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    Troye Sivan

    Very likely!
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    Troye Sivan

    @giraffeandy here it is! He talks about Good Guys, the radio and the record company from minute 2:30 I also remember something else about this radio-record company thing, but I wouldn't know where to look for it. Approximately, he wanted to release Good Guys as a single and his record company told him something like "the radio won't play it", but he didn't care and went ahead with his idea.
  3. sara09

    Troye Sivan

    I kinda discovered Troye thanks to the Bloom video, which I found very bold. Even tho I knew him because of his YouTube channel, I had never really watched anything, so after that I got curious and decided to check out his music - I have to say I really like it. I agree with you about his lyrics and videos being quite explicit, which is good, that's what the world needs. And I also agree with what he's saying, maybe that same world that needs that kind of content isn't fully ready for it... yet. Maybe what it takes is little steps, it's raising awareness through what we have, and music is honestly one of the means which can have a bigger impact on people, so he's actually doing a great job. So is Mika. If I do remember well, there's an interview about Good Guys where he said something interesting related to this. Let me check!
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    MIKA in French Press - 2019

    Don't worry Eriko, thank you! I thought the video was made like that purposefully, since it has subtitles
  5. sara09

    MIKA in French Press - 2019

    I can't hear the sound, is it how the video was shared?
  6. Good find I would never have noticed that without your reverse pic, @Loo
  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, as you know I was looking forward to reading this! NPIH is my favorite album, it's very intimate and it sounds like he's talking about himself and his feelings in a more free and peaceful way. This is hands down the album that touches me the most on a personal level, but of course it depends on how some songs feel close to who you are and what you've experienced. That's also why it's difficult for me to choose, but Good Wife and Good Guys are both in the first position, practically followed by all the rest
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    I cant open the files

    Don't know which link you're trying to open, but if it's one of the files @endless_eight and @Boucarilla worked on, maybe there's a chance they can help you!
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    I am! So thrilled about this new season after the way they left us with season 3 I read somewhere that it's supposed to air on April, but there's nothing official about the month. Many articles agree about its release during spring tho
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    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    I think the official promo is the one we got a few weeks ago! The structure is the same, but no theme this year 🤔
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    Favorite song from each album?

    Let's say it's impossible to make a bad list when it comes to Mika's songs
  12. sara09

    Favorite song from each album?

    Like the others said, in some moments I may listen more to certain songs than others, so it changes, but I tried to make a list of songs that tend to always be there. Consider that I have more favorites for each album, but here's my "can't live without" list LICM: Billy Brown TBWKTM: We Are Golden SFS: Toy Boy TOOL: Origin Of Love / Underwater NPIH: Good Guys / Good Wife
  13. Me too! One of the “making of” videos on the Rai website shows the guys recording OOL. Hope they will sing it all together with Mika
  14. No, you’re right! The episode with Mika will air next Monday
  15. I just saw the promo for next week's episodes, Mika was there
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    Hello there MFC-ers!

    Welcome Eliza! I'm Sara, nice to meet you enjoy the MFC
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    GraefinvonKrolock says HI

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    Hello Gabrielle! You surely are welcome to the MFC!
  19. I have this one: don't know if it works outside of Italy tho! Let me know
  20. Hello, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara, nice to meet you
  21. Happy birthday! Hope you spent a lovely day :D 



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      Oh!  nearly missed this - Happy Birthday



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      OH - so beautiful !! :clap:Thank you soo much Silver  and Sara!! :hug:


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  22. Thank you I was about to post the link! For the ones who may not know, he's the press office manager of Maggio Musicale in Florence
  23. After hearing the little preview yesterday I felt very intrigued, but I also felt a big amount of happiness because of the mix of lyrics and melody and above all, Mika's voice, with the use of those ups and downs I really loved. My feeling was confirmed when I listened to the full version. I wasn't sure what to expect from the song when it was announced and it was a really nice surprise. The melody is very sweet and uplifting, it warms up my heart. It's quite clear it won't be part of the album, but I feel so excited and curious about what's in store for us with the new songs he has to share!