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  1. The Young Folks From the Record Crate: MIKA – “Life in Cartoon Motion” (2007) By Katie Gill on February 5, 2017 | @katiebeluga Singer-songwriter Mika released his debut album Life in Cartoon Motion on February 5, 2007. The album debuted at number one in the United Kingdom and sold over 7.8 million copies since it’s release. It’s downright amazing and a wonderful example of what a debut album should be. With Life in Cartoon Motion, Mika cemented his songwriting aesthetic, giving us an amazingly fun album in the process. The album shows the building blocks for what would be hallmarks of Mika’s career. He’s always been good at writing songs about celebrating the uniqueness of outcasts, inspirational pieces about dealing with the challenges of what make you you. Later songs like “Kick Ass (We Are Young)”, “Popular Song” and “We Are Golden” continue this trend, but it was lead single “Grace Kelly” that started it off. “Grace Kelly” takes full advantage of Mika’s range—the way he hits those high notes in the chorus on “violet sky” is downright beautiful. The message is universal: why don’t you like me and should I do something to change it? Mika deftly bounces between pop culture figures and colors to describe his shifting personality state, backed up by a peppy glam backing. There’s a beautiful moment near the end where Mika starts to sing the chorus, accompanied by just a piano, enjoying that quiet before the rest of the band pops in and the fun starts back up. It’s an amazing song and the perfect choice for a lead single. “Grace Kelly” hit number one on the UK Singles Chart and stayed there for a good five weeks. MIKA - Grace Kelly Life in Cartoon Motion is marked by it’s FUN. So many of the songs on this album are adorable and cheerful, drawing in schoolyard chants, positive messages, and high-energy pump you up musical stylings. One of the highlights off the album is the song “Big Girl, You Are Beautiful.” Ten years ago, the body positivity movement was certainly a thing, but not as pronounced and visible as it is in the mass media today. To not only feature a song about body positivity on a mid 2000s album but to make it one of the lead singles? The song is absolutely brimming with self-love as Mika tries to dispel the titular big girl’s image anxiety with cheerful positivity. Yes, the song does fall on some levels: this is a man trying to tell this woman that she’s beautiful and not a woman reclaiming that image herself (And on a petty note, some of us drink Diet Coke for the taste, thank you very much.) But I can overlook that, partly because of the time when the song was written, and partly because that final chorus, where the phrase “big girl you are beautiful” is repeated over and over again and the music swells up to a dance and handclaps beat is downright glorious. MIKA - Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) And yet, the album isn’t a complete bastion of cheer and uplifting positivity. There are moments where Mika gives us a more serious track. The most memorable one of these is “Happy Ending” (though “Any Other World” does take a strong stab at second place.) The song takes a minimalist approach, pairing Mika’s voice with a simple, repeated piano and chorus background and slow, sweeping strings in the background. The first half of the song lets Mika’s voice shine, as he wrenches as much emotion out of his voice as he possibly can to describe this heartbreak. “Happy Ending” builds and builds up, as choirs get layered on top of Mika’s vocals, the strings kick into high gear, the music swells, and the entire thing builds up to a giant crescendo of sound near the end…only to wonderfully deflate back into that a sole singer singing the song’s simple melody against a stark piano backdrop. MIKA - Happy Ending (Long Version) I admit, it’s pretty hard to give this album a proper retrospective as I discovered Mika when I was a weird chunky high school student who desperately needed something fun and bouncy in her life. All I want to do is take people by their metaphorical shoulders and yell “LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM” until they do. But seriously. Listen to this album. Life in Cartoon Motion is a bright bundle of cheerful pop fun, with occasional detours into something serious, but always perfect for bouncing around your room and singing into your hairbrush. Katie Gill is a pop culture writer who enjoys girl groups, C-list superheroes, and country ballads about being a hot mess. When she's not writing, she's exceedingly mediocre at a wide assortment of arts and crafts and spends way too much time talking about her dog.
  2. Replay: http://www.raiplay.it/video/2016/11/Stasera-Casa-Mika-a4c9df17-9eaa-42cc-9d12-81862d63a29b.html
  3. Hi, Manuella!! Welcome to the MFC. I've seen your drawings around on Twitter and I really looooove them!! Hopefully you could find a way to give your comic book to Mika at Baalbeck Festival. Good luck!! And enjoy your time here.
  4. Single link for iQiyi Live Streaming in HD (1080p) As MP4 (7.2 GB): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7eXUpoh6oHlc3dsSGRGWWc5a2s/view It took so much time to upload the video
  5. Amazon gave me the estimated date of arrival on July 1. Now I'm worried because I'm planning to go to my hometown at the end of June (Eid holidays). Although sometimes the package would arrive earlier than the promised date, but still...
