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  1. The last CD I've received (it's a gift from my parents for Christmas) is Mika Songbook Vol. 1 Now NPIH standard edition is coming, too
  2. Aivlisaki

    Hi :)

    Hi Sara! Welcome I'm from Italy too! Hope you'll enjoy here!
  3. Welcome Laura!! Wow you went to Como! How lucky!
  4. Hi Antonella! I'm Silvia from Padova Welcome here! Great presentation
  5. Welcome Stefania! I'm Silvia from Padova For Mika's show: for example I'll sell my tickets for Perugia because I'm going to go to Piazzola sul Brenta on July 12th, so if you want I think you can do the same
  6. Piazzola sul Brenta, 12/07/2016 wait me ★

  7. I've bought the golden tickets with a friend of mine Will be someone near me? It's a dream! I live in province of Padova, less than 1 hour from Piazzola
  8. Maybe I'll sell 2 tickets (Platea I - Settore A, Fila D), because I bought the tickets for Piazzola! I'll give you news soon if you want
  9. Perugia, 10/07/2016 wait me ★

  10. "A sector".. I'm so happy that I want to cry I have never seen a concert in my life. This will be the first time
  11. Aivlisaki


    First of all: thank you everyone Oh, thank you very much! I'll absolutely join at the Italian Thread Well, I discovered Mika when I was 11.. I saw his "Happy ending" official video and at the beginning I didn't appreciate it, but time by time I fall in love with his music and songs Then I think he has a wonderful personality! (And he is also so handsome!!) PS: Sorry for my English
  12. Aivlisaki


    Hello everyone My name is Silvia, 19 years old, I'm from Padua in Italy! Nice to meet you