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  1. Sanremo 2017, saltato il bacio gay tra Conti e Mika Secondo un'indiscrezione lanciata da Chi, il conduttore si sarebbe rifiutato di baciare la popstar in risposta al colpo di scena della sera prima tra Maria De Filippi e Robbie Williams. Quello sì che sarebbe stato un colpo di scena. Secondo un'indiscrezione lanciata dal settimanale Chi, giovedì sera al Festival di Sanremo sarebbe dovuto scattare un bacio tra Carlo Conti e Mika. Idea di alcuni autori, che ha fatto storcere il naso al conduttore. Conti, infatti, non si è prestato alla gag, e a parte una pacca sulla spalla e tanti complimenti, non si è fatto sfuggire niente di più con la popstar libanese. L'unico bacio di questa edizione sul palco dell'Ariston, resta quindi quello tra Robbie Williams e Maria De Filippi, architettato proprio da Carlo Conti. "Un bacio a stampo", come aveva subito chiarito la regina di Mediaset, ma bello intenso. Basically it says that there was this idea according to which the conductor Carlo Conti could have kissed Mika during the show in response to the kiss that Robbie Williams gave to the other conductor Maria De Filippi the night before, but Carlo Conti didn't agree. It's just some gossip news
  2. I'm quite disappointed...the post death Moriarty game what was supposed to be? Just recording tick tock for Euros? Really? The whole point of the episode was just that Sherlock never played with her and her plane? So let's kill innocent people, brainwash the whole Sherriford staff, put all around a room child Sherlock photographs... and so many NON SENSE things... bah... I think that if they wanted really to usse Euros as the big mastermind behind everything that happened, first of all they shouldn't have it done just in one episode, then they shouId have explained better the reasons (because honestly, this one was soo risiculous) and avoid this kind of "horror" cliches... And... WHAT WAS THE POINT OF FLIRTING WITH JOHN?!?!?!
  3. I'm not sure whether it will become real, but I think that there's a good chance! I won't mind if Johnlock was real, but I hope that if it's true, that the writers will make it a very special moment and not a cheap one If it has to be done I want that everyone will accept it without doubts, maybe many references were too subtles for casual viewers and I don't want that they'll critizice the show
  4. I've discovered him recently thanks to Doctor Strange (i was already fangirling about that film even if i didn't know him properly). I was amazed by his performance so I decided to watch Sherlock and in that way I was Sherlocked The funny thing that I've already seen some episodes in the past but they didn't catch me. Anyway that episode was amazing and unexpected
  5. Are they afraid to show Good Wife? Anyway the setlist order was this: Le cheval Big Girl Talk About You Grace Kelly Rain Boum Boum Boum Les Baisers Perdu Good Guys Origin of Love Relax, take it easy Tant que j'ail le soleil Underwater Lollipop Stardust Happy Ending Elle me dit We are golden Last Party J'ai deux amours Love Today
  6. Vote Stasera Casa Mika as the best tv show of the year!
  7. I decided to wait until the end of the show to express my opinion... At first I was a bit disappointed, I expected something different, I didn't like some of the guest, but I recognized that there were many enjoyable parts. But the last episode had something special. I was so excited and happy after having seen it. Probably because there was an high emotional tension knowing that it was the last recording. I loved the monologue part with the orchestra and the last dance. During this show he showed all his abilties and qualities as a man and it was amazing. Even if at first i was disappointed, at the end all I can say is "it was nice, funny, and I want more" because I'm sure that if he does another season there will be big improvements. The day after I could just listen to Mika to overcome my sadness and nostalgia
  8. Is the video on Vk higher quality than the one on Vimeo? Because it says to me that i need to register
  9. Well... that's a point! But if they wanted to gain more new fans they should have broadcast the full potential of Meeks