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  1. Great then! When Sound of an Orchestra came out, I bought it from Apple Music at midnight in Italy, so I didn't have to wait for it to be out in the UK! It'll be the same for you
  2. Which platform do you use? Spotify and Apple Music work like that for sure
  3. Meeting the queen: Marie Anne with subs: About the third one I think you're referring to Bobital Festival in 2016, I remember maybe seeing the video on Twitter when it happened, but I can't find it now. About the first two videos I have no idea, but I hope someone else can find them for you
  4. Out of curiosity, what do you mean by "new kind"?
  5. It will be out at the stroke of midnight of every country. So, on Thursday, when your clock is striking midnight, you'll be able to listen to it and buy it on digital platforms!
  6. What a sweet report! Thanks for sharing it with us @crazyaboutmika, I'm so happy you had such a lovely night
  7. It seems okay today, until now I haven’t received more than one e-mail per post. It all started at the beginning of the week, maybe Tuesday. For every single comment that was posted, I started getting that amount of e-mails. An example, if it can be useful: Friday at 2:51am I got 13 e-mails of the same post from the Yearbook thread
  8. During the last few days, I've received nearly 10 e-mails for every content that's been posted in the threads I follow. It's something that never happened before Is there something I can do?
  9. After all this time we're warriors, time will fly! I'm sure he will keep us busy with news, singles and hopefully interviews to promote the new album
  10. I read a couple of Instagram Stories saying that he confirmed Bercy in December and the album coming out this autumn
  11. Ciao Chloé! Welcome to the MFC, I'm Sara While reading, I could picture your story in my head ahah thanks for sharing, it's a lovely memory! (not for the back of the car, but... yeah ) Here are a couple of threads, if you want to speak French, Spanish or Italian with other MFCers! Have fun
  12. Don't know why it's not working for the Bordeaux event, but if you open one of the purple ones you can click on "going" and see who else clicked!
  13. Got it! Thank you Silver
  14. Extra comment: I wanted to tell her about RSVP, it was very useful to find other people going to your same events. Problem is, I haven't done it after the system upgrade and I can't find it in the specific page on the calendar where it used to be. Can somebody help me and her figuring it out?
  15. Hello Emma, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara You're joining at the perfect time! Amazing things are about to come Speaking of, have lots of fun at the gig! I'll be waiting for your report
  16. It feels so good to finish the day reading the posts on this new thread! I haven't watched the whole performance to grant me the fair amount of surprise, but I really like the sound, the bridge in particular. May 31st, here we come
  17. sara09

    Hi :D

    Benvenuta, Giulia! I'm Sara, nice to meet you I also live in a small town in Tuscany, love Sherlock and never recovered from Mika If you need any help with the MFC don't hesitate to ask, and of course enjoy! See you around
  18. Nice to meet you, Ayres! yes ahah, you'll definitely need a lot of patience, but it's always worth the wait!
  19. Welcome to the MFC, I'm Sara! Can I ask what's your name? What an adorable video. I'm so glad you joined and shared this lovely gift. It's the best medicine to cheer up a bad day! Looking forward to watching other compilations in the meantime, have a lot of fun here! See you around
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    Don't worry! We all deserve to enjoy tv shows without fearing spoilers I tried to check his twitter, but he posted many tweets today! Which one are you referring to?
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  22. That's a shame. Radios usually stream these kind of events can we hope for a recorded performance on their channels, even if it won't be live?
  23. That'd be great! Possibly with many close-ups, so we can try and read his lips