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  1. Hello, I don't write here a lot, even if I always read this forum. Sorry in advance for the mistakes and the long post, but tonight I'm a little tired and I don't usually write in English, I mostly read... I am not an expert on this subject, but recently I have read some articles and forums on the music industry, partly out of curiosity, partly because Mika was talking a little about it in some interviews and I think that it could be useful to remember some things. I think that a career today is more complex than just album sales: sure they are good, but in many cases physical sales, streami
  2. I love this song so much, that I can't stop listening to it! It gives me a feeling of warmth and happiness, an emotion similar to when I listened for the first time to Origin of Love or Good Guys, that are some of my favorite songs. I'm a little "obsessed" with his last two albums and Sinfonia Pop and now I can't wait for the next one!
  3. Yes, I think the same! Many people are reading the messages both on twitter and on instagram (there are lots now with both hashtags). And others will discover more about Gregory when there will be subtitles. He probably corrected the little mistake with tenses without thinking (because there was one, I guess? I make mistakes with foreign languages too).
  4. Don't worry! Someone collected all the tweets until last night and created a little book. They will give it to Mika after the recording of the show tonight. And I'm sure they'll mention that people are still writing with this hashtag!
  5. Thank you! You know the rules of Wikipedia and the language much better than me! I only tried to correct the mistakes, but it's a "world" I don't know much about. And the editor I talked with made it very clear that he wasn't interested in the matter. The part of the BBC is taken from the BBC page (I found it here on MFC): it was just a draft and I used it only to give the information, but the editor said he wasn't the right person to do this work (that I can understand: everyone has different interests). But some weeks ago I was reading other more well-known artist pages and I saw that they h
  6. Hello! Unfortunately, it's not only the Italian page that's not updated, but the English, French and Spanish ones too, for example. Wikipedia is not always the most reliable source, but lots of people read it for informations. Some weeks ago I tried to correct some mistakes on Mika's English Wikipedia page, but - as I'm Italian and I have never worked on Wikipedia - I wrote the last two post (9th October) in this talk page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Mika_(singer) asking for help. Nobody answered, so I tried to ask on the online help chat of Wikipedia... It didn't go so well... After 2
  7. I think that the informations in this article come from Mika's website, in the Biography section http://www.mikasounds.com/biography (the updates are only in the News and Music sections of the site, that the person who wrote the article should have read anyway...) or from the page of his management: http://machinemanagement.co.uk/project/mika. Apart from the 4th album evident mistake, I was trying to find something more recent on the web about worldwide figures, but I couldn't find anything from an official source (perhaps they will update everything with the new album?). About the fig
  8. It's a pleasure! It's me really that should thank you! Because I've read a lot of your translations of old interviews too! I can understand some French, but there are always some words and phrases that are not completely clear (but after two years of watching The Voice I'm getting better!).
  9. Yes, not a very mature reaction... Sometimes I want to reply too, and then I stop myself, because really, with some persons, it's not worth it...
  10. Yes, it was. The funny thing is that this article is from a blogger that a lot of times says not really nice things about Mika (and without a real reason too...). But in this case the ratings were good, so he could only report them...
  11. Just wanted to say that, yes, it seemed short to us (because we are all waiting for Casa Mika 2!), but it really wasn't! The part with Mika lasted 15 minutes and it was in the opening of a show on the 1st channel, so I think it made a lot of publicity for his show and to an audience that probably, for the most part, is not his usual one. Lots of older people watch it too, ones that probably don't use socials frequently. Fiorella was really nice: she made Mika lots of compliments and she mentioned the Rose d'Or award too. And I think that the songs were perfect for the audience. The first one
  12. It was the journalist that talked about his past articles for Corriere and asked him to write for them again. She said they talked about a theme too. Mika then remembered that they met one day in a restaurant near the journalist's office while he was eating "cotoletta alla milanese" and they talked about how half of Mika's family is now vegan. And she thought it would be an interesting theme for an article. Mika talked about writing in general, but if I remember correctly, he didn't specify exactly what, apart from the phrases I translated before (about new songs) and his show, which he s
  13. Hello! I wasn't there, but I watched the video on Facebook and maybe, while you are waiting for subtitles of the whole interview, you are interested in the part about writing songs for the new album. This is what he said (I hope that there are not too many mistakes! This is a really literal translation....). "There is a culture that is changing in music. I got back to the piano (to write songs), because I don't always write: I write for a period, then stop, then begin again. I always did like that, from the beginning. And what is happening now is that I'm rejecting a little the "f
  14. Thank you very much for the warm welcome! And yes, I know that! I have been here for a few months without posting, since I discovered Mika's music, and I noticed how kind you all are. Also, here, I could find out many things I didn't know about him in the past years. Thank you again and I hope we'll live many happy moments in the future with our favorite artist.

    1. KiwiMikaFreak


      Welcome :) I totally agree with what you said on the Adelphi thread, you were very well spoken

  15. Just wanted to say "Welcome to the MFC". We don't argue all the time, but it's just like any family, sometimes people get excited when they discuss things.

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