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  1. 5 hours ago, mellody said:

    Maybe he's addicted to chainsaws - they hurt him, right? :lmao:


    4 hours ago, kreacher said:


    i think you're right! :lmao: He's a "slave to the rhythm" of that sweet chainsaw motor 


    You just won best comment of the year on the MFC! That line won't be the same ever again :lmfao:

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  2. 10 hours ago, RicksBlueEyedGirl said:

    I love my family and all seven of my cats. Yes my house gets a bit crazy sometimes. 


    A cat lover! Welcome to the MFC, Lucy! I'm Sara (a cat lover, too!) :teehee:

    Here's a thread you might like: 

    And another one, which can be helpful:



    I'm curious to know more! How did you discover Mika exactly? ^_^

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  3. I found the IG Stories! (credits to: wanna_talk_about_you_ on Instagram)





    "I Went To Hell Last Night talks about a person I know very well, who has addiction problems. One day, there was a relapse. I was there and I had to stay there for some days. As you probably know, when there's a serious relapse, you go to hell and you see hell. You see someone you love, or you know very well, and then they become devilish. You must not get angry, stay there long enough to get out of this situation. In the moment you're living this, the only thing that could give you the smallest chance to stay is this idea that even in the dark, in this devilish moment, there's still a molecule, a fragment of God, which is in me and it's also in the other person, that gives you the impression that it's worth it if you keep going to get out of the situation."


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  4. In the press conference in Milan he said that it's about the addiction of a friend of his, who had a relapse. He wrote this song to explain the pain and the darkness of this situation, both for the person and for those around them, writing that God is in everything to stress out the fact that we still can find light in the hardest things. With this story in mind, "is that why you let the devil in?" makes total sense. Unfortunately I'm not quoting him, I can't find the stories anywhere, but it's more or less what he meant. I'm gonna try to look for them tomorrow, so at least I can give you a proper translation!  


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  5. Thank you for sharing your story, Saida! Nice to meet you and welcome back, I'm Sara :bye:

    I really hope you and your mum will be able to see him together soon :wub2: for now, have a wonderful time in Barcelona! 


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  6. Ciao Anna, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara :D

    Oh, your first gig! It's gonna be magical :wub2: what do you think about the singles so far?


    I leave you a few helpful threads! If you have any questions, we're here ^_^ enjoy your stay! 







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  7. 21 minutes ago, mellody said:


    Yes, that, and BIOTG as well. :aah:

    Anyway I've probably been listening to DJ at least 50 times since it was released, and meanwhile I don't feel that lost anymore if I try to sing the fast chorus. :lol3: Although I still often forget the "like it or not", but it's all a question of practise... At least we still have some time until the gigs (although lots more songs to learn until then, too! :aah: ).


    A few months of practice will help, yes! Hopefully by then I'll be able to sing all the things he's jealous of in the right order :teehee:

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  8. 18 minutes ago, Mikasister said:

    Yeeesss Sara, exactly my thoughts. :hi5: 


    What I did with  TBWKTM was listening  the songs and  wrote all the lyrics in a notebook and while I listened to the songs I sang it reading the lyrics and in the end I managed to learn and sing it as fast as Mika but now I'm busy and to lazy to do the same. :sweatdrop:


    Ahah, that's for sure a very efficient strategy!

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  9. 10 minutes ago, mellody said:

    My interpretation would be that it comes out around the time of the album release and that that's the song he'll sing / that'll be played when he does promo for the album around that time.


    I didn't think about promo, that's probably it! Apparently there's a chance we're getting the song this Friday. On Apple Music the length of the track is visible, which only happened to the other singles when they were about to be released. We'll see!  

