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  1. What are we gonna do on Mika’s birthday?
  2. What happened to mfc ?

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      It was upgraded earlier than it was supposed to be and now it's a bit like a mix of twitter as you follow and have followers, and facebook as you get live notifications and you can tag people. 

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      You can get help here if you have some problems with the upgrade http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/32953-help-with-the-new-software/

  3. I'm Giulia and I'm Italian this is the first time I have written on this topic... I Translated an interview that Mka did last January interview for ”acqua e sapone“ ✨ 26 January 2017 Mika, the records showman. Civil rights defender, Mika uses music as a vehicle for messages of joy and hope. (Interview by Giulia Imperiale) Intro: I remember our first meeting: he had been selected as a judge for "X Factor." He had eyes full of astonishment and also some fear. But he never lowered them. He tormented his hands, and he shook on the armchair, nothing more. In the past, he had received so many doors in the face, refusals and derision, but he paid off bullying and discrimination with poetry in his notes: the pain has become a melody, transforming and recovering him. In this process, he helped many guys to find a voice, to look at themselves in the mirror without hate or shame. Q: pain has not made you lose the trust in others, how do you do? M: it would be easy to fall in the cynicism, almost victim of an emotional response. But I didn't, I came back to Beirut (his hometown) regardless the attacks (40 people died, and 200 were wounded in 2013 in a kamikaze attack. On November 12, 2015, 40 people were killed; on June 2016 another attack provoked new wounded people) to communicate a strong message, to bring hope and desire to reconstruct what we had lost. Q: the attacks in the world are multiplying and our fear with them. What do you think about it? M: I'll give you an example: after the attack (Nizza, 14 July 2016) I noticed that the concerts in the French Riviera were armoured and this obviously hurt me. You see it anywhere, beginning from the airports, this attitude of alert and you absorb it: however, then you discover surprising realities like Giffoni Film Festival (Festival of cinema for young people in the province of Salerno) that allows you to rediscover the pure joy of being in the world. Here children walk the roads, freely, without barriers or police, with that innocence that at times we forget, without fear. They have taught me a great lesson: young people always find the way to build a better world together. Q: you will return soon on Rai 2 with ”Stasera Casa Mika'' what do you expect from the show? M: I have not conceived it as a mirror on myself for two hours, but as an evening among friends, with so many guests and an unbelievable orchestra. In this situation, we can speak about the world in an eclectic way, through little-known artists in Italy and this offers a different perspective and a useful comparison. Q: Tell me the truth, do you feel at home in Italy? M: Three years ago I didn't know Italian, and now I can speak it. Poorly, indeed, but not too badly. After "X-Factor" I wondered: "what do I know about this Country?". And then the idea of discovering Italy better was born with a project that resembled me, "Stasera Casa Mika". Q: do you put in music everything that you hold dear? M: all that I don't know or I don't understand ends up in my songs. That's why the best love songs arrive when you are not in love. Imagination opens up thousands of possibilities and the desire to have something that you miss becomes poetry.” Q: And if people didn't like some lyrics? M: Instead of worrying and asking you why you should go out and try. You know to be old when you try to seem young. The strive to be different doesn't pay, but it makes your energy and that fire that you have inside come out. Indeed, it takes irresponsibility, but the creative process is this. Never keep silent the ”enfant terrible“ that is you." Q: How are those moments of inspiration born? M: The process is intimate and unexpected, sometimes you are in your bedroom, and you hold the toothpaste and emotions or feelings come back, so you feel the urgency to put them black on white and above all to share them. Obviously, there is the terror that they are not understood, but I have learned that fear must be called by name and must be overcome.” Q: do you still recognise yourself in your first songs? M: singing "Lollipop" today, after ten years and at 33 years old can seem naive, but I have understood that in my process of development I always have to keep in mind my roots and at the same time to prepare for the next challenge. Q: what do you think of "Grace Kelly " your first record published in 2007? M: Do you know what it is the beautiful aspect of being an artist? To be able to change continually, also together with your public. This is what all we do, also with social networks. Q: what do you mean? M: We always show a version of us modified to the desperate search for perfection. This process is painful because it denaturalizes you. We are too busy to show a particular aspect of us, I have done it too, but now I have stopped. Q: The real Grace Kelly that has inspired you what represented for you? M: The fable: it was not only an icon but a girl that has become an actress and then a princess. The concept of "icon" is how you present yourself to the world. It can be liberatory to make others see you as you are, without fear of being wrong: it gives your freedom. At the time of Grace Kelly, stars couldn't show who they indeed were and this produced sadness. Q: what is the greatest teaching of your mother? M: She has always been a very strong woman, one of those women that knew how to shake you in all the senses, but she has taught me the respect for the others and this job. Thanks to her I have understood that the private matters must be away from the reflectors. Q: you have often spoken about bullying in the first person: why? M: Be yourself is an investment in the future; it is dangerous to pretend to be someone different. You must understand what your destination is. I focus a lot on this message in my job, for this, I have participated in the soundtrack of "Un Bacio" where a straight boy kills his gay friend at school. And they are both guilty because nobody speaks and a tragedy seems the only way to destroy the walls. But I know from my experience that it is not so. Bye bye to everyone
  4. how did i make a new topic?

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      What you want to write about? If you need any help just ask me!! :)

  5. I looooove this article!!❣ one of the best I ever read
  6. thank you very much!! i loved these interviews!
  7. certamente!! mi farebbe molto piacere
  8. i've seen your drawing and i love them!!! welcome to mfc
  9. nice to meet you too julie, my name is giulia and I'm italian
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