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  1. Sorry for the VERY late answer But this is a good idea Let's all do a maximum of red hearts that we will give to the audience before the show, I don't know if we're gonna make it, we don't have much time left ! But everyone who see this and come tomorrow please make as much red heart as you can ( drawing on a papers or printing from the internet ) but make them big enough so that Mika can see them Hope we're gonna make it Pass the message on twitter/instagram/facebook so that more people can help us !
  2. fxck cool and those who were !

  3. OMG so happy I won 2 tickets for this !*__* Hope y'all will win too! It's surely gonna be an incredible moment!
  4. Hello everyone, I live near Geneva so I'm going to this gig too ! I would be so happy to meet y'all !! And I was thinking about making some projects for the show ? I know it's in like two months but time goes fast Let me know if you wanna prepare something or not, if yes, do you already have some ideas ? I'd really like Mika to be happy of this gig so that he'll want to come back soon Let me know!
  5. Hii I'm searching 2 tickets for Paris ( 17 October ) OR London ( 18 October ) , if you can help me you can contact me on twitter : @laraaral1301 or mail : aral1301@hotmail.fr Thank you so much !
  6. And do you know if we can buy some "VIP" tickets to meet Mika after the show ?
  7. I'm going there too & omg I can't wait to finally meet y'all & see Mika again *__* ! At what time will you arrive at the concert ?? ( sorry for my english :/ )
  8. Thank you so much it works now!!:)
  9. This can sounds stupid but I absolutely can't change my profile picture !! It doesnt work either on my phone than on my laptop :/
  10. Can't wait to see Mika there for the first time !! I wanna give him a gift but I dont know what Does anyone have an idea ?:/
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