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  10. Hello Martyna, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara, nice to meet you :D


    Here's a thread which could be helpful to start exploring around:



    I also leave you the thread of the gig in Brussels, so you can RSVP and see who's going:


    I'm sure you'll find someone to share this experience with! Enjoy this place :bye:

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  11. 7 hours ago, krysady said:

    What does this mean? I mean, I understand the words, but what means "the official single for the release of the album"? That means that Ice Cream, Tiny Love, SanRemo and Dear Jealousy are not official? :dunno:  If it's the official one, shouldn't have been the first one released on the first place? Or maybe "official" has a different sense in this case? 


    7 hours ago, Anna Ko Kolkowska said:

    Sometimes it's hard to translate word by word.

    For me it rather should be "the single for the official release of the album" - in a meaning that it will be the last single before the album release.


    It's a quite confusing choice of words, I was wondering the same! What you said Anna could be the most realistic interpretation, thanks for explaining :) 

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  12. Last year, Mika shared a recommendation on Twitter, for a stand-up on Netflix. I watched it and a part of it was so inspiring to me that I made it a section of my degree thesis. Because of that, it really stuck with me and in November, when we heard the first snippet of Blue, I immediately thought that he could have taken inspiration from that as well. So, after reading this part of the lyrics "Red like the flame that burns in you but the hottest part of it is blue" my feeling (and happiness!) grew stronger and I went back to the thread of the Vanity Fair event to find what I wrote about it. I really wanted to share it here with you all, now that Blue is officially on the album and is touching me so much: 


    On 11/25/2018 at 10:25 PM, sara09 said:

    The topic reminded me of Hannah Gadsby's stand-up - the one Mika recommended on Twitter some time ago - where she talks about blue, and how it is socially considered "masculine" and "rational" and how she feels it's a feminine color instead, full of contradictions for its nature: it belongs to the cold side, but actually the warmest part of the flame is blue.

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  13. 11 hours ago, cat_loves_mika said:

    My first gig! I guess I picked a killer one too. All the lovely people I met said Mika just had so much extra energy tonight and it was definitely for the live DVD. I was in the front row so I was definitely filmed for that, look out guys... :aah:


    I have never been to such an incredible show. Like it not just because I love Mika so much, he just put on such a great performance and the crowd echoed the energy right back. It was ecstatic. It was more than I was hoping for. 


    I was a complete mixture of emotions all day, and it all came to a boiling point when Mika came to the stage door greet some of us. There were probably 100 people outside and I knew I probably wouldn't get to see him because I was nowhere near the front. I eventually manuvered myself to the second row of an area where it wasn't as congested, but it didn't seem hopeful and I understood that. I started crying because he was just like... There and a moment I couldn't even dream of happening when I was so much younger was literally like unfolding before my eyes. I also think I am a little emotionally unstable right now because I'm just struggling with mental health issues too. But that's another reason why Mika and his music mean so much to me, its helped me pull through the absolute hell I've had to go through through the years to even get to where I am today and be the person I am today. It's just something you cannot thank someone enough for. 


    The fact that I was crying caught some people around me's attention (I think they were Italian, if you see this thank you! I was too much of a mess to remember that) and they successful grabbed Mika's attention and pointed at me. Mika walks up to me and asks "now, why are you crying?" And I start rambling like the crazy lady I am, I think he was a little taken aback by it but whatever, and tell him pretty much I've been a fan for a long time and I want to thank him for his music because it got me through so much and I'm sorry because you probably hear this a lot. At this point I'm sobbing, he's looking at me like he doesn't know what to say or do and thinking wow I really need new antidepressants because these don't stabilize mood at all anymore. He says something along the lines of that's very sweet and I go in for a hug and then I hear an audible "awww" from the immediate crowd around us. It was so incredible. I'm just to blessed to have had that opportunity to speak with him and tell him that because... How many people get to thank their favorite musician or someone inspiring for them? Thank you, Mika. I'm sorry if I scared you. 


    Here is my Google album from the gig, please enjoy. I filmed quite a few songs that are in here too.


    I'm so happy you got to meet him, Cat! :hug:

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