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  1. Can we take a moment just to say how much Mitch is an incredible musician 😍😍 I mean, look at his face, he's in symbiosis with Mika, really listening to what he does and adapting his music so fast ! Really talented guy
  3. On ne l'a pas vu, on suppose qu'il y avait une entrée souterraine spéciale où il a dû filer Mais par contre avec Isa, on a croisé en revenant vers le parking de la voiture Mitch le pianiste qui faisait du vélo en traînant sa valise.. what ? haha) et 30 sec après Max et Tim qui sortaient ça caillait sévère en tout cas ^^
  4. Is it possible to dowlnoad it somewhere else ?I can't find the way to subscribe, after a few trials, I never received the code on my phone
  5. Non j'y vais en voiture, je comptais faire l'aller-retour sur la journée en voiture, c'est "que" 1h50 de chez moi (et parce que je peux pas prendre bcp congé ^^) Je ferai peut-être du co-voit avec qqn qui habite pas très loin de Bxl, mais c'est pas encore certain.
  6. Hey you Where are you from ? I was also there in Lille and I'm going to Utrecht for the first one the 10th Je suis francophone sur Bxl si jamais ...
  7. During this tour, he went juste 1 or 2 times outside te meet his fans. 98% of the time, he just pass with his car, sometimes he gets out just to wave goodbye it's not like it used to be.
  8. I wasn't supposed to ... but I'm going héhéhéhé. are there any seats ? I don't think so, It was just standing tickets or special tickets if you are handicaped and you're in a wheelchair.