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  1. Hello @Sophie Rondeau and @Marjolaine! Welcome to the MFC
  2. Welcome to the MFC, @celiajourdain93
  3. Hello Emmy, I'm Sara! Welcome to the MFC
  4. YAY! I wasn't expecting more than two singles before October! Thank you for sharing
  5. On his Instagram stories, after finishing production, he talked about working on 15 tracks!
  6. Second video of this interview! Mika explains Ice Cream, how and when he created it, and talks a bit about the upcoming tour:
  7. Hello, welcome to the MFC! If you want to chat in French with other MFCers, here’s the French speaking thread: You may find fans from Paris there! Have fun
  8. Florine, hello and welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara I'm a very introverted and shy person and that's what I wrote in my very first post here. People started telling me about their shyness and one of those comments made me find one of the most precious friends I have. Everyone made me feel so welcome, I found support, unity, friendship. Something that started as a passion became more than that. As a person who never felt like I was belonging, I found my place in Mika's universe. MFC is the place where people could get this, as well as all the emotions this journey brings and that no one outside of the "bubble" could see the same way. So yes, I promise, you do have a place here. People can be mean, and unfortunately it also happens where you least expect it, but it's full of kind and caring people as well and I'm sure you're gonna find them here! Have an amazing stay
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    And I'm glad you joined us Marisa, welcome to the MFC! Hope you're gonna enjoy this place! I'm Sara, nice to meet you
  10. You're very welcome! For any questions, just send me a message
  11. sara09


    All I could see on my Instagram today was Tom Ellis screaming "yes"
  12. Hello @Tanja Moulton, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara If you could use some help with the Forums, please let me know! I'd be happy to give you a hand figuring out how it all works
  13. sara09

    Loving Mika

    Hola Miri, welcome to the MFC! Have fun
  14. Ciao Ginevra (what a nice name!), welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara, from Italy too How did you discover Mika?
  15. Hey, Mel! Welcome (or better said, welcome back) to the MFC I'm Sara, nice to meet you! I'm glad to hear you got tickets! Will it be your first Mika gig? Here's the Dutch thread, if you want to find and chat with other MFCers from your country: Have fun!
  16. @Wilhory is looking for one!
  17. I tried to send you a PM but it says that you can’t receive them. Since I didn’t have to use my code, I’d be happy to give it to you! Send me a message if you still need it
  18. Welcome to the MFC, Gülce! I'm Sara, nice to meet you How did you discover Mika? Did Irem introduce you to his music or did you two meet thanks to him?
  19. Hello @McLovin, welcome to the MFC! Have fun
  20. Ciao Carolina, welcome! I'm Sara, nice to meet you Hope you're gonna enjoy the MFC! If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask
  21. Welcome to the MFC, Fernando and Gemma! We got exciting news about the new tour just today: Mika will be in Barcelona on November 12th! Here's the thread about Tour rumours, if you want to read more about it: And if you want to speak Spanish with other MFCers, you can find them here: Have a lot of fun!
  22. Hello Valery, welcome to the MFC if you want to post your own introduction you can open a thread here:, so you can tell us more about how you discovered Mika and everyone can welcome you!
  23. The geometry and style of the cover look incredible! I absolutely love how he played with the visuals recreating some of the lyrics
  24. Ahah you're very welcome! Yes, I think it wasn't translated because of that. I leave you two links, so you can check them when you need it! Here you can find a list of subtitled interviews and a collection of interviews from 2007 till today - both are constantly updated