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  1. Oh! That's one of the sweetest things I've ever read! Thank you so much for saying this
  2. Hello Kim, I'm Sara! Welcome to the MFC
  3. Long report coming Yesterday was the most amazing, lucky day. My friend Serena and I live in close villages and we met thanks to Mika. When we heard the news about Bocelli we decided to take a road trip to Pisa, which is not far from where we live, and go exploring the place, just in case we’d have the chance to find Mika somewhere during the day. When the announcement of the event was made, it was already sold out, so we didn’t even think about getting tickets, cause we were sure there were none. Just to give it a little try, I subscribed to Bocelli’s official fan page on Facebook, with the idea that maybe there could have been some extra tickets. I had no luck with that, but a comment said “if you’re around Lajatico (the place of the event) try and ask to the tourist office”. So, yesterday morning we got to Lajatico. For the ones who may not know, this is the place where Bocelli was born, so it’s kind of special. The old town is all colored in red and every little spot has a reminder of Bocelli: may it be a statue of him, of the winged man, a painting inside shops, it really is wonderful. In front of the main square, we found the tourist office, and there the dream began. Turns out that a local brought back a few tickets for them to sell, cause in fact he couldn’t go anymore. They also were the cheapest, which was the only possible option for us to get in since tickets are so expensive. We couldn’t believe any of that - and in fact we didn’t until we got into the theatre. It was like, between all these comments on Facebook, we were meant to find the one helping us, you know. It was a strange, beautiful sensation. In the afternoon, we took the first shuttle to the theatre. “Il teatro del silenzio” is a venue in the middle of a hill, with nothing else around, all surrounded by kilometers of grass, little roads and trees - all you can see looking far are more trees and more hills. All this nature makes the place unbelievable to be in, it looks and feels magic.The theme of the show was “freedom”, in fact there were many references to that. The goal was to raise money to build back a music school in Camerino, a place that unfortunately was affected by a earthquake, so the meaning of the show felt even stronger. The stage was huge, with the winged man standing in the middle. The scenography was sensational and changed for every song: there were horses, fire juggling, acrobats, ballet dancers, fireworks, confetti, every single thing you can imagine, and Bocelli’s voice can’t be described with words. I found myself shaking when he sang “Inno alla gioia” and had chills when the show ended with “Nessun dorma”, his voice could overpower the whole orchestra and the loud applause of the audience. This show is a memory I’ll forever cherish. Seeing Mika in such a stunning context was the biggest privilege for me. The first song was “Ali Di Libertà” with Bocelli. The winged man had turned red and there were wings behind them. Mika’s voice was absolutely marvelous, he sang in a perfect Italian and it was such an emotion to hear his voice merging with Bocelli’s voice. After other songs he was interviewed for a while by the host of the show. He said his parents were there to see him and talked a bit about being surrounded by different cultures since he was a kid - and he also said he’s the worst compared to his siblings because he can “only” speak 4 languages, while his sisters can speak 8. The first song he sang on his own was Tiny Love. You can expect to hear a masterpiece. He said that version was not the same as the one in the album, I think that’s because it was arranged for the orchestra, but let me tell you. The sound changes continuously, every part of the song has a different way of presenting itself. I didn’t understand many words, but as he hinted in some interviews, that’s the first song he wrote, with the line “My name is Michael Holbrook, I was born in 1983”. He also talks about Central Park somehow, but I didn’t understand more of that sentence. So yes, that’s just a harmless tiny little spoiler. (We’re gonna love it!) As for the last one, as Eriko predicted , he sang Happy Ending with Ida and Max. Hearing Ida’s voice brought me back to the symphonic gig in Florence and the marvelous memories I made there. The orchestra had this huge sound and Mika’s voice during the whole song, and mostly the chorus, was incredible. He wasn’t standing still, but started moving around, he went down near to the orchestra and then back on stage. I’m sure you saw some pics already, but he had one of my favorite suits, the brown one with little shining stars shaping it. As always, classy and elegant and most of all, he brings joy wherever he goes. He made the whole audience laugh multiple times and at the end of one of his songs he made that cute little laugh he sometimes does. He looked happy and, I imagine he was also quite nervous, but I assure you he spread his light in every corner of that magnificent place. Hope you enjoyed my report and pics!
  4. He said he was preparing for 3 songs, I wonder if they'll sing one of Mika's songs in its symphonic version
  5. Hello Emilie, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara Here's a thread you might find useful to start exploring the MFC! Let us know if you need any help
  6. I'm not impulsive (at all!) and I had never been to a gig before, I really don't feel comfortable in crowded places. One day I just woke up and decided that I was going to attend one of his gigs, even if it had to be on my own. I bought my ticket and the next summer I was there - far away from any expectation ahah Yes, I noticed too! Let me write to the team, I'll let you know
  7. Hello, @Michelluuuh, welcome to the MFC! I saw that Eriko gave you the link to the MFC subtitling team's page, now you'll be able to enjoy all the interviews you want and deeply fall into Mika's universe (warning: there's no way back ) About that, I have a similar story! You brought some really nice memories I'm sure you're gonna have a wonderful time - and hope it'll be the first of many! Have lots of fun here
  8. Hello Victoria, welcome to the MFC! I'm glad to hear you got the tickets, wishing you a wonderful time
  9. After taking or uploading a pic you'll see some icons on the top right of the story: the second one is square, click there! At this point you'll have a page with many options, one of them is "Gifs", click on that. A search bar will appear, now you will be able to type the word "Mika" and find his gifs
  10. Hello @Sophie Rondeau and @Marjolaine! Welcome to the MFC
  11. Welcome to the MFC, @celiajourdain93
  12. Hello Emmy, I'm Sara! Welcome to the MFC
  13. YAY! I wasn't expecting more than two singles before October! Thank you for sharing
  14. On his Instagram stories, after finishing production, he talked about working on 15 tracks!
  15. Second video of this interview! Mika explains Ice Cream, how and when he created it, and talks a bit about the upcoming tour:
  16. Hello, welcome to the MFC! If you want to chat in French with other MFCers, here’s the French speaking thread: You may find fans from Paris there! Have fun
  17. Florine, hello and welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara I'm a very introverted and shy person and that's what I wrote in my very first post here. People started telling me about their shyness and one of those comments made me find one of the most precious friends I have. Everyone made me feel so welcome, I found support, unity, friendship. Something that started as a passion became more than that. As a person who never felt like I was belonging, I found my place in Mika's universe. MFC is the place where people could get this, as well as all the emotions this journey brings and that no one outside of the "bubble" could see the same way. So yes, I promise, you do have a place here. People can be mean, and unfortunately it also happens where you least expect it, but it's full of kind and caring people as well and I'm sure you're gonna find them here! Have an amazing stay
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    And I'm glad you joined us Marisa, welcome to the MFC! Hope you're gonna enjoy this place! I'm Sara, nice to meet you
  19. You're very welcome! For any questions, just send me a message
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    All I could see on my Instagram today was Tom Ellis screaming "yes"
  21. Hello @Tanja Moulton, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara If you could use some help with the Forums, please let me know! I'd be happy to give you a hand figuring out how it all works
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    Loving Mika

    Hola Miri, welcome to the MFC! Have fun
  23. Ciao Ginevra (what a nice name!), welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara, from Italy too How did you discover Mika?