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  1. A few months of practice will help, yes! Hopefully by then I'll be able to sing all the things he's jealous of in the right order
  2. Ahah, that's for sure a very efficient strategy!
  3. I didn't think about promo, that's probably it! Apparently there's a chance we're getting the song this Friday. On Apple Music the length of the track is visible, which only happened to the other singles when they were about to be released. We'll see!
  4. Same the feeling reminds me of when I was trying to learn "Good Gone Girl", so fast!
  5. Hello Martyna, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara, nice to meet you Here's a thread which could be helpful to start exploring around: I also leave you the thread of the gig in Brussels, so you can RSVP and see who's going: I'm sure you'll find someone to share this experience with! Enjoy this place
  6. It's a quite confusing choice of words, I was wondering the same! What you said Anna could be the most realistic interpretation, thanks for explaining
  7. 1. Tiny Love 2. Dear Jealousy 3. Sanremo 4. Ice Cream Both Tomorrow and Blue will have their place above Sanremo, but like you said I'll need the studio version to understand my feelings better
  8. Last year, Mika shared a recommendation on Twitter, for a stand-up on Netflix. I watched it and a part of it was so inspiring to me that I made it a section of my degree thesis. Because of that, it really stuck with me and in November, when we heard the first snippet of Blue, I immediately thought that he could have taken inspiration from that as well. So, after reading this part of the lyrics "Red like the flame that burns in you but the hottest part of it is blue" my feeling (and happiness!) grew stronger and I went back to the thread of the Vanity Fair event to find what I wrote about it. I really wanted to share it here with you all, now that Blue is officially on the album and is touching me so much:
  9. Hope we'll be able to solve this mystery with the album's booklet
  10. Another live performance of Dear Jealousy for CherieFM
  11. Thank you so, so much to every fan who shared their experience! When I saw all these videos and pics this morning I really felt like I was there, happy, emotional and pretty much overwhelmed - I think I won't ever forget this day. Can't wait to see what the Tiny Tour will bring in the next days
  12. At this point: I don't need to be the richest guy [?] is enough I hear "I don't need to be the richest, I know enough is enough", without the word guy
  13. Hello Ace! Welcome to the MFC
  14. We use this expression in Italian, don't know if there's a similar one in French. It means having a lot of success when on stage, doing a performance very well. For example, if a concert has a big response from the public, we say that the artist "ate the stage", provoked a huge/positive reaction. So in this case, he would have a big success, if he found the right show to perform in. Could it be what he meant?
  15. Also, do you remember the story he posted some months ago with a mimosa and the sentence "take me to the place with the yellow flowers"? Turns out it was a hint I was hoping so much for it to be new lyrics, it sounds so poetic!
  16. At first I didn't know what to think, but the more I listen to it, the more I get to understand it. It's, in my case, one of those songs that need time, to get the intention behind it, process it. After this third single, it seems to me that the fil rouge of this album is the imagery. They're so different, yet each one of them allows you to see a clear picture of what he's narrating, it's all extremely evocative. Just like he said, a proper journey through songs. Can't wait to discover the rest of it!
  17. @RobertaVatieri Ciao Roberta! Benvenuta su MFC Se ti va, puoi scrivere questa introduzione in una pagina tutta tua qui:, premendo su "Start new topic" Come ha detto Silver, nel Forum possiamo parlare solo inglese, in questo modo tutti possono capirti e darti il benvenuto; ma puoi usare l'italiano in tranquillità nella pagina dedicata, che ti lascio di nuovo qui sotto: Per qualunque necessità, non esitare a mandarmi un messaggio! Ci vediamo in giro
  18. It also means new music video soon! He got me so curious about the direction they will take, after Tiny Love
  19. At this point of the week, with no announcement, I wasn't expecting it before next Friday at all! What a wonderful surprise!
  20. I did the math, but I'm not sure I got it right Is the show going live at 6:35AM (CET) on September 12?
  21. Hello Hannah, I'm Sara! Nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC If you'd like to practice Italian, you're very welcome in my private messages
  22. It looks so pretty! Thank you very much
  23. I've translated a part of an interview the other day, where he was saying that! The arrondissement is the 16th and apparently their street number there was 5. Maybe it's referred to another house? That'd be interesting!
  24. Hello Joey, I'm Sara! Welcome to the MFC Are you going to attend any gigs of the Tiny Tour next month? Here’s a list of all the info you’ll need to start exploring the MFC! Enjoy