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  1. lormare73

    Mika's Dog Thread ▽・w・▽

    Melachi is 9 (2010), Amira 4 (2015).
  2. lormare73

    Mika in France Inter Radio 14th of June 2019

    Yes, his grandma passed away in the last months I think. When he was at radio 2 in Italy some weeks ago he said that his grandma passed away recently but he didn't say when.
  3. lormare73

    MIKA as Judge at "The Voice" France - 2015

    You are right. They never used that kind of mics in x factor and he never wore that outfit in Italy. I'm sure the pic is about the Voice audition and somewhere I saw the original pic where there wasn't any sign of tears.
  4. lormare73

    MIKA as Judge at "The Voice" France - 2015

    If I remember well, the tears are fake. They were added afterwards. He never cried.
  5. Last year, in Milan, at the same event, he sang 3 songs.
  6. lormare73

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    Someone,on socials, wrote Jenifer's team because Louis Bertignac will sing as a guest and they say that he was present during Jenifer's team recording. We will see...
  7. https://www.raiplay.it/video/2016/11/Mika-con-Joan-Thiele-e-Michele-Bravi---Let-The-Sunshine-b850b827-4a41-467e-85e2-a6b739d59acf.html
  8. It seems to me he wore it during an episode of stasera casa mika season 1.
  9. lormare73

    2008 - Mika @ The Capital Radio Awards

    Thank you @Kumazzz for uploading this old material that wasn't available anymore!! I appreciate a lot!
  10. lormare73

    Mika scarf

  11. Thank you. I didn't know it.
  12. Yes, but He isn't actually the restaurant chef. He is the hotel manager.
  13. Yes, the reference to his name's roots made me think they were in Italy.
  14. Yes, it's him, but I think he is Mika's guest in Tuscany. The house is very very similar to Mika's casale.
  15. Someone asked what her reaction was when she knew that she would have acted with Mika. She replied that those were their faces after an hour of work on the set. Hers was the one in the picture for a month. Mika probably couldn't take it anymore: at some point he started talking half italian half spanish.