ! I'm trying to improve my drawings and I hope you like it ❤️ If you attended the concert, don’t hesitate to tell us
  8. Tu sais déjà ce que je pense de tes écrits... ❤️
  9. Thank You ! ❤️ You can send us your message when you want
  10. Totalement d’accord ! Ça a été mon coup de cœur et je trouve cette interprétation magnifique
  11. And for all people who haven’t attented any gigs of the Revelation Tour, we will make a special page at the end for the show I ❤️ Beirut so everybody can participate
  12. Thanks ! Of course I will share with you my artbook at the end you can also participate and make a little text about what do you think of the Revelation Tour or a message for Mika if you want ❤️
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