  6. Baalbeck International Festival 2016 http://baalbeck.org.lb/programs/mika-3/#788 DATE Aug 04,2016 VENUE Steps of Bacchus Temple An International musical sensation, Mika is coming back to Baalbeck with a new joyful and colorful performance. Mika has sold over 10 million records and has Gold and Platinum awards in 32 countries worldwide. His debut album, “Life in Cartoon Motion”, went straight to #1 in UK and 11 other countries, his 2nd album “The Boy Who Knew Too Much” went up to the top 10 in 11 countries and his 3rd, “The Origin of Love”, released in 2012, saw fascinating collaborations with celebrated artists such as Pharrell Williams, Nick Littlemore and Ariana Grande. He is currently working on his 4th album “No place in Heaven”. Mika has spent the past couple of years conquering the hearts of audiences across Europe, appearing as a judge on the X Factor show in Italy, a coach at The Voice show in France and topping the charts in France with his new release “Boum Boum Boum”. Mika often refers that Lebanon is his mother’s country of origin, where the Lebanese audience, from all ages, applause him. Baalbeck Festival ‏@BaalbeckFest 55m55 minutes ago Here comes the sun! “VISIT THE SUN 2016” full program. Know more on http://www.baalbeck.org.lb
  7. Anouk Burel ‏@AnoukBurel 5m5 minutes ago Notre portrait de @mikasounds version longue 52 minutes samedi 16h @France2tv #envoyespecial Anouk Burel ‏@AnoukBurel 4m4 minutes ago Portrait de @mikasounds 52minutes au Liban, en Europe, aux US demain samedi 16h sur @France2tv
  8. All the links work now! Happy pre-ordering guys! I really can't wait to have mine.
  9. Found the links on Amazon UK but they're currently unavailable. Still no further information. Blu-ray http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01C4OVEKE DVD http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01C4OVCRE DVD+2CD http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01C4OVDUU
  10. Lovely girl. This is so sad. Does it mean he will do another photo/video shoot?
  11. Gala.fr Mika : « Un enfant, ce n’est pas fait pour être malade » LE CHAN­TEUR SE BAT POUR QUE DES PETITES MAURINE NE MEURENT PLUS Maurine est une des 500 enfants qui, chaque année, en France, sont victimes du cancer. Elle avait 11 ans. C’est le troi­sième bout-de-chou rencon­tré par Mika, au sein de Imagine for Margo, qui rejoint les anges… Et c'est une raison de plus, pour lui, de se battre aux côtés de l'asso­cia­tion. Dans une petite vidéo, elle disait qu’elle avait un cancer « là, là et là », en montrant plusieurs parties de son corps. Elle disait ça tout simple­ment, avec un calme insou­te­nable. Elle voulait être déco­ra­trice, mais disait « J’ai encore le temps… » Mais le temps lui a fait faux-bond. Samedi 2 avril, le cancer a été le plus fort. Encore une fois. Une fois de trop. Mika qui l'avait rencon­trée lors d’un week-end en Camargue, orga­nisé dans la propriété du photo­graphe Peter Lind­bergh, très actif au sein de l’as­so­cia­tion Imagine for Margo, a posté une photo prise avec elle. Il y a eu Juliette et Noé, âgés de 10 ans, et puis main­te­nant Mauri­ne… « Les enfants, c’est fait pour rêver, pour jouer et avoir un avenir, c’est pas fait pour avoir peur, pour être malade et vivre à l’hô­pi­tal », déclare-t-il dans le même clip vidéo où Maurine disait être une « petite guer­rière ». Depuis sa créa­tion en 2011, Imagine for Margo, créée par la maman de Margaux, décé­dée en 2010, a récolté 2,3 millions d’eu­ros qui sont allés à la recherche contre le cancer chez les enfants. Lais­sons parler les chiffres : 2500 enfants et ados sont diagnos­tiqués chaque année. 500 d’entre eux meurent. Et seule­ment 2% des fonds récol­tés contre le cancer sont alloués à la recherche pédia­trique. Dans quelques mois, Mika ira de nouveau passer du temps à jouer au cerf-volant, ou à bâtir des châteaux de sable avec ces « petits guer­riers » dont la matu­rité des propos fait mal. Et, plus que jamais, Imagine for Margo a besoin de nous. Pour verser des fonds : http://imagi­ne­for­margo.org/
  12. I think I am going to pre-order the Blu-ray because shipping cost from amazon.it is so expensive. I found this: http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=18796 In addition to the 109-minute concert, the Blu-ray set includes bonus interview footage with MIKA and Leclerc. So, no worries.
  13. And now I can't see them too. The links worked before. I Only Want To Be With You on BBCR2 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BBCR2/videos/1352552514756725/
  14. CLIPS on BBC Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes (Paul Simon cover) I Only Want To Be With You (Dusty Springfield cover) How Could You Babe (Tobias Jesso Jr. cover)
  15. I heard Talk About You was played on a tv program called Weekend List this morning.
  16. UNHCR Korea PDF: http://www.unhcr.or.kr/unhcr/files/pdf/2016Q1_spring_withyou.pdf
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