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  1. Bien sûr que oui. On vous demande juste un peu de patience parce que ce n’est pas une interview courte et justement on a moins de personnes disponibles ces jours-ci. Vous nous comprendrez, on espère, on fait de notre mieux. 🇬🇧 Of course it will. We just ask you a little bit of patience because it's not that short and we obviously have less volunteers these days. We hope you'll understand, we're trying our best.
  2. animated-update-image-0025.gif


    English subtitles available now :yay:


  3. That's the one we're currently translating
  4. https://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/32471-the-mfc-subtitling-teams-subtitled-videos/?do=findComment&comment=4191883 English is almost done as well EDIT: English is available now
  5. Hi everyone! Do you have an Instagram account? We have one too now :yay:

    We will share Mika's translated interviews like we do in our Twitter account but that's not all! 

    We will try to share bits of videos and old interviews for the  #throwbackthursday so stay tuned :mikadas:

    See you there!

  6. We're slowly catching up Here's the translation:
  7. We are already working on the Italian and English translation. Working as a team and adding subtitles to a video requires more time than translating directly and sharing the text here or on socials, please be patient with us
  8. After we discussed about it together, we agreed on making a brief summary of the episode with Mika and sub his part.
  9. We are about to start working on it (and as we can use your file and don't have to merge ourselves we can start even earlier now )
  10. AAA cercasi: Casa Mika We talked about doing Casa Mika again and have realized that we probably can't do it on our own. Therefore we are looking for helpers. If you are a native Italian (or you understand Italian perfectly) your written English is good you are willing to translate at least 10-15 minutes (mostly with one or two songs included though) you are going to be able to translate your part in a couple of days you don't have a problem doing the translation listening to the spoken Italian or after do
  11. Asking again about this issue If there isn't a solution tell us as well, then we'll edit the first posts of our thread (although it would be great to have a solution in general as we probably aren't the only ones who used links with this format)
  12. We are currently working on English, French and Italian subtitles
  13. Hi mods! There is another problem with not-working old links. It's about links with this strukture: http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/32471-the-mfc-subtitling-teams-subtitled-videos/page-2#entry4069578 And on top of that there isn't a BB-code-modus anymore while writing/editing an answer For example writing things like [b]bold text[/b] [url=http://www.blablabla.com]www.blablabla.com[/url] without it getting switched in the editor. The previous version had at least a button for enabling this modus. With having the BB-code we could easily fix th
  14. And the French subtitles are available as well http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/32471-the-mfc-subtitling-teams-subtitled-videos/page-5#entry4082080
  15. And the final part of Casa Mika is available with English subtitles! http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/32471-the-mfc-subtitling-teams-subtitled-videos/page-5#entry4081992 The French subtitles will follow soon!
  16. The 3rd episode is available with English subtitles http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/32471-the-mfc-subtitling-teams-subtitled-videos/page-4#entry4081197
  17. The 2nd episode is subtitled in English! http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/32471-the-mfc-subtitling-teams-subtitled-videos/page-4#entry4080245
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