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    MIKA MIKA MIKA MIKA MIKA sorry should i mention other interests?
    MICHAEL Jackson!
    Star Trek.
    Tim Burton.

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  1. Awesome idea!! I've been trying to collect some information about them (especially Max, he's my bae) but I wasn't really succesful, I ended up just watching their pictures and smiling. Anyway, Max's instagram pics are cute and funny; but (okay, i'm about to say something stupid) I couldn't really get the "Creepy neighbour" thing, is it some kind of joke I've never heard of? Or is it just a cool nickname? He also has a tumblr (on which he posts the same things he posts on instagram ) And thanks for those who posted some useful info btw (unlike me) !!
  2. ANOTHER PHAN IS HERE hellooo (btw unicornmika, your ig is the best! i love it.)
  3. Thank you <3 I love your signature!
  4. Thank you Haha yes, people often mistake it for "Emma" or think I misspelled it.
  5. Hi. My name is Emna. "Hi" is my favorite greeting word (not sure how that info can be useful) I'm 16 and I'm from Tunisia. I've been in love with Mika's version of Pokerface for years, and I've known (and loved) some of his songs before, but I've only become obsessed recently. More useless info about me: my hair is, atm, curly and about the same length and color as Mika's in 2007-2008. except it's messier (yeah, that's possible) I don't know the difference between food and cute people Good Guys is probably my fave Mika song Mika is cute HIS VOICE uuuh I'm thesadchicken's little
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