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  1. ☆Anna☆ and I would like to be there too is it possible? I saw we've already reached the maximum of 120 in the poll
  2. sara09


    Hey Bree, welcome!! I'm Sara, nice to meet you Hope you'll have a great time here
  3. Ciao Samantha!! Benvenuta Manca sempre meno per Firenze, non vedo l'ora PS: È tuo il tatuaggio nella foto? Stupendo
  4. I agree with Viky, that's surely the reason why they deleted it... it was working before I posted it and then nothing I'm sorry, I didn't save it either and I didn't read it completely, I refreshed the page and it was gone from what I could see, besides the logo, there wasn't much: just info about him, his songs, followers on social networks. I hope they will post it again soon
  5. It seems we have a title? Here's the link to Rai 2's advertisement:
  6. Hi Lenka, welcome!! Have fun here
  7. Ciao!! Nice to meet you and welcome here what's your name?
  8. sara09


    Ciao Roberta, piacere Buon weekend anche a te e benvenuta
  9. Ciao Deborah, benvenuta!!
  10. sara09


    Hey Niamh, welcome I have a love for languages, too! Good luck with your Spanish If you would like to practice Italian in the future, I will be very happy to help you! Have fun here
  11. Ciao Valentina, benvenuta!!
  12. Hey Jane, nice to meet you! What a wonderful introduction, I loved it! Thanks for sharing your story Welcome!!
  13. Ciao Giulia, welcome!! Hope you're gonna have fun here
  14. sara09


    Salut Michel, bienvenu j'espère que tu vas t'amuser dans le MFC, bonne journée à toi aussi ​
  15. I have a spare ticket to sell for the festival in Nîmes on July 16, send me a PM if you're interested
  16. Ciao Antonella, benvenuta!
  17. I was wondering the same thing! I think so, his name is the first one in both the poster and the ticket so I guess he's singing first no clue about the second question though
  18. How could we ignore you?!?! Welcome and what a beautiful story I'm very glad you found this place, now you can talk about Mika whenever you want with all of us
  19. I agree, it depends on the moment Right now, I'd say: - Good Wife - Ordinary Man - Grace Kelly - Rain - Origin Of Love/Happy Ending/Promiseland I know, it's not a real top 5... I tried What's yours?
  20. Manuella, welcome!! (Sorry, I'm a little late ) I was reading about your drawings, I went check them out and WOW they're wonderful! I really hope you get to give your book to Mika at Baalbeck can't wait to see more of them
  21. A very kind Korean fan posted the photos on Tumblr I found them and thought about you Here's the link: