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  1. This is frustrating when you know that Mika is a couple of Km away from you, in the same city, but you have to work all day and you can't meet him there 😂
  2. Coming to this one too who's gonna be there ?
  3. You'll see Mellody, Belgian people are very warm and welcome haha Yay Ingrid ! \o/ Happy to see you there
  4. Hello everyone ! Who's coming ? Is someone interested to share a room ? I was thinking to the Ibis style next to the venue. I'm from Belgium and I speak French
  5. Yes Yes Yes !! Who's coming ? =D So excited to see him again !!
  6. yup me too, i'm too excited, it's been too long
  7. It was good to see him again on stage ! The waiting is sooooo long now ! (Especially in Belgium where there were no festivals at all with him for like ... 2-3 years haha !) Quick Quick the new album please :D
  8. I'll not be able to be there finally ... :'( We have to move our flight because of the strikes ... 2 days earlier I'm very sad, that was not the plan and I miss something else important .... So to everyone who'll be there, enjoy and say hello to Mika for me <3
  9. ...... Je dis ça je dis rien !! Chers fans de Mika et amis de Swatch, Pour des raisons d’organisation, les places pour la session de signature de Mika au Swatch store de Bruxelles seront limitées. Nous accepterons uniquement les 100 premières personnes. ATTENTION : Premier arrivé, premier servi ! Merci pour votre compréhension. Swatch Belgique *** Beste fans van Mika en vrienden van Swatch, Vanwege organisatorische redenen, zijn de plaatsten voor de signeersessie van Mika in de Swatch Store Brussel beperkt. Wij zullen enkel de eerste 100 mensen aanvaarden. LET OP: First in, first out! Dank u voor uw begrip. Swatch België
  10. i just checked the flights from Belgium ... 170 euros is te cheapest oO Wtf ... Good to know now so I can spare money and attack a bank ...
  11. The songs are soooo powerful like that !! I really regret I wasn't there and I hope that he'll do other shows closer from belgium... We can see how proud he is to present this to the world As a classic musician, I really loooove it, I feel so much emotions when I listen to it
  12. For now, everything seems to be normal with the Izy trains. No perturbation on their website and on facebook they say that today is like a normal day. I hope it'll be the same for tomorrow ...