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  1. Thank you for the pics!! Welcome to the MFC, Vincent
  2. I've got a short report and some videos to share with you from the performance in Piazza Colombo It was my first time visiting Sanremo, I really loved the place. The atmosphere during this time of the year is quite magical, but just walking around felt like a time travel. Piazza Colombo was less crowded than I had expected it to be. Mostly after the first two songs, when Mika left, our side was made by 2/3 rows of people (which was good as we had a little space to breathe, but still a little sad). During the first part, Mika sang IC and Relax and told the audience he had to go and sing inside of the Ariston, but he wanted to sing more, so he would continue the gig after his performance. There was a big screen behind the stage, so we could follow everything that was happening inside, including his magnificent interpretation of "Amore che vieni, Amore che vai". De André songs own a huge part of my heart, so when I found out that he was about to sing one of his songs - and when I saw the performance - I was exceedingly happy and moved. He came back right after singing inside of the theatre and he sang Tomorrow/Domani, Grace Kelly and Big Girl. The barrier was very close to the stage, and as I said we weren't so many, so it felt quite intimate and surely a precious gift during such a special night. Here's a little part of the soundcheck, when we were still queuing, and a bit of Ice Cream: IMG_9472 And this is the poster my friends and I prepared: Hope you enjoy!
  3. Can't wait to listen! It would be such a precious album to add to the others, I'm still hoping for the physical copy to be released
  4. Hello, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara, nice to meet you hope you're gonna have fun here!
  5. Ciao Vittoria, benvenuta! Spero che riuscirai a trovare i biglietti che stai cercando! Se ti va, dato che è la prima volta che scrivi su MFC, potresti postare un'introduzione in inglese qui:, così puoi raccontarci qualcosa di te e di come hai scoperto Mika!
  6. Welcome to the MFC, Valerie! I'm Sara, nice to meet you Here you can find some threads where you can write in Dutch, Spanish and French with other MFCers: Have fun
  7. I was hoping the announcement would solve the mystery, but it's still unclear whether it's only video/only audio or both, right? 🤔
  8. It's really not that simple! I agree with the answer "colours", I think it's the most vivid image I have when thinking of him. But I guess I would also say his eyes!
  9. I got this one, if you're interested!
  10. Welcome to the MFC, Stefania! I'm Sara, nice to meet you You can check the MFC calendar and the thread below, if you want to keep an eye on future events: Hope you're gonna see him live very soon!
  11. Hello Charline, welcome! Here's something that could be useful for you, if you need some help to start exploring around: Enjoy the MFC!
  12. Welcome to the MFC, Lindsey! I saw your Lady Jane fan art yesterday and I was completely amazed I really hope your wish will come true!
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    Ciao Susi, welcome! Here’s a list of info you might find helpful to start exploring the MFC: If you need anything, we’re here to help! Have a nice Sunday, too
  14. Welcome to the MFC, Nora!
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    Welcome to the MFC, Dillon!
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    Welcome Ashlyn! My name is Sara, nice to meet you The link below is a useful thread to keep an eye on future events! I really hope you'll be able to see Mika very soon Enjoy the MFC!
  17. Wow, those pics are absolutely amazing! So much talent what's your username on Instagram, so I can follow you? Here's a quick guide to give you some help with the Forums, but if you need anything, we're here! Welcome to the MFC, Shirley PS: have the best time at the gigs!
  18. Welcome to the MFC, Tanja! Wow, TOOL tour! It must be so exciting to see him after so much time! Wishing you a wonderful time at the gig
  19. Hello Nina, welcome to the MFC!
  20. Ciao a tutti e tanti auguri per un felice anno nuovo! Apro il nuovo thread italiano per tutti coloro che in questo 2020, che già si prospetta ricco di tante cose belle, avranno voglia di scambiare due chiacchiere o di condividere esperienze utilizzando questa lingua! Buon divertimento __________________ Italian Thread 2019
  21. Hello Freja, welcome to the MFC! I really love your username I'm glad you decided to join and I hope you're gonna enjoy this place I leave you a link that could be useful if you're looking for something: Anyway, if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask! See you around
  22. Such a nice introduction! Welcome to the MFC, Alice! I'm Sara