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  1. Since I can't speak Italian I can only offer this if needed:  To proofread the subtitles at the end, when everyone has looked at them so much sometimes you can't catch the mistakes.


    Otherwise, I remain in awe of your hard work, and wish you good luck.



    1. Subtitling Team

      Subtitling Team

      Hi Pat!


      Sorry for not answering, we (or rather I, DerMoment1608, mostly managing the Subs Team account) didn't see your post. We get an email if someone writes a personal message but as I have realized now not when someone posts on our profile. We didn't want to ignore you, even if it probably looked like it :shocked:


      So, thank you very much for offering :) We have enough helpers for now. But if we should need help for future episodes, we may would contact you :)

    2. Anditwassummer


      No worries.  I figured as much.  Meanwhile I am busy doing some translations of my own of Mika songs only in French.🙃  It's not all that easy, I can imagine how hard you all work.

    3. Subtitling Team

      Subtitling Team

      Haha, lyrics are especially tricky :sweatdrop: Good luck! :biggrin2: